5 Effects Of Having Bad Influence Friends To Your Life

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You might know that not all friendship or friendship has agood effect on you. Some of them experience bad friendships that even bringnegative impacts. Good friendships shouldn’t affect your self-esteem orhappiness. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, there is a healthyway to avoid yourself from that friend.

Psychotherapist Emma Azzopardi explained that any friendshipthat negatively impacts your mental health is considered “toxic”.

Recognizing that friendship is poisonous, it is very importantto protect yourself from negative effects. According to Emma Azzopardi, ​​atoxic friendship can cause a lot of damage, emotional, mental and even physicaldamage.

Not all toxic friendships are easy to leave. But, beingaware of the signs will make it easier for you to have the power you have tolimit the bad friendship.

And there are the effects of having bad influence friends.

1. You will forgetabout your time its so important

When gathering or playing with peers sometimes makes someoneforget the time because it is too cool with activities with peers. This affectsother activities, for example someone forgets to worship or forgets to do histugash because it is too cool to play with his peers.

This is a fact that happens if you have a friend who gives abad influence that will not remind you of the importance of your time which isnot only used to gather with friends, friends who have good influence willinvite you to the good things and always remind you that you still have timeimportant than having to gather. Gathering may be good as long as you know thetime.

2. You will get to use of abusive language

Sometimes in groups when joking or expressing anger willappear abusive language, this can be aggravated if in the group does not remindeach other then the abusive language will be a common thing to say.

Friends who have bad influences can make your language badtoo. from the mouth that says abusive language will be heard by your ears andover time you will definitely get used to or follow bad language that has beenunder by friends who bring bad influence.

3. You will betrapped in drug abuse

As we know that the biggest users of narcotics areadolescents, this shows that peer friends play a role in the spread ofnarcotics themselves. With peer friends, it is easier for someone to abusedrugs because of persuasion from their friends.

Drugs are often misused for personal gain with the reasonthat it looks cooler, a friend who has a bad influence will surely persuade youto take drugs because he doesn’t care about your future he just wants to takeyou in the wrong direction or deviate from the right path that you shouldfollow so that your future is bright without drugs

4. Student fights orstudent brawls

This arises because of excessive love for the group andconsiders other groups with different views from the group are enemies, and theview that the winner in a fight or fight is the greatest group, so that manygroups are competing to be winners to be recognized for their greatness.

Student brawl is to be a signature of bad friendship. Thiscan happen if you are trapped or fall prey to the influence of a bad friend whocauses your compulsion to follow a brawl that you should avoid, the influenceof a brawl based on the bad influence of a friend, has a lot of risks forexample is to have a bleak future and the most severe is losing one’s own lifeand there are many more risks that you might face if you take the students’sbrawl request.

5. Loss of enthusiasmfor learning and tend to be lazy and like things that violate social norms

The future is determined by the habits he has made, if he islazy in learning, of course the future will not be as good as those who studyhard, the future of the state is determined by the community itself if thecommunity is affected by people who have lazy motivation, so the state can notbe controlled by the native community itself, lazy to learn can come fromfriends who have bad influence.

and a friend who has a bad influence can indirectly controlour brain so that we do not obey the prevailing norms such as riding amotorcycle at high speed and not wearing a helmet.

However peer group or peers can not be avoided, if a child is prohibited from hanging out with his peers on the basis of guarding his child then what happens will only cause the child to experience mental stress. What should be done is to instill ethical values, morals, and good behavior from the beginning so that they can be equipped for children to face the outside world, as well as the supervision and love of parents is needed by the child’s development so as not to get caught up in things that are not good. Read more : Benefits of Dating A Female Bodybuilder