Secret Things You Should Know Before Dating an INFJ

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Out of 16 different personality types, INFJs or stand for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judgment (J) make the rarest combination of people to exist. As an INFJ, their primary mode of living is focused internally where they take things in primarily via intuition.

Seeing their personality, it means dating them can be a challenging adventure because people tend to often misunderstand them like Things to Know Before You Date An ENFP. However, they have the exceptional capacity for love and empathy within a relationship even though their tendency to be extremely gullible and idealistic can be a problem.

Here are things you should know before dating an INFJ

Hard doesn't mean it's impossible to get to understand the INFJ better. If you already know them within the inside and outside, you'll be glad to have them as a partner of life. So, here are things you should know before dating an INFJ. Also, you need to check this too Things You Should Know Before Dating An INTJ.

1. They Want the Relationship Last Long

If you’re looking for a temporary relationship, they won’t even bother. It is because the INFJs prefer long-lasting relationships and avoid short-term relationships if they can.

2. They Take Care of Others a Lot

Here are things you should know before dating an INFJ. INFJs have a habit of taking care of everyone before they take care of or even almost forget about themselves.

It might sound sweet but this selfless thing can become a problem when they realize they’ve overextended themselves so much especially if they end up exhausted.

3. They Think about the Next Date Should Be

INFJ’s will always dream big when it comes to their relationship. They have in the back of their mind their lover favorite activities, places to go, and preferences when making plans.

Dating an INFJ would bring a lot of fun since they'll think about everything thoroughly. You should learn this too Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More.

4. They Put Down Materialist Thing

INFJ puts a lot of emphasis on labels, designers, or money. Crazy rich kind of person won't make an INFJ interested if they couldn't give the impression of respect and appreciate others.

Moreover, on things you should know before dating an INFJ, they find happiness in the simple thing in life such as sitting with you and hearing their partner story about their day.

5. They Are a Loyal Partner

INFJs can be loyal but people shouldn't take this as an opportunity to take advantage of them. They’re able to see the best in their partner and even recognize when a relationship is failing.

They consider their partner as loyal as them and believe in them so much even though often at the risk of sacrificing their own happiness and comfort.

6. They Are Complex and Strange

Things you should know before dating an INFJ? People should know before that being different from others isn’t a bad thing. This is what you'll find in an INFJ since they are one of the rarest personality, of course, there will be naturally something a bit unusual going on.

They are very complex and even their own complexity can confuse them. The INFJs themselves aware that they’re odd and always feel misunderstood. Therefore, feeling like their partner gets them is a rare thing for them to experience.

7. They Know When You're Lying

The INFJs have an acute sensitivity for when people tell stories that just don’t seem to add up and omitting the facts. Don't ever try to lie in front of them because they will know in any second.

8. Help Their Partner to Express Love

Things you should know before dating an INFJ? INFJs love helping people and mostly the person they’re dating. With helping them, the INFJs try to show their love to the person they love.

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9. Hard to Open Up

It comes naturally when you are an introvert. INFJs often struggle with the ability to be open and they don’t reveal too much about themselves even to their partner.

It is because they don’t want to invest in someone else they feel not the right person to love. Also check this Things to Know Before Dating a Girl Who Is Perpetually Single.

10. They Don’t Enjoy PDA

Things you should know before dating an INFJ? The INFJs don't really enjoy the form of affection out in the public. But still, you as their partner can touch once in a while to let them know you’re there.

11. They’re Future Oriented

The INFJ is always thinking about long-term possibilities and also when they are in a serious relationship. They don't waste their time thinking about things that bother them.

Therefore, if they want to be in a relationship and take it to the next level, they will keep pursuing it. Vice versa, if you only want to play around, they would be the one that leaves you first. Like this How Do You Know If God Wants You to Marry Someone for Worse and Better.

12. They Want Others Make the Initial

Things you should know before dating an INFJ? If you are waiting for the INFJ for calling you first, it's most likely not going to happen.

The INFJs rarely initiate anything and prefer others to make the initial contact when it comes to dating. Basically everything, such as asking for a number, making plans for a first date, and any other things, should be done by you.

13. They Are Good Listener

Listening is one of the INFJs bread and butter. They will sit and patiently hear your stories about how bad your life is or what's good happen to you today.

More Tips to Date an INFJ

Here are more tips to date an INFJ.

1. Compliment Them

Everyone loves when the get a compliment from the person they love, so does the INFJs.

2. Try to Send a Letter

Be an old-fashioned once a while can be good for you if you date an INFJ.

3. Get Along with Their Family

Way to steal their heart is to get along well with their family. It always works!

4. Never Lie to Them

Don't ever lie to them because once you do it they won't give you any chance and even trust you no more.

5. Get Some Skills to Impress Them

You may want to learn plenty of skills to impress them, such as learning languages, musical instruments, dances, and whatever you can.

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