Signs That Your Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship (25 Clear-Cut Signs)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you sense that your friend is jealous of your relationship?

Perhaps they deny it? Indeed, it would be very rare for them to admit to such sour feelings. 

Maybe you are looking for a way to know for sure whether your friend is jealous? 

That’s perfectly understandable. These emotions can ruin a friendship and maybe seep through into your romantic relationships too. It’s better to learn the truth as soon as possible. 

That’s why I wrote this guide, which reveals the most common signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship, even if they won’t admit it.

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However, jealousy is one of those emotions that is difficult to hide. If your friend is showing one or several of these signs, it’s safe to say that they’re jealous of your relationship.


Friendships and Relationships

Friendship is good because it makes going through life easier and more fun. Making friends is even important when you start having romantic relationships because true friends are always there for you to run back to when things go wrong

True friends are just as hard to find as genuine love is a rare find. This is why overly dependent friends tend to feel even more hurt when their best friend fails to come through for them at the right time.

However, like every other relationship, there should be a boundary to the level of influence you allow even your best friend to have on your relationship. When your friend starts to act irrationally towards your partner for no obvious reason, you might have a relationship conflict on your hands. If the person is your best friend, you might feel torn in different ways. 

While there are valid reasons why your friend might not be in support of your relationship, the answer could be that he or she is jealous of you and your partner. Have you noticed any recent changes in your best friend towards you or your partner? 

If you just started a new relationship and your friends start to give your new partner the cold shoulder, they might just be jealous of what they wish they had. This article will give you 25 signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship.

25 Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship 

1. Puts your partner down

A real friend will support your decision in your relationship, even when they don’t agree with it. Real friends accept that you are an adult who can make choices and live with the consequences or rewards. Even when they think the decision is bad, their place is to give you their opinion, not force you to take it.

As such, if your friend is quick to put your partner down no matter the situation, it could be that you have a jealous friend. The jealousy could be due to the limited time you now spend with the friend, or something more. No matter what their issue is, your friends should be able to air their opinion without disrespecting your partner. 

2. Enjoys creating relationship conflict

enjoys creating relationship conflict

If one of the things your closest friend enjoys doing is causing rifts between you and your partner, you not only have a jealous friend, you have a dangerous one. If you’re the type of person who puts a friend's happiness before yours, you don’t deserve that kind of toxicity around you.

If your so-called friend is always putting you and your partner at loggerheads through cunning acts, it might be time to end that friendship. If your partner is the real deal, your relationship isn’t worth losing over a jealous friend. It might be hard to close the chapter on that particular friendship, but it’s also obvious that this friend doesn’t want the best for you.

3. Never has supportive comments to give

Jealous friends will never have good things to say about your partner because they wish they have what both of you share. Sometimes, your jealous friends have some preconceived ideas about the kind of person your partner is, so they don’t give them a chance. 

Whenever you go to such friends for advice regarding your relationship, they either say they can’t help, or discourage you from proceeding with the relationship. 

They always have something negative to say about your partner and they don’t fail to let your partner know he or she isn’t welcome in your group. All these are signs that your friends are jealous of you or your partner.

4. Interrupting quality time with your partner

Do your friends gate-crash your date nights with your partner? Do they always choose when you’re spending time with your partner to show up and ask for help? If this pattern continues for a long time, your jealous friends will ruin your relationship. This attitude is not only juvenile but also terrible. 

One of the ways to stop your friends from ruining the quality time you spend with your partner is to stop telling them your relationship plans. Keep your relationship out of your friendship, especially when you suspect your friends are trying to sabotage your relationship.

5. Can’t say why they don’t like your partner

When you notice that your friends are acting all grumpy or bitchy about your new relationship, ask them why. If they cannot provide any vital reason for disliking your partner, they might just be jealous. When people cannot explain their dislike for someone, it is either because of a gut feeling, or their brain is trying to make a past connection with the dislike.

However, there are times when dislike is a result of a person’s personality. If your partner is sweet, amazing, and caring to you and your friends, the only reason for your friends’ dislike would be jealousy.

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6. Walks out whenever your partner walks in

Your friend couldn’t be more obvious about their dislike if they walk out the moment your partner arrives. If your best friend is always coming up with excuses to leave when your partner visits you, there is a problem he or she isn’t telling you about. 

Ask your friend why they chose the moment your partner arrived to also leave. If this scenario occurs consistently, it is clear your closest friend doesn’t like your partner. Hopefully, they will tell you why their dislike is so strong. Or else, either your friendship or relationship might receive the brunt of this conflict.

7. Raising an argument at the mention of your partner

If you try to discuss your partner and your friend starts an argument every time, you might want to ask him or her what the problem is. Do you discover that the mere mention of your partner’s name maddens your best friend? It might be jealousy, or something more.

If the friendship means a lot to you, try to get to the bottom of the animosity before you make any conclusion. It could simply be a case of misunderstanding that can be cleared with an honest conversation. After trying everything and your friend continues with this aggravating behavior, you’ll have to choose between your friendship or relationship. 

8. Always changing the conversation when you talk about your partner

A friend who puts you in a tough situation whereby you need to choose either them or your partner might not be a true friend. When your closest friends hate hearing your partner’s name, and always proceed to change the topic, they could be jealous. The jealousy involved is the reason they gloss over the magnitude of your feelings for your partner and move on to trivial topics.

If your relationship is moving to the commitment stage, your friendship with such people will have to take a backseat or end completely. If your friends are reasonable, they will understand why you have to pull back from them.

9. Always reminding you of the ways the relationship might not work

always reminding you of the ways the relationship might not work

As hard as it is to believe, people close to you can sometimes be jealous of your relationship. This is why you hear them only give statistics of relationships gone bad. They never talk about the relationships that end up in marriage or as happily ever as they can get in real life.

They are always reminding you of your flaws and how they can make your partner leave you. Your friend making you have doubts about relationships generally will affect the way you see your partner. 

If these same friends have taken a similar approach in your previous relationships, you should stop hanging out with them. They will nurture this toxic behavior until you see love only through their toxic sight.

10. Always ready with bad advice when you fight with your partner

What do your closest friends say when you go to them for advice regarding your relationship? Are they always quick to say, “leave him”, dump her"? Do your best friends make you see your wrongs when you are the one at fault or do they enable your wrongdoings so you can leave your partner? 

Even if no one tells you, you are aware of rights and wrongs. The only reason you go to friends for advice is to have clarity, or reassurance that you’re making the right decisions. However, if your best friends only give suggestions that will end the relationship they might be jealous of your relationship. 

11. Encourages you to ‘see other people’

Do your friends encourage you to have an open relationship? To date multiple people because “you cannot put all your eggs in one basket?” 

The kind of real friends you should keep shouldn’t give you such advice. If such talks are out of character for them, it could mean they are just jealous of the beautiful experience you are having. 

When you have an amazing relationship, it is normal to have the nagging feeling that something terrible might happen. You don’t need your friends encouraging you to worry about when the other shoe will drop.

12. Talks to your partner behind your back

Sometimes, when your same-sex friend acts jealous of your relationship, it could mean they want to have your partner for themselves. All their actions will point towards wanting what you have. Their mannerism, way of talking, and choice of words will give you a hint of what they are after.

The most telling sign is when they talk to your partner without your knowledge. They take your phone and steal your partner’s number, then feign ignorance when you ask them why they did so. The best thing in this situation would be to sever ties with such a friend as it is not good for you or your relationship. 

13. Stops inviting you to certain hangouts

When your close friends stop inviting you to hangouts you would usually attend with them, it is a huge sign they don’t like your partner. If most of your friends are single, their reason might be understandable. They are most likely jealous because they can’t understand the complex emotion of love, and why most times, you would rather be with your partner.

It is expected that you won’t be available or interested in every hangout because you’re in a relationship. However, they shouldn’t completely cut you out of the group. For example, you might be unable to attend a strip club with your friends without your partner, but it’s okay if you visit the beach with them. 

If your friends cut you out of the latter, but are quick to invite you to the former, they want your relationship to fail.

14. Disgusted by your PDA with your partner 

If your friends hate seeing your partner show affection towards you in the public, they are definitely jealous. Good friends will fake-gag and give good-natured ribbing, but won’t act genuinely disgusted with your public displays of some intimate moments such as kissing and hugging. 

One of the reasons your friend might act this way is because they feel you’re being too expressive or ignoring them. Your friend feeling rejected is not your fault, but an issue of insecurity and self-esteem on their part. They can either work on it or stay away from you and your partner. 

15. Hear rumors about yourself from so-called friends

When people you call friends start spreading rumors about you, it is time to reconsider the friendship. Nothing hurts worse than a close friend backbiting about you to people who are practically strangers to you. The major motivation for spreading rumors is usually jealousy.

If you hear things you said in confidence to a close friend circulating as an ugly rumor, it is the end of that friendship. Their reason for spreading rumors is probably to end your relationship and take your place, or just to see you unhappy.

16. Showing inconsistent behaviors

showing inconsistent behaviors

It is one thing to show animosity or dislike openly, it is another thing to pretend to like someone only when they are around. You should get wary of a best friend who pretends to like your partner only when they are around. 

If your friend gushes over your partner in their presence but starts to say negative things about them the moment they leave, they are jealous of you. Such a friend can harm you or your partner because they are inconsistent with their actions. 

17. So called friend is always around you and your partner

Does your closest friend always seem to spend too much time around you and your partner? They might be up to something. If you’re a man, and your closest friend is always around your woman under the pretext of helping her, he’s jealous of you. 

If you’re not careful, he might destroy your relationship. If as a woman, your closest friend is usually offering unsolicited help to your man, you might find yourself as the other woman soon.

One of the ways to protect your relationship is to limit sharing intimate details with your best friends. Also, separate your friendship from your relationship. Don’t allow such friends to spend unnecessary time around your partner.

18. Always keen on digging up dirt on your partner

What kind of friend decides to keep digging up dirt on your partner long after you’ve decided your man/woman is the real deal? Only a jealous friend who doesn’t want you happy will elect themselves as a private investigator seeking compromising information. 

The moment you realize your close friends are offering you unsolicited information to break up your relationship, you should end the friendship. Such jealous friends are capable of destroying other aspects of your life.

19. Becomes less helpful

A jealous friend will stop coming around or showing up to help you because they want to spite you. They think, then say to you, “you don’t need me because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Friendship and family bonds will always be beneficial as long as the relationships are symbiotic. 

As such, no good friend will cut ties or privileges just because you’re dating someone. A friend who becomes less helpful because you’re in a relationship was never your friend in the first place. 

20. Flirting with your partner

If you catch your friend flirting with your partner and they call it harmless, don’t believe it. A genuine friend wouldn’t flirt with your partner, no matter how attractive your man or woman is. Jealousy, covetousness, and lack of self-control are the reasons a close friend will throw caution to the wind and flirt with your partner. 

If you or your partner is not careful, such a friend will sneak into your partner’s heart through ulterior motives. 

21. Acts like you around your partner

If your best friend starts acting like you around your partner, there is a problem. For instance, if your friend suddenly dyes her hair to your color because she knows your man likes that shade, she has a notorious intention. If your friend begins to draw his voice the way he knows your girl likes it, he’s out to get her.

Rather than pretending to be blind to the obvious signs, distance yourself from such a friend. This behavior is not just inappropriate, it is creepy too.

22. Discusses your bad parts with your partner

If you have that friend who never seems to have any good tales to share with your partner, the friend might be jealous. If your friend is usually sharing only stories about your past partners to get your current partner jealous, your relationship is in jeopardy. 

If the friend is always talking about your bad habits, never the good things about you, the bad friend wants you to suffer.

23. Tries to best you at everything

tries to best you at everything

You’ll discover there are those friends who are always trying to impress your partner with their good body, money, or intelligence. They are always jumping on conversations even though they just arrived on the scene. They buy the most expensive gifts for your partner and make yours look silly in comparison.

It’s almost like they are trying to tell you they have a better life than you do, so you don’t deserve your partner. The moment you fish out such toxic attitudes, cut ties with such friends immediately. 

24. Monopolizes your time

It is normal for you to spend time with friends, or for them to want to see you as often as possible. You might even live with your friends, meaning you cannot avoid them. However, when a friend is always trying to monopolize your time and put your relationship at risk, their jealousy will cost you more than your relationship. 

You won’t have time for yourself because they don’t want you to have a life. They will guilt-trip you into spending less time with your partner and more with them. It’s best to end that selfish friendship. 

25. Blacklists or blocks you

When a friend agrees to be there for you, it is supposed to be through thick and thin. While relationships come and go, friends are supposed to be there all through. However, jealousy is involved when a friend blocks or blacklists you because of who you date.

If they aren’t jealous of you, they will remain in your life to support you in other areas, even though they disagree with your choice of partner.


How do you know if a friend is jealous of you?

You discover that there’s an emotional distance between you and the friend. They no longer hang out with you as they used to.

Why would someone be jealous of your relationship?

They desire what you have, but find it hard to get or keep the kind of partner you have.

What are the signs of jealousy in a relationship?

Your partner would lash out in anger whenever you give extended attention to the opposite sex, even if the person is just a colleague or business partner.

How do you know if your friend doesn't respect you?

They will have only negative things to say about you to your partner or other friends.

How do you know a friend doesn't care about you?

They will not show up for you when you need them the most. Then, when you ask them why, they give you an unclear answer nonchalantly.

In Conclusion

Jealousy is a common emotion in most relationships and even friendships. However, friends should know their limits when it comes to relationships. Good friends can express their displeasure without trying to create a wedge between couples.

Did this article provide you with a new perspective? Please leave a comment below, and share the post with a friend. 

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