19 Clear Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Runner

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Who doesn't want to date an athlete? Toned body, sweaty hair, not to mention the pride in you when they win some championship. And in this case is a runner. Developing a crush for them is way too easy, as it could happen in the blink of an eye. However, don't let yourself flying too high just yet. Dating a runner is not always pride and lovey dovey. There are some reasons why you should never date a runner, just like the Reasons Why You Should Not Forgive a Cheater. And in case you want to know, check all the listing below!

1. They Doesn't Have Much Time to Dates

A runner has a tight training schedule, including on the weekend. As they should maintain their body condition, they'd better not skipping any day to exercise. It's good for them but not for you. Imagine when couples are going on dates on the weekend, and you, it's a fat chance to enjoy a date.

2. Their Life is Just Too Flats

You know how they're always focused on their training and exercises that they barely notice what is going on outside. They probably not interested in the latest movies, gossips, and fashion trends. Okay, it means less drama but this is too, too much.

3. Ambitious, Competitive, and Stubborn

As ever athlete should be, they are full with ambitions, competitiveness, and stubbornness. On one side, it's actually good since they know what they want and do their best to achieve it. But on the other side, it do no good to you because it means, their achievement comes first and you are guaranteed to fallen far behind.

4. The Barely Know How to Groom and Dress Properly

The perks of being athlete is they know they already deadly cool and beautiful. They don't need designer brands, tons of make up, or grooming themselves. They already confidence as themselves. While it's really good, it's also not so good. At least once, you want to see them to dress properly, not in their favorite tights spandex.

5. Every Activities Means Sport

Whether you are going on dates, vacations, or anything, it all means sport. Since they have to maintain their condition, they must not skip a day without exercising. And in the end, because they barely have time do go on dates, you are willingly accompanying them to exercise, taking it as a date between you two.

6. They Have a Quite Disgusting Habits

There are reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your First Love, especially when they are a runner. This could be the most unpleasant part that becomes one of the reasons why you should never date a runner. They have a series of disgusting habits. Disgusting or cool, it's actually up to you. But when you see them everyday, covered in sweats, spreading their body odors up to 5 miles away, blowing his nose everywhere, and always sprinting wherever they go, what would you call that?

7. They Will Persuade You to Run

Yes, they will. This happens to all people who date an athlete. They will persuade you to run too. Which would be likely led to your humiliation because you are nothing closer to them. It's more like their personal mission. And if you are being forced, soon they will notice the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You and your relationship is in danger.

8. Many Alien Languages Will be Used

What should be happy hours of your relationship will soon turn into learning hours with many spacing out period in between. Runners used many, many acronyms that sound like an alien language to us. LSD, DFL, PW, and DNS. Have you ever heard any of those? Nope, right? So you don't get them when they said, "Gosh, I got a PW today."

9. Wait for the Time When They're Injured

They will be suck once they injured, especially when it close with the championship. You must keeping up with his anger, depression, and emotion. And you will be the most comfortable punching bag for them.

10. ... and Look at Their Feet

Okay, this is subjective. A runner's feet surely be covered with blisters, bruise, missing toenails, and scratch. It did show how hard they have worked, but some people just can't tolerate an ugly feet. Maybe you could never say all the Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend About Beauty on the inside.

11. They Will be Gone for Long, Many Times

When it's time for the championship, they will be gone for a long, long time. The preparation often take up to 3 months, and during that periods, your chance to see them is almost zero.

12. Their Income Spent on Their Hobbies

Maybe not all of their income, but surely they will buy some latest running equipment, running suits, running shoes, and many more. And for the record, none of them are cheap.

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What You Should Know About Dating a Runner

Seems like dating a runner is kind of big deal that you must know all the reasons why you should never date a runner. Well, just like the reasons why you should never get back with your ex, here are what you should know about dating a runner so all the reasoning above makes sense.

  1. Even though they're men, they love to be gifted with pedicure. Yes, rare time to date but there are spare times for feet treatment.
  2. They will show up in front of your door in the morning (yes, by running!) all sweaty and lying down on your couch 5 minutes later. Together with all their sweats.
  3. Their hugs and kisses will mainly be salty and sweaty.
  4. If you want to move in together, choose a place close to a running park. So you would know where to look for him.
  5. Searching for a vacation spot will be complicated too, since the first thing they look for is a running track.
  6. No waking up late even on weekends. Every morning should be spent with running.
  7. They will never stop to ask you to run together, just for your humiliation.

Are you now convinced to reconsider dating them after knowing all the reasons why you should never date a runner? No judgement either because runner is not always that bad. As long as you can compromise them and they are willing to do the same thing to you, then the problem is solved.

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