22 Signs A Smart Shy Girl Likes You In Secret

Last updated on January 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Smart shy girls are usually ambitious, taciturn, and driven. It looks like they have not got any time for anything other than their studies or their work. But they are still a human inside. That is why they will still be very attracted to the idea of love.

Although they are attracted, it takes quite some time for them to make a move because they are both busy and shy. But you can actually catch their attraction towards you showing through some hidden signs. That is why we compile the unknown signs a smart shy girl likes you;


1. She Flirts With You

She shows signs that she likes you. This is a big thing especially for shy girls because it is so out of character and quite rare which only means she really likes you.

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2. She Texts You A Lot

she texts you a lot

Texting you is where she can hide from the awkwardness of real talk. Here, you can actually start seeing the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

3. She Isn’t Too Serious Around You

Smart shy girls are mostly serious and ambitious. But one of the signs that she likes you is that she can be laid back around you and become completely relaxed, all because of your presence.

4. She Is Close To You

When you feel like you are quite close to her and she does too, it only means that she likes you. This is because it is hard and rare for smart shy girls to make a bond with guys.

5. She Gazes At You Often

Gazing at you shyly is the Signs That Someone is In Love With You which have been known for decades. She really likes you if you look at him and she smiles a cute smile instantly.

6. She Talk About Her Interest With You Openly

Talking about what she loves is not her kind of topic. She wants to talk about it but she surpress it. So when her interest with you openly it only means that she trust you and is comfortable with you.

7. She Is Open About Her Feelings

she is open about her feelings

Talking about a feeling inside her is not what a shy girl does. But because she totally likes you, she doesn’t mind opening up about her feeling.

8. She Is Open About Her Weakness

A smart girl doesn’t like to share her weakness. If a girl is open about her weakness that means she really wants to be vulnerable to you and give her all to you.

9. She Wants To Help You Grow

Being ambitious comes naturally for a smart shy girl and if she likes you she don’t mind pushing you along. She even like helping you grow to the better. This is her way of bonding with you.

10. Always Happy To Listen To You

Listening to you is one of her favorite activity because she can fill up her brain with the sound of your voice and more knowledge about who you are. 

11. Initiating A Date With You

Getting a shy girl to initiate a big romantic activity like a date doesn’t come easily. Doing this hard thing only means that she have full trust on her love to you.

12. The Silence Feels Comfortable

the silence feels comfortable

Because shy girls are shy, they like to be silent. But if there is love in the air, the silence won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

13. Complimenting You

Complimenting you is a real test for the guts of a shy girl. When a shy girl really likes you she will overcome all her fear.

More Ways To Know If She Likes You Secretly

It is quite hard to get a smart shy girl to show her feelings but you do not need to do that. All you need to know are these ways to know the signs a smart shy girl likes you;

1. She Is Patient With You

Even if there is so many mess or that if you are hectic, she will always stay by your side.

2. She Worries About You

Worrying about you is good because her priority is to make you

3. She Imagines Being Your Girlfriend

She admits that she imagines being your girlfriend and she believes that she have all the Wife Material Signs.

4. She Talks About A Possible Future With You

A smart shy girl is optimistic about her future especially when you are in it.

5. She Likes Holding Your Hand

she likes holding your hands

Holding hands is a big leap of action for a smart shy girl. This is actually the common Physical Signs A Woman Likes You.

Tips To Get A Shy Girl To Love You

You’ve spotted the unknown signs a smart shy girl likes you, now it is time to make a move. Here are some ideas on what to do when a smart shy girl likes you;

1. Make Sure Of It

There is no use in believing in assumptions. That is why you need to make sure of the assumptions you built. You can do this by asking people that is close to her or asking her in person. When you do make sure that it is in a private place.

2. Continue Growing The Relationship

now that you know her feelings don’t stop there. Continue growing the relationship like you used to and see it bloom.

3. Tell Your Feelings Too

Don’t leave her hanging, tell your feelings towards her too so she can get a good idea on what kind of future you will be having together.

It’s not rare for a smart shy girls to fall in love but sometimes guys are just not sensitive enough to notice the signs. That is why you need to learn the signs a smart shy girl likes you. Once you do, you can surely spot who is in love with you then practice the tips on what to do when a smart shy girl likes you. Have fun and good luck!

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