Devastating Signs He is Friendzoning You #Heartbreak

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You try to make the relationship move forward by doing many things to make him closer to you. Being braver, bolder, and more things are done in order to get his heart. But what if you are stuck in a loop?

Guys are usually not the one who give clear hints so we are left wondering what he means. You need to know if he is friendzoning you because if you stay longer, you’ll get more hurt. Because of that you need to know these signs he is friendzoning you;


1. Not Wanting To Get Physically Close

Physical closeness is a sign of intimacy. But if he doesn’t show the  Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly that means your relationship is not going anywhere.

2. Not Smiling When He Sees You

You can tell a lot about his level of attraction through his smile. If he doesn’t smile at you, the level of attraction is low.

3. Not Flirting With You At All

not flirting with you at all

Guys are the master at showing the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong. But if you don’t feel the heat, that means nothing is going on.

4. Not Sending You Cute Texts

Texts that have a cute tone isn’t sent to you because he doesn’t think that that text is necessary in your friendship.

5. Only Calls You When He Is Down

If he only comes to you when he is sad and ignores you when the happy times arrive, that is actually the Signs of Conditional Love.

6. Leaving You Often Without An Explanation

It hurts for girls to be left behind often without an explanation and boys know that. If he shows this sign, you need to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

7. Gets Mad When You Are Jealous At Him

He thinks that he is justified to be mad because you have no romantic status with him which hurts a lot.

8. Not Introducing You To His Parents

You know that a relationship is going forward once you are introduced to his parents. If it doesn’t happen in a long time, nothing will happen.

9. His Friends Don’t Even Know You

The real signs he is friendzoning you is if his friends doesn’t even know you. This means that you are simply a game to him.

10. Only Wants You When He Is Asking Something From You

Whenever he needs something from you, he comes back to get you.

11. Calling You With Friendship Names

‘bro’, ‘dude’, is one of the many friendship names that he calls you when he knows that he doesn’t want to go anywhere romantic with you.

12. Not Looking At You With Starry Eyes

Sometimes when someone is in love with you, they show the starry eyes that tells you that they really like you.

13. Mocking You As A Friendly Joke

Guys usually behave well but when he mocks at you like he does with his other male friends, something could be wrong.

14. Punching You Playfully As A Friendly Joke

Gentleness is what a guy will show when he is in love with you but it is not what he will show when he is friendzoning you.

15. Prioritizing Other Person Before You

prioritizing other person before you

You can really know that he doesn’t love you when he puts you on the bottom of his priority list.

16. Looking At Other Girls When He Is With You

Checking out other girls shows the Signs He is Player but also the sign that you are really friendzoned by him.

17. Asking You To Be His Wing Man

The harshest sign is when you are asked to be his wing man when he is searching for other girls. This is both insensitive and hurtful.

18. Talking About His Options Of Girls With You

Talking about the girls that he likes means that you are his friend.

19. Talking About Boys Topics When He Is With You

Dirty topics that boys usually talk about is usually not talked about to someone he is in a crush with.

More Ways To Know That Your Relationship Is Only As Friends

Knowing that the relationship is going nowhere might be devastating. Here are more ways to know if you’ll end up getting hurt;

1. He Gets Shocked When You Show That You Like Him

If a guy likes you, he can sense mutual love. But if he responds negatively to your attraction, you’ve been friendzoned all along.

2. He Is Insensitive To Your Attempts To Get Close To Him

When you want to get close to him, he doesn’t respond.

3. He Is Chasing Another Girl

Don’t stick around if you see him chasing other girls because it means that he doesn’t want you at all. 

4. He Is Talking To You About That Other Girl

Talking about his love towards another girl is a really bad thing that shows you that you are nothing to him.

5. Your Relationship Haven’t Been More Intimate As Time Goes On

Intimacy doesn’t come at all.

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6. He Doesn’t Talk About Your Future Together

There is no Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You.

Tips To Get Out Of That State

tips to get out of that state

You might be wondering, how could i get out from such a mess? Well here are your answers.

1. Ask ‘Is It Really That Bad To Be Friends With Him?’ To Yourself

Friendship is not a bad sign at all. Consider being friends with him, but if you can’t then leave.

2. Talk To Him About It

Talk about your feelings towards this topic.

3. Move On Or Continue Strengthening The Relationship

You can move on from this bad experience or continue to strengthen your friendship.

Relationships are unexpected. In some, you can get them to be committed to you but in other cases, you see the signs he is friendzoning you. Because of that, you might be confused. But to get out of that chaotic mindset, what you should do is to follow the tips to get out of that state. Then, you will be just fine!

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