What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Mean To You For No Reason?

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Girls are unique. They're known for being calm, nurturing, and somehow emotional creature. But, of course some of you will say like,’what?’ Girls are calm? Perhaps you know a girl who seems more similar to tiger than swan. Maybe the girl next to you has just shown things that are different than what you assume about girls. Well, if the thing is you had done wrong to them, then you can truly understand it, right? But what if a girl is mean to you for no reason?

When a girl is mean to you for no reason, it probably annoys or even scared you a lot. Oh, especially if that girl is someone close to you, like your classmate, your group member, your friends, or even strangers. Of course it would feel so uncomfortable when someone act mean to you.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Mean To You

what does it mean when a girl is mean to you

You'll probably wondering what have you done wrong, what should you do to deal with her, and so much more. Don't give up yet, here you'll get to know possible reasons why she's being like that to you and what does it mean.

1. You Might Have Done Something Wrong

Even if you feel like you had never done something wrong to them, you'll never know how it seems from their sides. People are different, it's possible that you said something that's normal to you, but turns out offending them personally. This mostly imply for people who are sensitive.

2. She Hates You

People all think differently. Perhaps she doesn’t like your clothing style, your hairstyle, the way you speak, basically anything about you. Well, it doesn’t always mean that you’re not a good person that they hate you, but sometimes it’s just their preference. It seems weird, but it is possible. When they don’t even like you, they’ll probably be too lazy just to meet you.

3. She Likes You

What does it mean when a girl is mean to you for no reason? Okay, don't frown just yet. This point is clearly against the earlier one. But, this makes sense somehow. We all know that there are few types of people who are mean to the person they like. It might be because they’re nervous, they won't admit that they love you, or they don’t know what to do. If you're curious, seek also for signs your crush likes you through texting.

4. Check Out Who Are You To Her

Maybe you're their ex's new girlfriend? Or perhaps you're the one who break her best friend's heart? Or are you that one person who have some sort of bad connections with the person they’re close to or even themselves? Then it's likely that they’re mean you. They’re mean to you for who you're to them, and taking it out on you.

5. She’s Basically Mean

There are people who are naturally mean to people. It’s like their habit, their character, just basically how they usually be. This is a hard thing to change. It’s not because of your fault, but they do that to nearly everyone else. 

6. She’s Trying Not To Hurt You

If your relationship with her is closer than friends, but she doesn’t actually like you as a guy, then she’s probably do that in order to help you moving on from her. Being mean so that you’ll stop loving her. Try to check some signs your crush is just friendzoned you.

7. She’s Annoyed

What does it mean when a girl is mean to you for no reason? When it’s like you like her, but she doesn’t like you back, she might be annoyed that you’re trying to approach her. She would probably being mean because she doesn’t want you to go after her any longer since it would also be hard for her to reject you.

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Tips On Dealing With Them

tips on dealing with them

Knowing just what it means might seem not so helpful for you. Well, sometimes it won't do anything to her mean personality. So, knowing how to deal with this type of girl is quite necessary. Here are few tips for dealing with girl who is mean to you with no reason:

1. Don't Take Revenge

Even if someone’s mean to you, you ain't got the permission to be mean to them. You might feel like take a revenge on them, but that would just take you down to their level, right? So, don't have the intention to act mean to mean person. It might just make them outraged.

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2. Keep Calm

You might feel like getting angry so badly over this one annoying person. When they're saying mean things, you might feel offended somehow. But, keep yourself calm. Take deep breaths, try to calm yourself down. This might won't change their behavior, but will do something for your heart and mind. 

3. Consider Asking

Communication is the key. Guessing might make you end up not knowing the real fact yet believing your own assumptions, which aren't always right. If they're keep being mean to you for quite a long time, try to take the best timing to ask. Of course you should ask politely and properly, so that they won't get angry or offended.

4. Try Apologizing

If it appears that you had done something wrong to her unconsciously, then it's your responsibility to apologize. Of course you don’t have to do this if you had done nothing wrong. However, this is also how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way that you might want to try.

5. Let Them Be

If they're mean to you literally with no reason, they won't reconcile either, then what can you do? You just got to bear with it and let them be. As long as they're not over the top, then you should just ignore it.

Dealing with people isn't easy, especially girls who are occasionally mean to you. But, what you need to do first is to trying to understand them. Although it seems like there's no reason, there must be some. People won't act with no intention or motivation, will they?

Try to put yourself in their shoes, and if the problem is in you, you’d better try to fix it. But, if she's the problem, then you should just behave and bear with it. Who knows she'll change one day? Keep learning, socializing with different types of people will teach you a lot of experience.

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