How to Find Out If Your Man is On Dating Sites

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Who said that if someone is on a dating site, it means he’s still single? Uh oh. Either you are too naïve or you’re still new in this whole dating app thing. Everything in dating app is kept secret that nobody will ever find out about you unless you tell them the truth. You can say you’re still available while in fact you’re dating.  Speaking of which, is it possible for your man to sign up on a dating site? Sure, it is.

A dating app might be good at facilitating their users to chat and flirts in secrecy, so that anyone can hide from their partner. But it doesn’t mean you can’t catch him red handed. Dating sites are not as anonymously as their users thought it should be.

How to Find Out If Your Man is On Dating Sites?

There are many ways you can do if you want to know if he’s one of those dating sites members all along. Frequently checking on his phone would arise his suspicion of course and, fortunately, it’s not the only way. Here are some useful tips for you.

  1. Find Out His Laptop and Phone Password

Of course, any action would be meaningless if you don’t know the keypoint of all of this yet: his password. You need unlimited access to his very personal things since, surely  using dating sites is something he prefers to be kept secret. Also read Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

How to find it out? You know the answer to this best. You must have be able to sneak peek when he’s unlocking his phone or pretend like you need something so that you borrow his laptop. Just, find it out, okay?

  1. Check On His Browsing History

This is not recommended but the fastest way to unveil infidelity is by breaking the law. You really need to check on browsing history, whether he ever logged in on dating sites or not. Chances are, he might have thought about this and delete all his browsing history in advanced.

But, once again, this is highly not recommended. Breaking into someone’s privacy is considered a law breaking, so your boyfriend can easily report you if he wants to. You can play safe by finding other way than this.

  1. Aware of ‘Unique’ and ‘Strange Names

If you think that dating sites shows who they are right from their names, you’re wrong. We’re not talking about Tinder, which has been infamously known as the most popular dating app/site. Have you ever heard about Coffee Meets Bagel? No, it’s not a café that serves coffee and bagel. In fact, it’s a highly popular dating site. Also read Best Dating App to Meet Someone Serious

  1. Google His Basic Information

Here comes the easiest way how to find out if your man is on dating sites or not. As there’s no secret in today’s world of internet, all you need to do is open and search for him. Type his full name, email address, and phone numbers. If he really signed up to any dating sites, you’d likely find out through this. But maybe your boyfriend is clever enough not to use his real information, though.

  1. Search via Profile Picture

Have you done the way above but still no satisfying result? Now, it’s time to change the trick. Use his profile picture to find out if he is on dating sites. Save all picture they’ve uploaded on social media or the one that he prefers to keep in private or anything that likely suitable to be put on a dating site’s profile and drag them to your Google page. If one of the uploaded picture is match, you’ll find his dating site’s profile right away. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

  1. Create Your Own Profile

Well, chances are, your boyfriend might not use any of either his real profile picture or name to signed up to the dating site. But you can always find a way. Say that you have known what sites your man might use, reading from his odd behavior and anything. And you decide to sign up to Tinder.

Tinder allows people within the same location to find each other with preferable criteria. You can input the physical characteristics of your man such as age, hair color, and location then click enter. If you’re lucky and he’s a dating site’s member, you’ll find out through this.

  1. Checking the Credit Card Statement

You know that nothing is free nowadays. Even to be a premium member of a dating site you have to pay for subscription. Some dating apps allow subscribed members only to exchange messages with another members. Try to check your man’s credit card statements if you can. If there are any suspicious sites charge in there for new profiles activation, turns out someone is hiding something from you. Also read Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

  1. No Hacking or Spying

Hacking his email account might be the fastest way for you to get what you want but it’s also personal rights invasion that could drag you to jail. Avoid committing serious crime even though, say, your suspicion is based on the real thing. And don’t think that he wouldn’t report you to cop. In fact, he might.

  1. Using a Private Investigator

This last but not least tips is not cheap but the result is guaranteed. There are many private investigator ready to be hired anytime, but their payment is enough to make you think about it again. Call the licensed one so that you can make sure they won’t do any means that breaks the law. But if you have tried many things and nothing works, yet your man still showing strange behaviors, then this is really worth to try. Also read Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

As dating sites has been a new methods for finding lovers as well as committing infidelity nowadays, you really have to check his membership. Luckily, you have read how to find out if your man is on dating sites and you can relieve a bit. Now you know what to do, right?

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