Do Aquarius People Have A High Rate of Hurting or Killing People? Cause I Feel So

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There are a lot of stereotypes that we knew around us. Such as, why do all the bullies at my school have to be Scorpios, Gemini that has a very fast mood swing, and do Aquarius people have a high rate of hurting or killing people. These stereotypes are made up based on the personality characteristics from the zodiac horoscopes.

However, aside from the characteristic that is shown from the zodiac horoscopes, surely there are a lot of factors that can shape someone's personality. And here are some major reason why Aquarius has a bad stereotype of hurting and killing people based on their personality traits.

  • Always look for an excitement

The first thing on why Aquarius has one of the bad stereotypes is because he always looks for excitement. And most of the time, excitement is related to extreme kinds of stuff. He is creative enough to find a way where he can enjoy things for himself even other people might not accept it.

He hates it when other people ask him what to do something. Because he prefers to do it in his own way. In his way, he can try so many different ways that won't make him feel bored. It will be a challenge too on how to make a boring relationship fun again if you have an Aquarius partner.

  • Strong sense to get revenge

Aquarius is not the typical type of person who is very easy to get angry at someone. We can just say that his emotional level is quite stable.

And he also knows exactly the benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. He is very open to other people too, and he will give you the best advice that he can give if you asked one.

The thing is, we need to be worry once we made an Aquarius very angry or even explode. Because Aquarius will never forget about the mistake that you did to him even though you already asked for his forgiveness. He will keep reminding you about what you did to him and make you feel guilty.

Aquarius negative personality

Aside from the stereotypes of do Aquarius people have a high rate of hurting or killing people? We also need to know other negative personality traits that are owned by Aquarius. By then, you will be able to know how to handle your Aquarius friend if he shows the signs your best friend is physically and emotionally draining you. So, here are some.

  • Stubborn

Even though Aquarius is known as an open-minded person, but he also has a stubborn side within his own thoughts. His stubbornness will be stronger once he needs to make a decision about himself.

He still opens his mind to take advice or opinion from other people, and you can even see the signs Aquarius man is playing mind games to people. But, this is only happening because he wants to do something that benefits or secure himself. We can say that this is normal as one of our human nature of surviving, but the way Aquarius does it is just different.

  • Unpredictable

Another negative trait from Aquarius is unpredictable both in his work tactic and emotion. Once someone made him angry, he will just lose his temper and explode to express how angry he is.

For so many people that have been working or get along together with an Aquarius who never got mad before, knowing that he can explode out his anger must be a surprise. This is why it is important to know how to solve misunderstandings between friends to also help Aquarius to calm himself down.

  • Overthinking way too far

Overthinking is a part of Aquarius negative personality traits. We are all over thinking about something for sure. Especially when it comes to something important where we want to make sure that everything is perfect.

But, Aquarius just overthinking way too far until their own thoughts can make them anxious. Facing someone with an overthinking problem like Aquarius will need a special or different approach. The approach that needs to be used is just like the things you should know before dating a woman with a big heart and an overthinking mind.

Even the stereotypes of do Aquarius people have a high rate of hurting or killing people, do exist, we need to remember that everyone can turn into a bad person. And someone who turns out to be a bad person becomes a bad person for a reason. There are so many factors that can affect someone despite his zodiac sign.

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