How to Get Out of The Friend Zone Through Text with a Guy?

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A healthy relationship, any kind of relationship should be open to their partner's opinion. Because to build a relationship will require the willingness from both parties.

So, of course people who are in relationship need to know each other's feelings. At least, you will need to know whether your crush has the same intention just like you or not. Why would you be in a relationship that will only show you the signs your crush is just friendzoned you?

And if you are trapped in this kind of situation, there is still a way out to fix everything to make it better. You have a voice that you can use to let him know about what you feel about him and the current friend zone relationship.

Here are some tips on how to get out of the friend zone through text with a guy.

  • Start ignoring

The first thing that you need to do on how to get out of the friend zone through text with a guy is to start ignoring him. A man will keep trying to stay in touch with you when he is still confuse and not knowing what he wants to have or decide.

Even though there are some reasons why Aquarius man ignores you or still hanging you in a friend zone without any certainty, of course you deserve to be loved and to have someone who loves you.

And not someone who thinks that you can be the backup plan or second option for him. Ignoring him will be the first step of helping yourself not to be kept in the bad friend zone relationship.

  • Ignore his text and call

Next up, start to ignore his text and call. There is no need to keep answering his call and text if he does not give any certainty. If there is nothing important to be talked about then no need to keep texting him. Ignoring his text and call will directly show that you have no more interest to him. This is a good move to be done. You can show your value by being firm by not keep waiting for his answer because you deserve so much more than him.

Also know the meaning of can friends call each other babe or not. So that you won't be used by someone easily to let them know your value and that you are not a second option.

  • Reject his offer to go on a date

Even during the friend zone, this does not close the possibilities to keep going out with your crush even with no certainty. Do not accept his offer to keep going out on a date after you get to know him for sometime yet he does not show any certainty on how the relationship between you two will go. Know the difference on how to tell if a guy wants to date you or just hook up.

It is totally okay to reject his offering to ask you to go out for a date or just a casual hang out. Show that you have less interest towards him. And let him know that in a firm way.

  • Be honest about what you feel

Aside from all the decision that you might take later on about what kind of text that you need to send to him in order to help you to distant yourself from him, it will not only be base on logic but it will be based on what you feel, your feelings. There is no need to be afraid of saying what you feel to him. You can just say directly trough text without any sugar coating that you hate to feel this way.

You hate knowing the fact that he is still hanging you in an uncertain friend zone. Everybody deserve to be happy and being in a relationship that has no certainty obviously not a part of happiness. The case will be different if you know and realize the signs your hookup has feelings for you.

These are some tips on how to get out of the friend zone through text with a guy. Do note that every decision that you will have and decide later on will be based on your feelings too. It is totally okay to decide something based on what you feel. But, if you already feel hurt for so long only to wait or being treated unfairly then you need to take a logical decision since no one deserves to be treated in a bad way.

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