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Libra man is a caring and a loving person. It is actually not that hard to attract a Libra man as long as you know his characteristics. By knowing his characteristics, you can avoid making mistakes when approaching him. If you are interested in a Libra man and you want to make him crazy about you, here are the tips for you to follow;


1. Be More Social

A Libra man is an extrovert. He likes being around large circles and is involved in social activities. If you want a Libra man to get attracted to you, be more social from now on. If you are an introvert, it may be a bit hard for you to be around many people.

But, if you really want to date a Libra man, you sure should be out and involved in social events with him as often as possible. And if you are not with him, you should allow him to socialize with his circles without you because it is just how he is. Do not ever think of stopping him if you don’t want him to turn his back on you.

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2. Show Him Your Very Best Quality

show him your very best quality

A Libra man likes a confident and independent woman because he also has those qualities. But beyond that, he is attracted in seeing a woman with her best qualities. Knowing what your best qualities are and use it to win a Libra man would be your main weapon.

Nobody is perfect but showing your best qualities only does not make you a fake person. Otherwise, it is good to make a good image and to show people that you know yourself well. This is what makes you look very attractive to a Libra man after all. 

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3. Change Your Style To Be More Suitable To His Tastes

A Libra man basically likes a feminine and elegant woman. If you are not very feminine on your daily basis, maybe you can change a little bit to get his attention.

No, I don’t say you have to be someone else for a Libra man. As it is on tips number 2, a Libra man likes a woman show her best qualities. Moreover, he likes it when you show your best effort. So, even though you are not usually feminine and elegant, showing your best effort can make him see you differently. That's how to make a Libra man do what you want! 

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4. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

How to make a Libra man do what you want? Showing your big interest in him is okay, but don’t be too aggressive otherwise he will run away and is scared of you. It is much appreciated if you show your classy style and let things flow naturally but you need to remember not to let him off the hook. 

You can let him notice that you are interested in him, but don’t make him uncomfortable by being extra. Moreover, you will only lose your chance of making him your man. 

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5. Make An Interesting Conversation

make an interesting conversation

A Libra man is a smart and attractive person, so he will appreciate it if you can initiate a smart conversation. You can show him your open-minded thinking and good attitude towards the discussion you have with him.

Get him to see these interesting sides of you and you will win his heart eventually. Make sure you don’t try too hard to look smart in front him, just do it naturally and elegantly like it is something very usual of you. 

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6. Don’t Be Possessive Towards Him

A Libra man loves freedom. He does not like somebody to rule him or tell him what to do. Even more, he does not like it when a girl being too clingy to him. He likes it when a girl can still enjoy herself even without him around. If you are dating a Libra man, let him hang out with his friends alone without you.

Showing him your clingy side does not make him crazy about you, you only bore him instead. He needs his time alone without you and it does not mean he loses interests in you. He just wants to spend his me time once in a while.

7. Show Him Your Feelings Truthfully

A Libra man is believed to be so straight-forward, so if you happen to be dating or interested in a Libra man, you would be better to speak your mind up-front. Be brave when you show him your interest, a Libra man is not a type of guy who judges you. He will appreciate your feeling.

If he turns out not interested in you, he will let you know that. And to him, a girl who knows what she does and is brave to speak her mind is very attractive. You never know if your bravery would make him attracted to you eventually. 

8. Play Pull-Push With Him

play pull-push with him

So, how to make a Libra man do what you want? You show him your feeling bravely and it turns out that he has the same feeling as you. But hold on a second. Don’t be overjoyed about it. Keep the game on. Let him get to know and be curious about you even more.

His curiosity upon you will definitely turn him to be crazy about you. Make sure, you don’t play hard to get too much because it will only bore him. He might think you only interested in playing games but avoid to step up to the next level with him.

9. Once You Get His Attention, Get Him To Meet You Regularly

If you already get him in hand, you can maintain it by setting up a meeting regularly. You can set a plan like having the same group discussion or other possible social activities that require you to meet him regularly. By having these events with him will widen your chance to get his attention. It also widens a chance in getting to know you even better and get more comfortable around you. Once he reaches this stage, you sure will get him attracted to you.

Well, those are the 9 tips to get Libra man likes you regardless of what your horoscope is. The first thing you should keep in mind to make these tips work is that you should know yourself better, be true to who you are, and show your best qualities. By keeping these in mind will make each step work out as planned. If you already have those, a Libra man sure will be crazy about you. Moreover, you can get him to do as you want.

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