Puzzling Reasons Why Geminis Are Hard To Understand

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

There are so many people in this world. In order to really connect with them, you need to understand them and see through who they present to you. What makes it so hard to do that to a particular person?

Gemini, which is the air sign, might look chill and laid back. But the more you try to get through their layers, the harder it is to do so.

Here, we will uncover the reason behind it with the honest reasons why Geminis are hard to understand;

1. They Are Always Surrounded By People

they are always surrounded by people

Their sociable manners are what makes them hard to sit and have a deep conversation with.

2. Rarely Having Time To Open Up Their Feelings

Always being busy is a trait of a Gemini which means that there is no time for a real emotional conversation.

3. Adapting Who They Are To The Person They Are With

It’s hard to know who a Gemini is in the core when they are always changing based on the person that they are with.

4. Leaning To Pleasing Everyone

Pleasing everyone is a habit of theirs and it makes them lose their identity bit by bit.

5. Not Having A Clear Say On What They Like

Their lack of steady ground makes them not have a clear say on what they like, making people confused.

6. Always Indecisive On Who They Are

Indecisiveness also affects their identity. People will find it hard to figure out someone who isn’t sure of who they are in the first place.

7. Their Nervousness Covers Who They Really Are

Cracking through the many layers of a Gemini is a challenge because nervousness often disguise them.

8. Their Life Is Fast Paced

Always moving from here to there is what a Gemini always do. This action makes people dizzy with their movement.

9. Inconsistent On What They Want

Incosistency is another disease that is negatively affecting how people can understand them.

10. Sometimes Being Confused About Life

sometimes being confused about life

Their constant move makes them miss life sometimes and make them really confused about where they are going.

11. Their Nature Is To Change

Always changing and adapting to their new environment makes it hard for people to know what they are truly all about.

12. Always Looking For New Things

New things are exciting and this lack of pattern is what confuses us all.

13. Never Feeling Complete On Their Own

They are always looking for a new person that shows the Wife Material Signs or Husband Material Signs.

14. Confidence Resides In Them

A shaky kind of confidence is within them. This nervous feeling in their heart makes the color of their heart blurry.

15. Never Settling Down With The People Around Them

They never show that they are happy with what they have so people find it hard to define them.

16. Sometimes Too Adventurous

Being too adventurous without a certain goal can be a bad thing because less people will form a deep connection with you.

17. Their Innocence Gives A Hazy Blur To Their Character

Innocence means a pure kind of lack of knowledge, this shield who they really are from the people that wants to know. 

18. They Are Often Childish

Like a child, they don’t have time to open up to other people and let them pry.

19. Never Liking Repetition

A love for repetition means a lack of pattern altogether. How could someone know them then?

20. Sometimes Too Curious

sometimes too curious

Another reasons why Geminis are hard to understand is because their curious leads them to new places that is hard to trace.

Ways To Know Why You Can’t Figure A Gemini Out

Sometimes it just takes too long to figure someone out, especially someone with the horoscope sign of a Gemini. The reason behind that lies here;

1. Their Mission In A Relationship Is Not To Dig Deep

In the first place, their mission is not to dig deep and show the Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You.

2. Often Losing Interest In Things Quickly

They can suddenly show the Signs She is Not Interested in You Anymore.

3. Filled With Paradoxes

Like any other people, a Gemini is filled with paradoxes in how tehy act and who they are. This constant duality often confuses people.

4. They Change Their Emotions Fast

Emotion changes fast which means people will be less likely to know what a Gemini really feels.

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5. They Rarely Think Or Analyze Things Deeply

Not thinking deeply makes them kind of superficial.

6. Not Clinging To Anyone

When you cling, you allow other people to know you. Sadly, this is not the action that a Gemini will do in a relationship. 

Tips On How To Know A Gemini Deeply

tips on how to know a gemini deeply

How could someone so interesting be so hard to figure out? If you really want to get to the core of a Gemini, here is how to know them deeply;

1. Amuse Them With New Things

A Gemini really love new things and hates repetition. To know them deeply, you need to offer them new things and start to make note on what makes them the most interested.

2. Keep Up With Their Fast Paced Life

Keeping up with their fast paced life is not easy but it is absolutely possible. All you have to do is to be as curious as them to life.

3. Engage In An Intellectual Conversation First, Then Move To The Emotional

To open up the gate to their heart do as we say by engaging in an intellectual conversation first.

4. Keep Their Trust

This helps you know them for a longer time.

A Gemini is such a catch since they are sociable and humorous. But they are always hard to figure out because of the reasons why Geminis are hard to understand. Because of that reasons, you need to figure out a way to win his heart by doing the tips on how to know a Gemini deeply.

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