Reasons Not To Date Your Best Friend's Ex #1 Not Okay

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Not only is it a frowned upon action in many places and societies, there are many reasons not to date your best friend's ex. It doesn't matter if their ex is someone you've been in love with for years. Or if they're your dream girl or guy. There are plenty of other people who might be interested in you that isn't responsible for your best friend's heart break.


Here Are The Top Reasons To Not Date Your Best Friend's Ex

Here are the reasons not to date your best friend's ex:

1. It’s Weird

The first and foremost reasons not to date your best friend's ex is the simple fact that it will be weird. Whenever you’re with this new person, you can’t help but remember that your best friend once cuddled in their arms too, kissed the same lips you’re about to and slept with them.

2. They Care Even When They Say They Don’t

Even though your best friend says they don’t mind, they always do. They just don’t want to sound like the lame guy or poor girl who can’t move on from their past relationship and feelings. It might also be that they’re scared of losing their best friend although they’re really mad at you.

3. You’ll Lose The Intimacy

you'll lose the intimacy

They’re your best friend, of course they told you all about it. The first date, first kiss, first night together, first fight, everything. They’d have described how it all felt to you and now nothing would ever seem completely new anymore for you.

4. You Might Feel Jealous

It’s hard already to try not to compare yourself to your partner’s ex, all the more so if it had been your own best friend. As they all say, comparison kills joy and that’s especially true in this case. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, you’ll inevitably keep comparing your relationship with theirs and might feel jealousy…

5. You Might Be Paranoid

Even though this might not be true for all, but it’s highly likely that you’re going to feel paranoid. What if your best friend secretly hates you for going after their ex and is planning to steal them back? Why is your partner texting all the time? Because their previous relationship had been with your best friend, you’ll feel the need to be extra careful this time.

6. There Will Be (Plenty Of) Awkward Moments

No matter what you think or how hard you’ll ensure that this won’t happen, there will be awkward moments. How would you react when you’re on a date and suddenly bumps into your best friend? What would you say when your best friend invites you over but you have a date planned with their ex?

7. Going Out With Groups Will Be Confusing

Not to mention the confusion that arises when hanging out in groups, especially if you all share the same circle of friends. Some of them will try to ease the tension and awkwardness, but who am I to say that sides will not be taken and your friendship would continue as normal? Also, it might become hard to arrange group meetings if your best friend and their ex don’t want to see each other. 

8. There Will Be Quarrels And Fights

Dispute may arise between you and your friend, between them and their ex, or even between you and your newfound lover. Your other friends may even be affected by this situation and have quarrels and disagreements among themselves about whether or not your choice is the right one.

9. You Might Lose Your Best Friend

you might lose your best friend

In the short term, your best friend might say that it’s okay for you to go for their ex, but they won’t be able to hide their true feelings forever. Someday they will show the Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You Secretly. Just think about it first, is your lifelong friend really worth losing for a guy you’re probably not that into anyway? Then, you might end up seeing the Signs A Friendship is Coming to An End.

10. You Might Lose Your Other Friends

Even worse than just losing your one best friend, you are risking losing your other friends too. Hard as you try to justify yourself and your action, you can’t deny that your best friend is the victim in this situation. Therefore, when it comes down to it, it’s most likely that your other friends will choose to side with them instead of you.

11. It’s An Awful Thing To Do, Especially If They Still Have Feelings

It’s an outright awful thing to do to date your best friend’s ex, even more so if they still haven’t completely moved on. They will even have the Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship.

12. You Wouldn’t Want Them To Do It To You

Finally, you should first put yourself in your best friend’s shoe. Would you like for them to date your ex upon your breakup? Your answer is most likely to be a resounding no, so why put them through a misery that you don’t want to go through yourself? Instead, you can teach your friends about some of the Ways to Forget Your Loved One or tell them several Things to Say to Your Ex to Start A Conversation

Even More Reasons To Stay Away From Your Best Friend's Ex

even more reasons to stay away from your best friend's ex

Here are more reasons not to date your best friend's ex:

  1. It Could Destroy Your Reputation
  2. They Might Explicitly Compare the Two of You
  3. It Would Be Difficult To Balance the Two Relationships
  4. You Won’t Ever Be Able to Completely Trust Them
  5. You Might Just Be A Pawn To Make Your Friend Jealous
  6. Things Would Probably Not Get Anywhere Far For You
  7. They Might Even Get Back Together
  8. There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea, And Guys in the World
  9. You’re Just So Much Better Than That

Well, these are just a handful of reasons not to date your best friend’s ex. Are you convinced already not to commit the action? Instead of dating your best friend's ex and jeopardizing your friendship as well as reputation, why not as well take the time to comfort them?

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