How To Make And Keep Your Gemini Woman Happy And Interested

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Everyone wants a long-term relationship and many people have tried many ways to achieve it. However, keeping a relationship alive is not as easy as starting a relationship. In the middle of the relationship, your girlfriend may no longer interested in you anymore and it is always happening.


How To Make And Keep Your Gemini Woman Happy And Interested

You can try many ways to keep your girlfriend happy and interested, but first for all you need to understand your girlfriend's personality first. If your girlfriend is a Gemini woman, you should know that Gemini woman loves to be entertained and active. Gemini woman seeks dynamic and balance relationship. If you cannot entertain her and keep her mental stimulated, she may leave you and find another man.

Therefore, here are some tips to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested:

1. Do Not Be Ignorant

do not be ignorant

Gemini woman is an intellectual woman and loves to learn something new. Gemini woman really enjoyed it when her brain is mentally stimulated. Therefore, what you need to do is do not bet ignorance to everything that happens around you. Learn something new and share what you learn to her.

Gemini likes man with brain and by teaching her something that she have not learned before will make her adore you and  keep her interested in you. Another way is you can learn something new together with her by joining a class. However, do not lie and pretend that you know even though you do not know anything. Gemini woman cannot accept that and she will know if you lie. According to a research, there are How to Tell If A Gemini Has Lost Interest in You.

2. Listen To Her And Communicate With Each Other

By listening to her and pay full attention to what she is saying, you will know what she wants and expects from you. She may have some demands for you but it does not mean that you have to fulfill all her demands. It has proven that there are many reasons Why Geminis are The Best Lover for You and one of them is Gemini woman is an understanding lover.

Let her know your flaws, be open with each other, and talk about what you expect from each other. By communicating and telling her about it, you can build a strong foundation for your relationship with her. Besides that, communication is the most important aspect in keeping your Gemini woman happy and interested. Therefore, it is really important for you to pay attention and communicate with her.

3. Apologize If You Make A Mistake

When you have a fight with her and you know the reason behind your fight is because of you, then what you have to do is apologize to her. Apologize to her after both of you and your girlfriend cool your mind. Do not apologize after the nights already turns into the dawn.

Do not prolong your fight you can, but apologize and talk to her about it. Gemini woman appreciates every efforts, no matter how small it is. Therefore, by knowing what you did wrong and giving your apology earnestly are already enough. However, if you need help, do not worry! According to a research, there are Ways to Apologize to a Gemini, such as go or call her first.

4. Give A Little Surprise And Sentimental Gift Once In A While

give a little surprise and sentimental gift once in a while

Gemini woman loves and appreciates small but sentimental gift. The gift does not have to be expensive, it can something that you make by yourself or something that is valuable for you and her. Do not be afraid and think she will not like your gift, because as it mentioned before, Gemini woman appreciates every efforts. Besides that, giving her praises is already a gift for her.

Give her a little surprise by saying thank you to her if she make or do something nice to you. She may not look like she cares about your praises, but trust me, she always takes notes of your gratitude. Besides that, saying "you are beautiful" when you have a date will also make her happy. There are many simple things you can do to keep her interested, because Gemini woman appreciates what you do her, even the smallest thing that you do. According to a research, there are What Happens When You Ignore a Gemini Woman

5. Give Her Space Or Her Me-Time

Everyone needs their own me-time, including you and your girlfriend. By giving some space to her does not mean that you do not care about her, but giving her some space will let her enjoy herself. Gemini woman is quite complex, there are times when she prefers to be alone for a while.

Understand her and give her some space. If you force her to be with you all the time, she will feel pressured and bored easily. Besides that, you can also use it to enjoy yourself. Some me-time for both you and your lover will help you to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested. Remember, absence makes the heart go fonder, if both of you need some space, then do what you think is the best for both of you.

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