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34 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Borderline Personality Disorder

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Surely, everybody has their own quirks. As their couple, we learn to love it and embrace it. This is what makes a relationship strong. But actually, those quirks are not always normal.


A borderline personality disorder is a mental illness where someone is unstable in their moods, relationship and behaviour. Often, you will see some creepy signs that makes them uncovered. Here are the shocking signs your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder ;

  1. Feeling Like The Relationship Is Meaningless All Of A Sudden

Extreme sense of emptiness will come to this girl’s life meaning that they will suddenly not find the purpose in the relationship.

  1. Finding No Purpose To Life All Of A Sudden

This lack of motivation is pushed to the extreme because of her condition.

  1. Snapping At The Little Things

Even little things can make her really outraged. Even often hurting other people or showing a hint of craziness.

  1. Being Sad For No Reason At All

One of the characters of borderline personality disorder is sudden change of mood which is shown by the sudden sadness.

  1. Changing Their Behaviour To Extremely Happy

After a silence or a negative emotion, they can suddenly be extremely happy which can be creepy.

  1. All Of A Sudden Feeling Scared

Feeling scared of everything is a normal thing with someone that have this kind of condition.

  1. In A Perpetual State Of Anxiety And Unbalance

It feels like the world is always coming to get you and always changing which means that they are always in a state of anxiety.

  1. Never Trusting That You Love Them Enough

She feels like you are always ready to up and leave her anytime soon. Because of this, no love that you show her is enough.

  1. Always Feeling That The People That Love Them Will Soon Abandon Them

The tell tale signs your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder is an extreme fear of abandonement.

  1. Having An Extreme Passion That Is Poured To Their Relationship

She will clearly show you the Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You passionately. 

  1. The Ups And Downs In The Relationship Are Changing Too Quickly

Your relationship will be going up and down and it will not make sense.

  1. Can Change Her Feelings Towards You In An Instant

One second she can love you a lot and another second she can hate your guts. This is not because of you but because of her illness.

  1. Can Suddenly Leave You

Impulsive and indescribable things will happen like suddenly leaving you.

  1. Not Being Able To Explain Clearly Why She Is The Way She Is

Because her illness lead her to do this, she don’t know why she act the way she does.

  1. Pushing Your Limits On Purpose

Pushing your boundaries and making you angry is done by her without a reason why.

  1. Taking Extreme Risks On Puprose

Risks like bungee jumping or even something more extreme will be done impulsively. 

  1. Feeling A Sudden Feeling Of Low Self Esteem

A feeling of emptiness can also be applied to their self esteem. That is why you need to show her the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. Attempting To Hurt Herself Repeatedly

Self hurt is a common theme with a girl like this. That is why you need to pay attention to her.

  1. Having Extremely Weird Relationships In The Past

The relationships in the past are all weird and destructive because of who she is.

  1. Many People Find Her Weird

Many people confirm your doubt to her.

  1. Desperately Wanting You To Stay

She do things that shows how desperate she is.

  1. Extreme Contact With You

Contacting and texting you will be done in an extreme way.

More Ways To Know That She Is Different

Not everyone can diagnose borderline personality disorder quickly but your girlfriend might have it. You need to know it fast to do something about it. Here are more ways to know that she is different ;

  1. She Is Very Impulsive

Impulsiveness is a sign of this illness.

  1. She Often Says That She Doesn’t Know Who She Is

Not knowing who she is will be done by her.

  1. Often Spacing Out From Reality

Disconnection from reality is something that will happen to her.

  1. Changing Her Way Of Life A Lot In The Past

She often change her way of life because she doesn’t know who she is.

  1. Being Really Jealous

She thinks that you show the  Signs He is Player

  1. Starting Fights Out Of Nowhere

Because of her mood swings, fights will pop up out of nowhere.

  1. Physically Clinging To You

Her extreme fear of abandonement might lead her to physically blocking your way out.

  1. Stalking Your Move

Stalking is the Signs You Are A Psycho Girlfriend

Tips On How To Deal With This Behavior

You might not be accustomed on what to do with a girl that have this kind of behavior. This is why you need to prepare yourself with the tips on how to deal with this behavior ;

  1. Be Patient

This is not who she really is. You need to be patient with the symptomps that she is showing because she doesn’t do this on purpose.

  1. Ask Her To Get A Professional Help

The best cure to a problem like this is truly a professional help and medication to truly change her.

  1. Take Time For Yourself

Taking care of a problem like this can absoulutely drain you. Find a time to relax and get out of the problem for a second.

  1. See Through Her Illness

It helps to believe that she is not who she is right now but a better person behind the illness.

It’s not common to have a girlfriend that have the signs your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder. All you need to do is to relax and do the tips that we have provided you. After that, you will have a normal life and a normal relationship.

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