Pay Attention to These 6 Ways on How To Tell Someone is Annoyed by You

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Building a social connection is not easy. When you are in community, you will meet many people with many characters. We try our best to act nice and to be accepted in the environment, but we cannot expect that people to like us.

And, not everyone will tell you in person what they feel about you. When someone is annoyed with other person, they do not say it loudly to the person. They will show it in the way they act. And you need to be able to read that.


How To Tell If Someone Is Annoyed By You

1. They do not pay attention to you when you speak

They do not pay attention to you when you speak

To tell that someone pays attention to what you say, you need to make sure that they get what you say and respond to it. If every time you start a conversation they put no effort to keep the conversation going, you need to be aware that they do not feel like being in a conversation with you any longer. And that is probably because they have been annoyed by your presence.

When someone does not want to have a conversation with you, they will not respond like they are interested with what you are saying. They will not ask nor add anything so that you will see yourself that you are not supposed to continue the talk.

They will not ask you to stop talking to them, they will only act like they have nothing to say about it. They let you realize yourself that what you are doing actually makes them annoyed.

2. They do not care if you and them have something in common

How to tell if someone is annoyed by you is through their respond when you two have something in common. If they like you for being around them, they will show if they care about you even the smallest detail about you like what you like and your hobby.

They will bring about anything that can live up the connection between the two of you. But if they are annoyed by you, they will not care about anything about you even if it has something to do with you.

For example you like the same book as them, if they know it but they do not try tell you if they like it too, they must think it is not a good thing to have something in common with you. They do not want to have something that connects you and them. There's actually many ways to become a great friend.

3. They leave you without a word

When it is time to leave, they just leave without something to say to you. Or even if there is something to say, it is just a manner when someone leaves first. You should know that if someone is annoyed by you they will feel much better not to be around you.

So, they will not find any excuse to stay around you any longer. If they wants to leave, they will. To get away from you is what they have been waiting for. You must have seen it by the way they leave. If you start working in a new company, you need these tips to get along with your co-workers.

4. They seem to always find excuses to stay away from you

In the previous point, if someone is annoyed but you, they will leave and not find any excuse to stay. The next thing to tell if someone is annoyed by you is if they try to always find excuses to stay away from you.

They do not just wait until you and them separate, they will make efforts to get away from you. If you see that someone is making excuses to get away from you, you should know that the person is annoyed by you.

5. They seem to be more comfortable around somebody else

The next thig to tell if someone is annoyed by you is when they are around somebody else. If you see them being more comfortable with somebody else than you, you can tell if that person is annoyed by you.

They do not like to be around you, that is why they do not feel good. They prefer to be around other people. It hurts to see it but what if you're the toxic one. Check if there are signs you have become toxic person.

6. Their expression and gesture say that they are annoyed

Their expression and gesture say that they are annoyed

The clearest clue to tell you if someone is annoyed by you is their expressions. If words cannot speak, action will. It is not hard to tell if they feel annoyed by your existence through their expressions or gestures. They will not try to smile.

Or, if they have to smile, it will not be a sincere one. And their gesture cannot hide it. They will not make any gesture that shows if they are comfortable being around you.

Like how they sit, how they put their arms, they can say about how they feel about you. If their gesture and expression do not seem to welcome, you should see that the person is actually annoyed by you.

So, that's how to tell if someone is annoyed by you. Don't let yourself be the reason someone feel the effects of having bad influence friends. Make these as reflection to become a better person and see also if there are signs your friendship is becoming something more.

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