This is How to Make Your Volleyball Coach Notice You

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A volleyball team is another cool team everyone wants to be part of. Well, honestly, all sports team are cool. But it never easy to be part of the team. Even you have already a part of it, you still have to strive to get noticed by the coach so you can make your way to the main team.

So, how to make your volleyball coach notice you? We’re here to help you become a soon-to-be favorite player of your beloved coach. And here are what you must do.

  1. Mastering Volleyball Skills

Like, do you really need to ask? The first thing a volleyball coach look for in a player is their skill. Speaking about a professional volleyball team, you have to master an exceptional one.

Don’t just go with basic skills like passing, serving, or hitting. Practice until you find your own signature move and strategies, so your coach would notice you as a good player. Also read Benefits of Dating A Hockey Player

  1. Having a Good Attitude

This should not be less than before. When good skills are a must have for an athlete, a good attitude should be accompanying. A less skilled player with a good attitude is more preferred than the skilled one but act shitty all around.

Create a good atmosphere within the team. Be a moodmaker to put everyone in joy every time. When the team is down, encourage them and pump their spirit. Every coach need this kind of player in the team.

  1. Show Respect to the Coach

This one usually comes along with a good attitude. Always be respectful to your coach despite they favour you or not putting you in the main team. Show them that you don’t hold grudges. Instead, you take it as an opportunity to be better.

Listen to everything they say without talking back. Accept both the advice and criticism so that they know you’re coachable. And one more thing, look them in the eye when they talk to you. Answer every questions he ask in a good manner and never cut them whenever they speak. Also read Good Luck Text Messages to Boyfriend for Sports

  1. Arrive Early at the Exercise

Just to be noticed by your coach is not enough. You have to be a successful player as well. Prove that you have a success material by arriving early at the scene of practice. In case you’re wondering why, Cristiano Ronaldo always arrive earlier before everyone else does. And the rest of the world know who he is.

Adopt the same manner and who knows you’ll be the CR7 of volley world. It’s easier for your coach to notice someone who always arrive first in exercise.

  1. Stay Focus During Practice

You might want to show your coach how sociable you are, but chatting with your teammates about things unrelated to volley shows you are not focused to the practice. Don’t let your coach hear how you recount the best weekend you’ve ever had. In fact, don’t talk anything outside volley.

Staying focus during practice helps to improve your skills, which eventually led you to get noticed by the coach. Also read Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Runner

  1. Don’t Joke Around

This is another way how to make your volleyball coach notice you. Concentrate only on practice. For example you’re doing a partner passing at the tryouts, don’t joke around or giggle when you or your partner make a silly mistakes.

You need to take everything seriously, from the mistake to the strike. Don’t ever think that no one is paying attention because there are bunch of people in the room. You have to do the practice earnestly.

Ways to Get Closer to Your Coach

So if you want your coach to notice you, then you should make way to get closer to them. It’s no difference than trying to get close to a celebrity so you really need a good tricks. Try some of these below.

  • Engage Yourself in a Conversation

Try not to have a light and useless conversation like how they’re doing today. Talk about your performance, mistakes, and punishments given during the practice. Making yourself the subject of a conversation is a very good way to have a little chit chat with your coach. Also read How to Get Colleges to Notice You for Swimming

  • Ask Questions to Your Coach

Once again, keep everything related to volley. You may ask questions about the best way you could improve your skills or ask him to make commentary about your performance during the practice. It shows that you’re someone who always want to improve.

  • Try Not to Criticize

Nobody is perfect. Even your coach make mistakes. But remember that you’re not in the position to criticize them. There will be other person to tell them if it’s wrong. However, every time he asks for evaluation, say everything in a good manner. Remember, good attitude matters. Also read How to Get Colleges Notice You for Volleyball

  • Be Grateful to Your Coach

If you want to start talking to your coach, begin everything with a thank you note. Thank them for being there for the team, sparing their time, sharing their skills to you and the whole players, etc. There are always something to thank everyone for, and make sure you give a credit

  • Share Your Goals and Dreams

Another way to get close to your coach is by sharing your goals and dreams with them. Now that you’re an aspiring volleyball player, you want to be a successful player and end up as a coach like they do, sometime in the future.

So those are all the ways how to make your volleyball coach notice you. Go beyond just to get noticed, but give the your best to become a good player.

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