11 Things to Know Before You Date An ENFP Boys or Girls

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One of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality, ENFP or Extrovert-iNtuitive-Feeling-Perceiving is well-known as “The Inspirer,” “The Champion,” and idealists. They also main the ability to come up with many creative solutions so does the ideas to a problem. As an extrovert, they gain energy from being around people or in a crowded place and sometimes become over excited with a new thing.

Even though they are the extrovert, ENFPs are somehow different from most of them. They tend to spend time alone for searching a meaning of everything and thinking deeply about the core values. To be frank, it is one of the most unique and exhausting personality someone has.

Here are things to know before you date an ENFP

ENFPs are all-or-nothing people within their lives or love-related. They crave a meaningful connection with their lovers and decide to leave it if that connection just doesn't work. So, to learn more about them so it can help you, here are things to know before you date an ENFP. You can learn this too Signs Your Girlfriend Has Borderline Personality Disorder

1. They Love Challenges

ENFP loves to explore new ideas. Therefore, they always appreciate anyone who can challenge them to do something they've never been doing before. The more challenges you bring to the table, ENFP might interest in you more.

2. Pretty Much Like a Kid

This is one of the things to know before you date an ENFP. They are pretty much like a child because of their excitable natures are really comforted by meaningful yet structured thought.

3. They Are Weirdos

People also know an ENFP as a weirdo. You should know this before so you can accept it sooner. For example, they have a plan every one minute but it also contradicted for themselves and after all, they come to conclusions that have nothing to do at all with that plan.

4. Quite Stubborn

It is also the things to know before you date an ENFP. They're definitely going to defend the values they have because they are quite a stubborn person. However, they can respect others values if only they would do the same.

5. Open-Minded

You might find the ENFPs to be a fun to move along. Since they tend to be a fiercely open-minded, you don't have to worry if you want to explore new topics, new activities, and new positions.

6. Sensitive to Criticism

Even though they are open-minded, they can be very sensitive to a criticism. ENFPs can't stand a direct criticism yet if they think there is something wrong they want to know it so bad. Such a contradiction, don't you think?

7. Freedom Is What They Want in Life

Here are things to know before you date an ENFP. Nothing can make ENFPs happy more than having a freedom to do whatever they love. Check too Indonesian Woman Characters – Personality – Traits

8. Naturally Enthusiastic and Curious

Curiosity and enthusiasm are things that ENFP most known for. It's what makes them really love doing something new and knowing stuff they've never heard before.

9. Have Strange Whims

Things to know before you date an ENFP? You should handle their strange whims if you happen to date an ENFP. They can make you feel surprised by what they do and are going to do. Because it is just unbelievable and you don't even have a glance to thinking about it! 

10. Considerate Toward Others

ENFPs love when they have a chance to connect with someone so they are always the first person that initiates the conversation. Their considerate toward others are just insane.

They often offer their help and give what people need. Even though sometimes they also need to be taken care of, the ENFPs will never ask others to do it because they just hate asking for help. They usually put others first rather than themselves.

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11. Win Their Heart in a Conversation

Things to know before you date an ENFP? As an extroverted, ENFPs thrive on a communication. If you want to win their heart, do the foreplay in the connection. A lethal conversation can drive them crazy over you. You can read this too How to Deal with Brother’s Annoying Girlfriend


Signs You Need an ENFP Partner in Your Life

After you learn about the things to know before you date an ENFP, so here are signs you need an ENFP partner in your life. This can help you handle the ENFP Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When The Conversation Gets Boring

1. They Have a Thousand Great Ideas

If you date an ENFP, you don't need to worry about having a blocked-time with works because they have a thousand ideas to share it with you. However, you should remember too that once they are stuck, that's it, need a quiet times to make that creative brain works again.

2. Fun and Upbeat Personality

You would never feel lonely again if you date an ENFP. They are such a fun and upbeat person until the point you can go out to the party all the time.

3. Strong opinions and Beliefs

ENFP basically has an easy-going nature. However, they would give everything to stand out for what they believe.

4. Lovable

ENFP loves almost everyone that meet their standard. But don't worry, once they love you, you are the very special one for them.

5. Independent

They might not like it, but they are such a really independent person. They rarely show their clingy side to others.

More Things About ENFP

Here are more things about ENFP. You need to read this too What Do Teenage Guys Find Physically Attractive in a Girl?

1. Overthinking

ENFP always thinks about everything deeply. That what makes them overthinking and their mind just can't stop to do it.

2. Impulsive, But Also Reflect

ENFP is such an impulsive if it comes to something yet they can also give it to the reflects.

3. Love Certain People

You may know that ENFP loves almost everyone. However, they only keep the most important especially when they think those people can make them better in many ways.

4. They Mean It when They Care

Some people might think that ENFP is such a show-off person by caring for others. Well, they actually mean it when they care.

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