What to Do When Your Boss is Not Happy with You

Last updated on May 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you want a promotion at work, you must appeal to your boss by improving your performance no matter what. But what to do when your boss is not happy with you because of your performance? Then you'll have a lot of homework to do.

You may not realizing this, as you think everything is going well. You get done your job on time, you never arriving late at work, and you always keep on a good mood. But your boss seems to have a different standard and he expects you to do more. It's only when he requested an one-on-one meeting with you that he tells you all about this.

It's okay to be surprised but the first response you should give him is thank you. The fact that he reprimands you only show how much he cares about you. Next thing is, he is clearly unhappy with you. See also How to Lead A Happy and Peaceful Life in A Simple Way

You can also have this nervousness when evaluation performance is coming and you are worried whether your boss is satisfied or not. Or even worse when you have realized that you're not doing so well. You must prepare beforehand, knowing what to do when your boss is not happy with you.

This tips below may come in handy if you're going to have an evaluation meeting or you've just coming back from your manager's office and receive a big blow there.

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Get rid of all your nervousness. Entering the evaluation meeting is not like entering a trial. You will be evaluated by one person, so his opinion might be subjective. Think about it as a feedback of your performance and a motivation for you to do better. Take what's good for your improvement and don't take it personally of the rest.

2. Be Honest with Yourself

It's hard for you to receive the criticism, but it is even harder to admit that you are wrong. Be honest with yourself, are you really doing well or are you still struggling? You are the only one who know the truth and you can validate whether you deserve your boss's unhappiness. See also Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

3. Don't be Reactive

If you are a straightforward type, you might react quickly after hearing some unpleasant things about yourself. If you keep it that way, the situation only get worse. Take a deep breath,k count to three and think about how should you react. Remember that he is still your best so you must maintain good attitude while talking to him.

4. Ask for a Advice

Rather that denying all the critics, why don't you ask for advice and improve your performance? Make sure you are standing in the same side with your boss and talk to him about possible plan and strategies for you to work better. Specify each goals to be reached and how to make it there.

5. Communicate with Him

Your boss will appreciate it so much if you are open to him. If you act defensively, not admitting you're wrong nor listen to him, you are digging your own grave at the office. Communicate with him often, talk about your performance and ask him if you are improving or not. Being close with your boss is always beneficial, as you may get your promotion sooner! See also What to Do When Your Boss Releases His Inner Toddler

6. Join a Training

There are thousand ways to improve your performance at work. If your boss's advice is not enough, look for a training, workshop, or education outside the office. You can discuss this with your boss, who knows he can recommend you a good training place. Also ask your friends around, especially them who work in the same field with you. Your boss will read your intention and how true you are to your job.

7. Ask for a Regular Assessment

No boss will reject when his employer ask his help to improve their performance. Outside the general evaluation, you can ask for regular assessment on your performance. If your boss looks too scary for you, consider asking help from your officemate. Ask them to give honest feedback and what could you do to improve your performance. After some assessment, you can decide whether you are fit for your job or you better get another positions. See also Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When The Conversation Gets Boring

8. Share About Personal Issues

We are not talking about every personal issues you have. Only those who is related to your performance at work. It's okay to tell your boss about this. He won't judge you as unprofessional, he will give you time and space to deal with it first, so that you can focus on your work. It is understandable if your performance chart showing an extreme dive from the previous ones.

9. Hire a Coach

If genuinely want to get better at work, do ask for a professional help by hiring a coach. You can search for it online or asking friends who probably experienced similar thing with you. You can hire them to work remotely, so that it won't be taking too much of your time. See also Reasons Why Dating an Older Woman Is Better

10. Be Honest to Your Boss

After being honest to yourself, now be honest with your boss. Tell him about the difficulty you have and what is the best way to solve it. You can also ask him about anything you need, such as a clear job description that you never get all the time, causing your work going to a wrong direction.

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