All Things to Do When Your Best Friend Hooks Up With Your Ex

Last updated on June 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Not every romantic relationship will end happily. Sometimes, you just have to left someone that you love for some reason, and you should find some ways to forget your ex.

But it will be another thing if your ex, that maybe you had still loved, being hooked up with your best friend. You may feel betrayed, jealous, or angry, but it is normal. If you and your ex end terribly, there will be some fear and worry, because you wouldn't want your best friend being hurt.

Here are some reasons why your best friend could hooks up with your ex.

  1. People hooks up with their inner circle

This is how social interaction works. These hooks up don't always lead to romantic interest, it also could create friendship, like your bestie's friend will be your friend too.

2. Your best friend could be put some interest with your ex before you know it

We never know the exact reason, but maybe your ex caught up a bit of attention from your best friend when you two are dating. When your tie is over, it will be a great time for him or her to take another step.

3. Or in the opposite way, your ex was attracted to your best friend

Your best friend may have some qualities that your ex thought was supposed to be had by you. This could be a reason for your ex to end up your relationship. You have to notice signs your boyfriend likes your best friend.

While maybe your best friend and your ex, or maybe your current significant other showing some subtle sign of hooking up, you must know some signs of them.

  • Your best friend talks about your ex/significant other constantly
  • He or she knows some facts about your ex/significant other that you don't know
  • People talks a lot about your relationship
  • They share some inside jokes
  • Somehow you feel it in your gut, even sometimes you feel like a third wheel
  • Your best friend frequently ask to bring your ex/significant other
  • Your best friend is all around your ex/significant other social media
  • When you confront your best friend, he or she points the finger back to you
  • Your best friend somehow tries to make you look bad, especially in front of your ex/significant other
  • Your best friend and your ex/significant other, interact without you know

In those cases, you must know good ways to get revenge on your best friend that hooks up with your partner, or maybe what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend.

Finally, if you caught up your best friend and your ex are hooking up while you still have felt toward your ex, you only have to do these things.

  1. Don't seek for revenge

When you trying to make your former significant other pay for what he or she did, you lose your kind, beautiful and intelligent self. They say kill them with kindness, and that is exactly you must do.

2. Spend some times alone

Be focus on yourself, get yourself a proper me-time. As you feeling comfortable with the loneliness, you will forget all the pain.

3. Surround yourself with people that support you

In this time, the most important thing that you need is a good friend that knows words to say to someone going a difficult time. Avoid every toxic people that only will make it worse.

Lastly, if your ex-partner hooks up with your best friend because of the quality that you didn't have, it means you have to learn more. It does not mean that you should be like your best friend, you have to only know your bad traits and be a better person.

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