Horrible Signs A Gemini Hates You So Much

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You know what are all the Reasons Why Geminis are the Best Lovers, but do you also know how does it feel when a Gemini hates you? It's just as irresistible as when they love you. You will lose a lot once you notice the signs a Gemini hates you. But don't be speculative and take a look at the real signs a Gemini hates you:


1. They Avoid You

Geminis would rather walk away from conflicts than facing them. Which make sense as to why they avoid you all the time.

2. They Won't Talk To You

Avoiding you is just a thing. They also don't want to talk to you. They shut their mouth tight to the extent that makes you wonder whether they're glued together.

3. They Won't Listen To You

The more extreme signs a Gemini hates you: they don't listen to you. They may love to talk but for sure they don't want to talk with someone they hate, nor that they want to listen to them.

4. They Act Like You Don't Exist

As if things can't be worse, turns out a Gemini can treat you as a dead person. Even though when you are right in front of them, you won't even just look at you. For them, your existence is imaginary. Strangely it also becomes the Reasons Why Geminis are Irresistible at the same time.

5. They Give You A Hateful Stare

they give you a hateful stare

You won't know the meaning of "If eye could kill" until you experienced one. Who can give you that? A Gemini. They won't hesitate to give you the devil's stare to intimidate you. They don't know how to hold back.

6. They Show You They Hate You

Indeed, Geminis don't know how to hold back. They won't waste their energy to conceal the feeling that they hate you. They will let you know by any means that they hate you, indeed.

7. They Treat You In A Horrible Way

You better now getting involved in a bad relationship with a Gemini. They know how give them all in a relationship, but they also know how to give lesson to someone they hate. They can treat you in a most horrible way possible.

8. They End The Talks Right Away

A Gemini hates you for sure if they don't want to talk to you. By means, they cut the conversation as soon as possible. Given the talkative nature of a Gemini, don't you think it's weird? No doubt they hate you for a reason, which makes them don't want to talk to you any longer.

9. They Let People Know They Hate You

You may hear the news of a Gemini hates you through a friend. Yup, they let people know they hate you. Ugh, can things be worse?

10. They Won't Stay Quiet About It

The more they feel cornered, they won't stay quiet. They might confront you someday. Don't let this happen, go quickly reconcile with them.

What You Should Never Say To A Gemini

1. When Would You Stop Talking?

A great talker who loves to talk, that would define a Gemini. And they don't know when to stop once they start. Don't cut the off in the middle.

2. Can You Be More Serious?

One Reasons Why Geminis are Hard to Understand is that they play fool all the times and love to joke. It made everyone around them frustrated especially when the mood is serious.

3. Focus Your Attention

Gemini is an active being that like to do many things at the same time. They get bored easily, that's why they multitask things.

4. Sure You Can Handle This?

Never doubt the ability of Gemini. They know they can handle things well, led by his headstrong will.

5. Why Did You Keep Changing Your Mind?

Do you know a Gemini is indecisive? For them, making a decision is nothing easy even when they asked to choose what to eat for lunch. As their symbol is twins, it's often said that a Gemini has two confusing personality.

How To Win Them Back

how to win them back

Surely you don't want to lose someone like Gemini. They are worthy to keep, so if you really want to win the back, here are the easiest ways.

  1. Don't be too serious. Have some fun and enjoy this life. You should enjoy around them too since it's the best Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness.
  2. Geminis are sociable being who love to make friends. Take off your ego if you want to be close with them.
  3. You know how Geminis love to talk, right? Communicate the problem with them.
  4. Geminis value honesty and they will appreciate you for not being afraid to show your true self.
  5. They might be humorist, but they can be more serious than any businessman. Respect this side of them.
  6. One more Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention is by accommodating their hobby to talk. Engage them in a great, long conversation.
  7. Don't be cocky in front of a Gemini. It's such a turnoff for them.

What You Should Know About A Gemini

  1. They never know when to stop once they start talking.
  2. They know how to enjoy life to the full.
  3. They're indecisive, which make them change their mind every now and then.
  4. Always active and attractive, they can't stay still.
  5. They're such a great listener.
  6. They think rational and logical.
  7. They are active like a little child.
  8. They are all in for their relationship.
  9. They tend to overthink about many things.
  10. They have a quite severe mood swing.
  11. They are sarcastically funny.
  12. Their mind always packed with thoughts and ideas.
  13. They are the true definition of independence.
  14. They can't take the complainer.
  15. They're not easy to open up.

Don't let all the signs a Gemini hates you stop you from doing something kind for them. Geminis are soft at heart and they will definitely forgive you if you are true. After some time, they eventually forget the feud.

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