27 Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Vroom... vroom... vroom...

Don't think that it's only men who can ride a motorcycle. You don't know how cool a woman on it, right? Seeing her passing by in front of you is enough to make your jaw dropped, let alone dating them. If the Reasons to Date a Writer is because smart is the new sexy, then a motorcyclist woman is a true definition of sexy.

All the leather jackets and the knee high boots will never make you enough. Need for more reasons why you should date a woman who rides a motorcycle? Here we go again...

1. She's the Real Adventurer

Don't dare speaking about adventure if you're sitting comfortably in your car. She's the real definition of adventurer who enjoys the ride by the beach, through the mountains and alongside the dessert. With her you can enjoy the real nature while feeling the wind sweeping on your hand sometime. She's always have a new place to go and you'll never get sick of it.

2. She's a Risk Taker

Some people think that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. You often reminded of your family and friends who died riding a motorcycle. Instead of dangerous, she finds it challenging and is not afraid to take the risks since it's worth the fun. She won't stop just because of other's opinion. And hey, she know how to ride it safely.

3. She's Frugal

A motorcyclist enjoy little things. She won't be demanding dinner at five star restaurant that cost fortune. Just a simple BBQ inside the garage after changing her motor oil is enough for them. She rather spend the money on her bike. Being frugal is one of the most important Wife Material Signs you need.

4. She Don't Need Luxury

She is classy in her own way and she has her won definition of luxury. It's not staying at five star hotels and riding a Maserati around. Take her to enjoy the nature and she will be grateful of it. A new adventure is more interesting for them. It feels nice to see the sun sets on the beach after riding the way to it.

5. She Enjoys Cheap Date

She don't need wine or Champagne. Your date can be enjoyable over a glass of beer and hamburger at the rest area. Their dream date is riding along the road with you and end the day beating the steak you make together.

6. She is Tough

Motorcycle woman can get through breakup lightly and her hobby is the Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to Be Happy. As she fell and rise while riding her motorcycle, she knows that you can experienced the same thing in life. The fact that she never fall apart is enough to proof that she is tough.

7. Your Ex Will be Scared of Her

If your ex still has the love remains for you, she will do many Ways to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend. Well, it only matters when your new girl is not a motorcyclist. You ex will be run away scared seeing who you date now. There is no way she will sabotage your relationship. Just how scary she looks in your ex's eyes? 

8. She is Mature

Riding a motorcycle is not for little girl. She understand the risks and danger perfectly to decide that she will still get on with it. Which means she is mature enough to up for the challenge. Dating a mature woman means less drama in your relationship. She won't be whining all day just because you don't call or text her.

9. You Don't Have to Bring Her Luggage

A motorcycle woman is a light traveler. She put efficiency above everything so there won't be many suitcases to bring in holidays. It will benefit you a lot since you don't have to help her to carry it around.


More Things That Make You Fall for Her

You should really consider dating her since she is...

  1. She can live her life well without you.
  2. She won't be following you around since she's independent.
  3. You can always rely on her.
  4. She can break the traffic in seconds.
  5. You won't be late at work even though you depart in the last minute.
  6. She will always be there for you.
  7. No dramas involved. You won't be exhausted if it.
  8. You can take turn riding the bike when you're tired.
  9. Seeing how tough she is, your mother will easily love her.
  10. All your guy friends will get jealous of her.
  11. She won't ask for something you can't afford.
  12. The bad girl vibes you can't resist.

Benefits of Dating a Motorcyclist Woman

Woman who rides a motorcycle is really cool as hell. Dating her surely brings you many cool things to brag about and more benefits to come. Here goes some of them...

  1. You got your friends looking at her in awe.
  2. You can get them jealous by how tough and super cool she is.
  3. All black leather style and boots... you can rock the styles at any time.
  4. You don't have to wait her to do her hair. It's hidden under the helmet anyway.
  5. You don't need to think hard what to get her as gift. A new pair of leather gloves will make them terrific.
  6. She caught attention easily and you can proudly say, "She's my girlfriend!"
  7. She probably can fix minor errors on your bike, which makes her need no Reasons Why You Should Date an Engineer.
  8. She is psychologically happier since riding a motorcycle helps to release stress.

Are you still hesitate to date her after reading all the reasons why you should date a woman who rides a motorcycle? She's really one of a kind and it's really hard to find. Go date them and you'll gain many benefits out of it.

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