My Girlfriend Is Pregnant but I Don't Want to be with Her, What Can I Do?

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My girlfriend is pregnant but I don't want to be with her, what can I do? If this kind of question ever popped up in your head, you need to think twice. You were never ready to have a relationship.

You only meant to have some fun without seeing the consequences that might come. But, here's how to help you with it.

  • Think twice about what you feel

What you will need to figure out at first is to know about what you feel about her. Do you really feel like you are not in love with her anymore? Or maybe you are just afraid knowing that she got pregnant and you don't know what you need to do.

A relationship that has been last for a while will have a strong bond. So, it is almost impossible that all of your feelings to her disappear by the time you knew that she got pregnant.

In this case, you will need to think twice. Know more about yourself and what you feel both about her and the current situation. And you surely need to know how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant.

  • Tell her about what you feel

After you know what you really feel about her and the current situation, you will need to tell her, no matter what. She is the one who is carrying a baby. So of course she will feel more pressure than you do.

And she has the right to know about what you feel about her and her current situation right now. You will need to tell her about what you feel about her. Once she knows what you feel, both of you can discuss what kind of action that is best to be taken to solve the problem.

  • Be responsible as a man

Lastly on, my girlfriend is pregnant but I don't want to be with her, what can I do, is you will need to be responsible as a man. Just because you don't want to be with her and she also understand that you and her can't continue the relationship since you don't have the feelings anymore, this does not mean that you can just leave her like that.

You will need to take a role to take a good care of the baby she needs to deal with how do I deal with a break up while I am still pregnant his baby?. If you were dare enough to make the baby then you should understand the consequences of having a baby, be responsible.

Signs That You're Ready for A Relationship

Many of us don't understand how important it is to know the consequences of things what we were doing. If the consequences only impacting our selves it will be fine since we can learn how to be more responsible and carefully chosen a decision that we are going to take.

But, if the impact is affecting another person then we will need to understand and be responsible in more things. To prevent such things to be happened in the future, you will need to know the signs that you're ready for a relationship.

  • You put other's above yourself

When you are ready for a relationship, you will put other's above yourself. You will prioritize her needs above your needs.

And you will prioritize her happiness and the relationship that you have with her above your personal needs and desire. Because you care about her and knowing how to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested

  • You know how to solve communication barrier

In a relationship, communication is the key that can help you and your partner to solve any relationship problem. When you are ready for a relationship, you won't feel it hard to know how to communicate with your crush.

Solving communication issue can be done easily since you have the interest to get to know her better. This desire to get to know her better will drive yourself to know on what kind of communication approach that you can use to communicate with her with low misunderstanding level or in other words also means that you know how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

  • You can accept other people as who they are

The most important thing to know that you are ready to have a relationship with someone is that you can accept that person for who she is. You can accept her imperfections and you are okay to deal with it every single day.

Acceptance within a relationship is important. It shows that you are ready to have a relationship with that person.

Regarding this question of my girlfriend is pregnant but I don't want to be with her, what can I do, you will need to think more about yourself. Think more whether you are ready for a relationship.

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