Hidden Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings For You

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You might hear about one night stand for couple times. Even though you have a commitment not to do so yet you stuck in this kind of relationship. Or maybe you asking about Why Do Guys Just Want to Hook Up with Me.

It could be considered as a bad either good depends on the situation you are in. You will have your freedom to get close to everyone without doubt about loyalty. However, it may turn out to be the worst scene if both of you start to feel a crush although you don't want a serious relationship yet.

Here Are Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings For You

Like one said love can come anytime and anywhere it decides. You may don't feel it, but what are you going to do if another person falls for you?

To help you think clearly through this, there are signs your hookup has feelings for you should know. Also, learn about How to Hug Someone Without Making It Awkward.

1. Call You Regularly

call you regularly

If someone calls you regularly, it can be a sign that they care so much about you. Even a simple thing like asking your day can be your guide to knowing about what they feel about you.

2. Try To Learn About You More

Here is one of the signs your hookup has feelings for you. We know that a hookup only wants you when they need to satisfy their desire of sex.

However, you know they have something for you if they start to learn any little thing to know more about you. You will find this helpful How Long Should You Know Someone Before Dating Them.

3. Take Their Time For You

Not only asking you for sex but if your hook up takes you to do others activity it might a good sign that they have a feeling for you especially when you know they're kind of busy but still want to spend time with you out of the bed.

4. Introduce You To Their Friend

This is the signs your hookup has feelings for you. A hook up usually doesn't let you get involved with their personal life including go out with their friends.

If your hookup tends to introduce you to them, there is a possibility they have feelings for you. You should read this too Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else.

5. Seem A Little Bit Nervous

We know we would be a bit nervous if we're around someone we like. It happens to your hook up too. You'll realize that it isn't the same anymore the way they're talking to you or do something around you.

6. You Are Their Priority

Even though you are only their hookup, it feels like they give you the first priority. It rarely happens if they don't have feelings for you.

7. Show Their Personal Side

Signs your hookup has feelings for you? They will share about their personal life with you which is something big because the hookup relationship won't happen like that. Don't forget to check this too Signs of A Friendzone Relationship.

8. More Affectionate

more affectionate

If you want to know the signs your hookup has feelings for you then here it is. Your hook up will suddenly turn into an affectionate person. They're showering you with cares outside the bed. Check this too Reasons Why You Should Love Me.

9. Feel Jealousy

You usually can go out with anyone if it's only a hookup relationship. However, they don't want it and tend to protect from the others. That's because they feel a kind of jealous if you're not around.

10. Ask To Go Out

Signs your hookup has feelings for you? They clearly tell their feelings to you and ask to continue it as a real dating. Maybe you need help so read this Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend.

What To Do When Hook Up Has Feelings

Here are what to do when hook up has feelings. You may want to know about Is Tinder a Good Idea to Find Lover?

1. React Positively

Even though you don't want to have a feeling for them as they do, you should still react to this with a positive thing. Imagine that you're in their position so don't just throw away the good things.

2. Don't Leave Them Confused

You might don't want to leave them in a confusion. Their mind already full of their feelings for you. So, at least you can do is act normal and be nice.

3. Talk It Over

You have to make sure do they want this hook up relationship to continue or not. It is because would only hurt them if they keep this but their feeling keeps growth yet you don't.

4. Take A Step You Won't Regret

Don't just make a decision out of blue therefore you would regret it in the future. You may haven't realized it yet that you also have feelings for them. So, let the time answers it for you.

More Tips To Deal With Hook Up If They Have Feelings For You

Here are more tips to deal with your hook up when they have feelings for you. Check this too Things You Should Always Do When You Breakup.

1. Remember Their Good Side

remember their good side

If you're still a little bit confused and don't know what to do about it, at least all you can do try to remember their good things. It could help you decide your next step.

2. Don't Be Panic

You get used to being only in a hookup relationship. We know it isn't easy to just convert it into a different panic. However, you're not allowed to be panic. You can just let it flow to see what happens next.

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3. Avoid Feeling Guilty

Maybe now you feel kind of guilty that you are too nice to him. It's definitely not your fault since we can't expect when love will come. So, you better not!

4. Act Like There Is Nothing

You may want to act normal so it doesn't change a thing.

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