Why Is My Leo Woman Ignoring Me? Signs And Tips

Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Basically, Leo woman is amazing and the most wanted woman because she is a very wife material and has so much love for you and you must know it since the very first meeting with her.

However, Leo woman isn't bother to let you down if she is not into you or angry with you.

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1. Because She Is Oversensitive

Women are generally sensitive and Leo woman isn't an exception. She will choose to ignore you because you might repeat those annoying things she had been discussed with you but you always do it all over again. It is safe to say that she's been sick of you.

2. Because She Doesn't Get What She Wanted

Leo woman is pretty demanding and has high ego, so she will ignore you all day or weeks until she get what she wanted without telling you what she wants or what went wrong.

You better find out what you did wrong and remember when she started to put her not-smiling face towards you.

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3. Because She Is On Her Period

because she is on her period

It might sound cliche but this is true. Period, for women, is like hell it can make a woman day such terrible she could passed out.

The pain of a period is very hurtful and it can cause terrible stomachache and nausea so if anything goes wrong, it can add up her stress and she may decide to ignore everyone include you.

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4. Because She Has A Bad Day

She might have through bad day that she doesn't want to talk to anybody since she can't hold those tears. As a good boyfriend, you should let her alone but still care at least ask what was wrong and offer help.

5. Because She Has Been Lied To

If she has been ignoring you for days or weeks, you need to look on yourself what you did wrong. Recall what promises you broke or things you promise to buy but you didn't.

Or, you might have been fun with other friends or even girls you thought she didn't know or complain about.

6. Because You Are Ignorant

One of many reasons why your Leo woman is ignoring you is because you are the one who are ignorant. You may have been ignoring her texts or requests. As a good man, it is very good to ask her what was wrong and tell her you need her.

Don't forget to say sorry from your heart for whatever the reason. You better to read this article to know about Leo women better.

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7. Because You Are Insensitive

A woman will ignore you if you are insensitive towards her. For example, you never ask how her days went, how she feels, or what was her lunch. Those simple questions indicate that you are care.

Other examples are maybe you have said hurtful comments towards her imperfect body or her other disabilities.

8. Because You Made A Mistake

because you made a mistake

The most basic reason why she is ignoring you is because you made mistake which you usually won't admit. Things can get even worse if you are hesitant to tell her that you regret it and choose to keep on your ego.

Go ask yourself and her how you could help to survive your relationship. You can read about Leo women here on Reasons Why Leos Are Awesome.

9. Because You Are Slow

Leo woman is an energetic person who likes to explore and take risk. Usually, a person like this move faster than anyone else. So if you can't keep up with her and too slow to follow her rhythm, she will likely to ignore and even worse, leave you because you are boring.

10. Because You Are Not Funny

Women like to laugh with her boyfriend, so if you are not funny enough at least for her, she may ignore you and choose to hang out with her friends who can possibly make her laugh and forget her stressful life. Sooner or later she may eventually leave you.

Being funny is indeed natural, however, at least you can cheer her up by making her laugh even a little. You can do it if you try.

To conclude, the reason why your Leo woman is ignoring you is because of two factors: herself and you. You can discuss it with her once she let you talk or see you. Use perfect time and languages to make everything smooth.

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