When You Tell A Guy You Miss Him And He Says Thanks With A Smile

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Missing someone is not a simple problems, at times. Especially if it’s not actually long distance relationship. You might be wondering whether you should say it out loud or just keep it in, wandering and never get to find the proper answer to it. You might also try to find ways on how do you tell someone you miss them without saying it.

Then once you decided to say it out loud, suddenly he respond in an unexpected way. He says thanks. Imagine that, you’re not giving him any candies or pizzas, but then he says thanks with a smile and go. When you tell a guy you miss him and he says thanks, you should find out why he did that and how to deal with such attitude from a guy.


Why Did He Say Thanks?

Although it might sound a little bit weird, but it’s actually possible for a guy to say such things to you. After you think all night about how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way, then he reply thanks. You should know why did he do that. There are a lot of reasons that make such things possible, so you should know at least.

1. He Appreciates

he appreciates

Not every girls are confident enough to say something cheesy or something that’s fluttering to a guy. Most girls are just waiting for the guy to confess, to say nice and sweet things to her, and so much more. When someone has the guts to say so to him, he’s appreciating you and say thanks for your courage.

It might be the case, anyway. Well, it's still better than when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn't respond, isn't it?

2. He Doesn’t Miss You, But He’s A Nice Guy

No matter how weird it would be to hear the word thanks when you say you miss a guy, you’d prefer that rather than getting no response at all, right?

Perhaps your guy is a nice guy and he doesn’t want to hurt you that he says thanks instead of lying or not responding. At least you’ve tried, then it’s alright.

3. He’s Not Used To

When you tell a guy you miss him and he says thanks, he might be that one guy who’s awkward when it comes to responding to sweet and nice words.

He doesn’t know what to do, and he might even stutter when he said thanks. This cute guy could piss you off at times like this, but just look at the positive signs. As long as he show his feelings for you and cherish you, then you shouldn’t be too triggered over such things.

4. He's A Guy

We all know that guys have this one annoying hobbies, which is hiding his feelings. A guy feel shy when he cries, and he just seem to be emotionless at times. Perhaps your guy grow up in such environment that he can't get to say that words, so he says thanks instead. Well, you can always find the signs he misses you but won’t admit it.

How To Deal With Him

how to deal with him

It might become a lot more awkward when a girl said she miss a guy, then that guy just say thanks. This girl might feel discouraged, shy, or even embarrassed that she can’t bring herself up to that guy. You shouldn’t be like this, of course. Here are few tips that an answer your question about how to deal with him;

1. Stay Calm

Don’t panic is the top secret when it comes to dealing with this guy. You knew that there are a lot of reasons that’s possible, so you shouldn’t think all negative very soon. Stay calm and just feel good about yourself that you could bring it up confidently.

2. Check The Situation

Is he just not interested with you? Or does he feel awkward to say such things? If he’s not interested with you, then why should you keep on going there? Perhaps it’s time you take a step back and just be nice to him as a friend. But, if it’s just because he’s a shy baby, then it’s okay for you to keep saying so in the future, as long as you don’t overdo it. If it's about your ex, then you should figure out how to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy.

Dealing with a guy is not an easy task, for some people. However, it’s actually not that hard. Even when you tell a guy you miss him and he says thanks, you can still chill and act like a queen, if you know the right way.

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