How To Make A Scorpio Man Fall For An Aquarius Woman

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Rebellious in both ideas and actions is the Scorpio’s wild characteristic. He somehow hard to fit with his neighborhood since he is very isolated and doesn’t have any interest even of saying "Hi" to his neighbors.

Thus he is often misunderstood and it makes his more distant from anyone around him. However, he does pay attention but in very quietly mode to prevent unnecessary contacts. Although he seems very distant and careless, he would stick to person he likes for the rest of his life.

If those Scorpio man characteristics seems right for you, then you might want to know how exactly to make him fall for you. Moreover, if you are An Aquarius Woman, this is going to be very exciting. If he likes you, he must get you.

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1. She Must Be A Wife Material

she must be a wife material

First of all, since a Scorpio man likes a lifetime relationship, he, someday, at last, will ask to marry you. He likes and need a woman who will love him for the rest of his life, and care for him and his children although he himself is not quite a great father so that he needs you.

Although, in fact, an Aquarius mom will spend more time to play and teach your kids rather than to do house works in time. But overall, this would be quite “click” very easily because an Aquarius woman is indeed a wife material, she even cares for others in need who live way way farther in other countries.

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2. She Must Genuinely Loves Him

He will not buy a fake date just because he pays everything, or he might never ask for a date if he is not into the woman. He would likely to ask for a date, even the best date ever, if he is ready and sure about his decision.

For him, life is a chess game, he must think and act ahead every time. The woman, in the other hand, must genuinely loves him too and has visions and plans to build a real family. It sounds easy and very possible for the Aquarius babes.

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3. She Must Be Loyal

The dark and intense looking man out there who is mistakenly labeled as a bad guy, needs a very loving woman who can be loyal to him. He is misunderstood as his careless look and house interior designs are not quite everyone’s dream.

But his deep and sensitive soul adores and falls for a loving and loyal woman. An Aquarius woman, however, tends to be easily bored and prefer to be in her own. So it is a bit challenging for the strong and independent person like Aquarius woman. 

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4. She Must Limit Her Relationship With Other Males

Since he is very possessive once he get you in his life, a woman he admires and loves must limit herself from having any relationship with other male friends. He would easily be jealous while you do nothing.

An Aquarius partner would make a lot of trouble though since she likes to travel the nature and it means she would often go with other males along the way. So if you are an Aquarius woman who loves to travel, you might need to start collecting female friends who love exploring the nature.

5. She Must Be Very Patient

she must be very patient

Just like its symbol of a Scorpio, this Scorpio man can’t control his anger and emotion. Once he is displeased, he would not wait to attack with sharp unnecessary but intimidating words and somehow very aggressive. So being his girlfriend must have extra patience to slow down and hopefully can lead him to manage his emotion better.

At glance, A Scorpio man is intense and possessive, however An Aquarius woman is pretty much fit with him and understand him so they would make a good couple.

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