How To Deal With A Girl Who Doesn't Know What She Wants?

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There are times where people are confused on what to do or basically they simply don't know what they need to do. Everyone will go through this phase. The phase of your life where you are still trying to seek the purpose of your life or as simply as seeking on what kind of goals in your life that you want to achieve.

This dilemma or confusions tend to influence those teenagers who currently in the puberty or it can also influence those who does not have someone to talk to. And when it comes to confusion, there are things on how to deal with a girl who doesn't know what she wants that we need to do. To help her or at least to let her know that she can find and decide what she wants.

Because the approach will be different compared to how to get Libra woman attention, so here are the tips.


1. Give Her The Time To Think

give her the time to think

One of the best thing that you can do is to give her the time to think. It's her life and it will be her own decision to do or not do something. Give her the time to think, so that she can reflects on her own self and trying to figuring out what she wants.

Influencing her with a lot of information or comments from another point of view will only influence her wants. And when the final decision is influence by other people it means the final decision will not suitable for her since it is not the thing that she wants but it is the thing that other people think is good and best for her.

What you need to remember if you really want to help someone is that you cannot control someone and you will never will. Before you decide to do or decide something for another person then you will need to think that the best decision should have come from that person.

Because you don't know her and you cannot read her mind you don't know what she's been through as well. There are some benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health that can you read and understand. And by then you can understand why you shoulg give her the time to think by herself.

2. Don't Try To Approach Her

The next tips on how to deal with a girl who doesn't know what she wants is by not trying to approach her during the early day when she is confused. By keep approaching her or contacting her you are giving her an excuse not to think about the things that she really wants to have or achieve.

She can just keep hang out with you and forgetting about what she wants. And she can make that moment as a diversion. Imagine if you were asking her to be your girlfriend and she still wants hangout with you without any define clarity that she will accept you to be her boyfriend.

Be firm and let her approach you first. Leave her for awhile and see what she comes up with. In the meantime, you can think on how to solve misunderstandings between friends. So, when she is ready to talk, you can avoid any kind of misunderstanding during the communication. 

3. Guide Her

guide her

Once you realize the signs your best friend is suicidal and how to help them of course you think of the steps on how you can actually help your friend. The same thing also applied when you are facing someone who doesn't know what she wants.

After you give her the time to think and be all alone by herself without any disturbance from you, you can help her by guiding her.When it's called as a guidance, it means you will only help her to direct herself to the things that she wants.

You will help her to figure out what she wants and not forcing her to accept your opinion or other people opinion. Through the time where you help her through your guidance, you can ask her about what she currently thinks of. After that, you can ask what she wants and what kind of things that she has done in order to achieve things that she wants.

When it comes to things such as how to deal with a girl who doesn't know what she wants, we will need to help to direct her to know what she wants. There are so many kinds of things that we can do including letting her be by herself alone for sometime or guiding her by asking questions that can direct her to speak up the things that she wants to do or have.

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