What To Do When A Leo Woman Pulls Away? Love Tips And Tricks

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With their sunny exterior, the Leo loves attention—in fact, they adore being adored by others. In fact, you can never worship a Leo enough. They will want to constantly be the centre of attention, so when a Leo woman starts pulling away, it may be because of something related to that.

Before you go around panicking asking what to do when a Leo woman pulls away, you first need to realize what you may have done to make her create that distance between you two.

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Why A Leo Woman Pulls Away

1. You Didn't Make Enough Effort

As mentioned, a Leo woman loves to be adored and admired. She wants compliments, romantic dates, anything that shows that you're into her. If you're someone who takes too long to reply to texts or not showing any effort in the relationship, then she might as well be wasting her time.

2. You Are Not Open

you are not open

The Leo loves someone who is open about their feelings, so when you've been in a relationship with a Leo for months now but you're still bottling up your feelings, it might make her go crazy. She's someone who is open about her feelings herself, so to know that you're not the same is frustrating.

3. You Don't Show Interest

Similarly to the first point, a Leo woman is just wasting her time if you don't show any interest to her at all. It's not that she needs to be the centre of attention at all times, but if you're selfish and you don't care about her needs and wants, then she won't hesitate to leave you.

The Leo can be dramatic when they pull away. They don't simply give you the cold shoulder and leave you hanging. They won't hesitate to shout out to the world that they're ignoring you. They love ghosting, so there's no way to find out how long they'll ignore you.

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What To Do When A Leo Woman Pulls Away

1. Buy Her A Gift

Deep down, the Leo loves money, power, and fame. They're not necessarily thirsty for either of the three (or all three) but they won't exactly say no if you offered them an expensive diamond ring.

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2. Show That You're Strong And Capable

show that you're strong and capable

The Leo loves someone who is both dependent and independent depending on the situation. You need to show that you're confident, that you're capable of taking care of yourself even without them.

3. Be Honest

The Leo appreciates honesty. They also love when others are open about their feelings, so it's best if you're frank and honest with them.

4. Give Her Attention

It may seem like the obvious, but give her the attention she needs and deserves. Show some interest in her even if she's ghosting you. Invite her to a party or somewhere social. Just be sure to show that you're still interested in her so that she can see the attention you're giving her.

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The most important thing about dealing with a Leo is understanding the attention they need. Yes, it can be tiring, but you can end up with a wise and mature lion if you handle the relationship correctly.

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