What To Do If Your Boss Doesn't Like You ? JUST DO IT

Last updated on May 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We’re living in the world where everyone needs love from each other, but you must know that a person can hate you in the way you are it depends on your relationship to every person, if you have a bad realtionship for example you realized that you have awakward relationship first thing to do is you must to look for the root cause and look the body language of your partner, both may give you clue what happen in your relationship, and if you have a boss and then he seems doesn’t like you the best way to deal with him/her :

1. Focus on your main goal.

In fact it is your job you must give your best in the great way to improve yourself to get better quality of your profession can’t be denied the fact that in 20 th century great quality is a priority to get a better job, if your boss feel that you’re not incompetent and then try to improve quality of yourself to make better relationship with the boss, for example you have to be assertive and clear be confidence of change your mindset that you can be succesful person here.

2. Don’t hide yourself from the boss.

If you already know that “Your boss doesnt like you” don’t hide like you unrespect your boss because off you know the boss doesnt like you. The best way that you can do is to is get involved in the meeting room or looking for attention from your boss from being disliked from get love from your boss, if you hide yourself from your boss it could make worst relationship and then you get fired challenge your problem don’t dont you hide your problem it could make the boss loving you in the way you are. For example you don't want be manager anymore, you must tell him.

3. Make your self indispensable

Knowing your boss aims and him ambition for the company after that you must make him feel you have the same aims and ambition for him if the boss realized that you have that, you can make better relationship but remember dont lost your respect for him and knowing what your boss want to do for the company because the boss always know the best for his company.

4. Find out the worker's criteria that the boss expects

A boss will be fierce and don’t like you if what he wants does not match what he expected. Therefore finding out the job criteria that the boss expects is something very important so that we as employees do not become targets of the boss's anger or get the worst possibilities as employees who are disliked by the boss. As long as we become employees in a company we must not be tired to find out what the boss expects of the performance that we do. We must always think naturally if the boss is angry because we didn’t do the job professionally, and always find out what the boss expects from our performance is a very wise attitude that we must always apply it in the work environment.

5. Be yourself and dont blame yourself

The simple things that everyone can do is be confidence with yourself eventho people around you doesnt like you anymore. As an employee, don’t ever blame yourself because you know your boss thinks you’re not doing well in your job. Just be productive as long as you can because the important things is if you can do everything as well boss will be like you an give you more attention because the boss proud of you.

6. Take responsibility and keep your head up

This one looks so simple and might you save from a lot of trouble and make a boss doesnt like you. When a mistake is truly your fault, you must to own up to it. It make a positive vibes from your boss if you have a responsibility when you a make mistake and then all you can do is to keep your head up. Show your boss you forget about your mistake and you in the way to take responsibility because in front of boss you must to look like you’re stronger than he thinks about you and you’re there to do your job because you deserve to be treated in right way and fairly not deserve to be treated unfairly and positive atitude will make a point plus in the boss’s minds. Your boss is just a ladder of your, not a parent figure and you must take a serious responsibility to him or her.

You must confidence with yourself, learn 99 ways to love yourself so none can make change your life, including your boss.

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