24 Signs That Your Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Do you sense that your friend is jealous of your relationship?

Perhaps they deny it? Indeed, it would be very rare for them to admit to such sour feelings. 

Maybe you are looking for a way to know for sure whether your friend is jealous? 

That’s perfectly understandable. These emotions can ruin a friendship and maybe seep through into your romantic relationships too. It’s better to learn the truth as soon as possible. 

That’s why I wrote this guide, which reveals the most common signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship, even if they won’t admit it.

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However, jealousy is one of those emotions that is difficult to hide. If your friend is showing one or several of these signs, it’s safe to say that they’re jealous of your relationship.

24 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship

1. They Don’t Want To Hear About Your Relationship

Usually, with a friend you can tell them anything and they will listen because that is what friends do. But one of the signs that you friend is jealous of your relationship is they do not want to hear any part of this relationship. They will either cut the relationship, sulk or change the conversation into some other topic. They will even be annoyed when you start talking about your relationship.

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2. You’re Out Of The Picture In Gatherings

The best part of a friendship is when you hang out together. But with a jealous friend, they will slowly but drastically cut the ties between you guys. They will stop inviting you to hang outs because they know that seeing you will remind them of your relationship. When they are really jealous of you, they will even make sure that you see how they are happy without you. In their social media they will post pictures of the hang outs to make you really jealous.

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3. Being Passive Aggressive Is Suddenly Their Thing

A friendship should be based on honesty and trust. But because of this relationship, your friend is super passive agressive. This is because their jealousy and anger towards your relationship does not find the right media where it can be let out. Also, they want you to feel guilty for being in this relationship but they do not want to tell you that they do not like you being together with your partner.

4. They Start Talking Behind Your Back

they start talking behind your back

Because this friend do not have the right outlet to express their rage towards your relationship, they start talking behind your back. They start talking about bad things about you behind your back to other people. This is not what a friendship should look like anymore. You should start evaluating this friendship.

5. They Start Dirty Rumor

They’ve talked behind your back and now they start making false rumors about you, your partner, and the things between you. This is because they are mad to you and they really want you to stop your relationship. It’s also because they want to feel good about themselves. When you are faced with rumors about you, do not engage. If you do, your friend will be more mad and there will be even more false rumors about you.

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6. They Ignore You And Become Further Away From You

Sometimes, people choose to stay away from things that hurt them the most in order to be happy. And for this friend, the reason for their constant sadness is apparently you and your relationship. To stay away from you they will stop texting you, they will ignore you when you say hi and they will even pretend not to know you. They will keep doing this until they know that you an your sweet relationship will stay far away from them.

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7. They Feel Revolted When They See You And Your Partner

For couples, it is normal when they do couple things in public. Although it is fine for some people, for this jealous friend it will be too much. This is another signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship. This jealousy will come in different forms. They will try to get out of the scene, they will roll their eyes, they will suddenly strike the conversation or they will suddenly storm out. These clearly shows you that there is something wrong between your friend and this relationship, and you need to solve it fast.

8. They Say Their Opinion On Every Aspect Of Your Relationship

Sometimes silence is better than constant negative comments. Because your friend is jealous of your relationship, they will try to take down this relationship in every way. One of the ways is by commenting. When you talk about your relationship, they will exaggerate every flaw in this relationship and they will try to make you feel insecure about this relationship. When they do this, ignore them. These negative comments only comes from their insecurities.

9. They Make You Feel Guilty For Not Spending Time With Them

Even though you have tried to balance the time between your new relationship and your friendship, they still will not be satisfied. In fact, they will start making you feel bad about nor hanging more time with them. They will make you beg for forgiveness but they still would not forgive you. What they want is for you to break this relationship. Although you do feel guilty, do not be overly guilty or else you might sacrifice a completely perfect relationship.

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10. They Give Insincere Compliments

they give insincere compliments

Silence and completely humiliating critic is not that bad compared to hidden negative meanings in a compliment. This jealous friend will not hesitate giving you compliments and celebrating your relationship. But the things they are saying have this slight negative note that you sense. Do not doubt your instinct. This might just be a sign to reconsider being friends with them.

11. Bad Advice Is Used For Manipulation

For a lot of people, a friend is a source of wisdom when you are lost in your way. They are a great place to talk about your problems and to receive great advices. A jealous friend however, will try to sabotage your relationship by giving misguided advices. They will give bad and destructive advices for you to apply to your relationship. In dealing with this, be smart and follow your instinct.

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More Signs That They Are Jealous

Let's check out more signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship:

  1. They block your number
  2. They say that they are jealous of your relationship
  3. They tell bad things about you to your partner
  4. They always tell you that your romantic partner is bad
  5. They do not want to talk to your romantic partner
  6. They flirt with your partner
  7. They make other people hate you
  8. They change their behaviour drastically
  9. They make sure you know that they have a new circle of friends

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How To Deal With Jealous Friends

Sometimes, a friend is not plain bad. They are just hurt and there must be a certain reason. Here are how to deal with jealous friends so you can have the best of both worlds at the same time, in your love life and in your friendship zone:

1. Ask Them What It Have Been

As we have stated, a friendship should be based on honesty and trust. To overcome this problem, start with being honest with your friend. Ask them to talk with you in private. They will not want to do it at first but insist on talking to your friend or else the relationship will be worse. And then start the conversation with telling them what you have been feeling about your friendship. Be completely honest. After that, ask this friend about his/her feelings about your relationship. Hopefully, she will tell the truth. This is the very important first step on how to deal with jealous friends.

2. Make Your Friend Sure About Your Commitment To Your Friendship

make your friend sure about your commitment to your friendship

Sometimes, the source of this jealousy is insecurity. They are jealous because they are scared that they will be replaced any time soon. To stop this constant jealousy, make her feel safe. Tell her that your friendship will go on and that he/ she is an important part of your life. These words should come out of your mouth sincerely. What matters is that you say how important your friend is to you.

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3. Make It Happen

As people would say, action speaks louder than words. So after saying all this heart-felt things, start making things happen. Take them out for a brunch every week, talk to them through chats every night. Make sure that they feel included. This might be a tough job to juggle at first, but as long as you have the will to make this happen, it will all be okay in the end.

4. Slowly Introduce Her To Your Partner

Now that you’ve known the core of your friend’s problem to your relationship and you have reassured your friend that they will always have a place in your life, it’s time for the next step. Since the situation is quite okay now, it is probably a good time to start introducing your partner to your friend. It might be awkward at first. But persist and be patient. After time, you will slowly see that they tolerate each other and even like each other. This is the last step on how to deal with jealous friends. Now that both sides of your life can live along side each other peacefully, you can lead a happy life


Jealousy is a toxic thing but it can all be solved with a little bit of patience, love and kindness. You’ve known the signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship and the moves, now it is time to implement it!

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