Best Ways How to Tell Your Parents You are Bisexual

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Ever since we were little, we’ve been taught that sexuality is as clear as black and white. Furthermore, some cultures in the world (especially Eastern) consider that if you’re not straight then you’re not normal. This makes people who is not straight having a hard time defining themselves as well as coming out to public.

We’re not just talking about homosexuals here, because there are many more sexuality that we probably don’t aware exist. Also read How to Tell Your Christian Parents You're Bisexual

Bisexuals is probably one of them, even though this term is much more common nowadays thanks to those brave celebs who admitted that they are a bi.

If you are Cara Delevingne of Kristen Stewart who seems like got the world to back you up, coming out as a bi would be easier, or so you thought. But what if you’re just a common person who wants to tell others so badly about your sexual orientation?

How to tell your parents you are bisexual? How to tell your friends? How to tell the society?

If it’s troubled you that much, you might want to check this article out because we have the best tips to tell your parents that you are a bisexual.

  1. Be Comfortable with Your Choice

As bisexual often defined as abnormal, it’s normal for you not to embrace you identity immediately. For you to be sure that you are a bi, you must have gone through struggle within yourself. However, it’s only right for you to be comfortable with yourself first before you tell others and expect them to accept your choice.

Which means, come out to yourself first. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself in the eye and say “I am a bisexual”. It’s going to take up a lot of your energy but it gains you more confidence. Also read How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Boyfriend Was Bisexual? Would You Feel Anything?

  1. Build Your Own Support System

For you, coming out to your best friends might be easier than telling your parents. If it’s the case, seek support from your besties first. As you are unsure about how your parents will react, having a strong support system to back you up is highly beneficial.

If it’s necessary, ask them to be your support system is the worst scenario is happening with your parents so you can have shoulders to lean on. Also read Things You Should Never Ever Ask A Gay Or Bi Person

  1. Join a Community

Thinking that you’re alone in a world where 7 billion people living in is literally ridiculous. Go to the internet and search for an LGBT community near you. Surely there are many, but if you can’t find anything, you can join the online community.

So this is another way how to tell your parents you are bisexual. By meeting people who have similar experience as you are, you will learn how to handle the situation when you have to come out to your parents.

It’s even better if you seek for advice from the members and they can be your strong support system too. Also read Things Not To Say to A Bisexual Girl

  1. Figure the Reasons Out

Instead of thinking about the reasons why you chose to be a bi, better find the reason why do you want to come out at the first place. Is it because you don’t want to hide anymore or you proud of yourself, make sure it’s crystal clear.

Knowing the reasons why you want to come out could be a strong foundation that makes you even more confident to tell about your sexuality to others.

  1. Pick Up the Right Time

No matter how supportive your parents are to every move you take, timing is everything. You can’t expect the coming out conversation to be as trivial as telling your mom what you want for dinner. It tends to be tense and emotional.

Using the “calm before the storm” analogy, you have to choose when the house situation is in its calmest state. Try not to bring it up during meals – at least let them finish it first. Having the conversation while your parents is stressed about something is also a big no.

You may talk about this over the weekend, so you can be sure that they are relax and their focus won’t be all over the place. Also read My Bisexual Crush Has A Girlfriend, What Should I Do?

  1. Be Prepared for Their Reaction

Ready to tell them means you are ready for the consequences as well. Be prepared for the most extreme ones – in instance, you are kicked out from the house. Anything can happen, maybe the one you never thought in your worst nightmare. After all, it’s always good to prepare for the worst.

So those are all we’ve got about how to tell your parents you are a bisexual. Hope this article can help. Always spread love and peace!

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