20 Indian Characteristics And Traits - Culture And Habit

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You might get a glimpse of Indian life through their films and dramas. Through all that, you can see how they act and how they generally live out their lives. But how do we separate reality from fiction? What are Indians like in real life?


Indian Characteristics And Traits

Like most people, Indians do have both positive and negative traits. Still, they have distinct characteristics that make them unique from everybody else in the world which you can read as follows:

1. Have Good Eyes

Having good eyes is one of the most noticeable Indian characteristics and traits. Almost all Indians are very expressive with their face and their body language. But it’s their eyes that stand out the most.

They are very good at communicating their feelings through their eyes. It can be quite easy to read what’s really on their mind just by looking through their eyes. You might also easily feel the love they have for you as they express it so well with their eyes.

2. Respects Their Elders

respect their elders

Indians are very respectful of their elders. Whenever the young Indians meet their older relatives, they must always touch their feet. This behavior shows an obedient and good Indian. Other than that, Indians truly love their parents. They treat them with the highest amount of respect and they do not dare to go against their parents’ will at all cost.

3. Tardy

Most Indians can be tardy. They undermine the value of time and really takes a while to get anything done. Moreover, they are often late for appointments or any other occasions. One must be very patient when they come late because they might do it frequently.

4. Likes To Judge

Another thing about Indians is that they tend to be very judgmental people. They might assume the worst of people and talk about everybody behind their backs. This can especially get worse in terms of talking about women. Some Indians may still see women as having lower privileges than men.

If a woman is seen to come home late or hang out with a lot of her guy friends, people may think that she’s a bad girl. There are standards and norms that must be strictly followed in India and if someone defies them then they are marked as a bad person.

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5. Good At Bargaining

It seems that bargaining is a natural Indian characteristic and trait. They find it so easy to haggle for that price they’re aiming for. They have this mindset of paying as cheap as you can rather than spending all your hard-earned money.

This is not about being a cheap person. This just shows that they’re not going to be easily fooled to pay at a high price. Indians are clever and pay great attention to details so they certainly know the value of the item they’re after.

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6. Loves Food

loves food

Talking is one of the Indians’ favorite activities. They talk about almost anything. Conversations with the people around them is a must. It’s what keeps the day interesting and it may also add useful knowledge that could be beneficial for them. Indians are smart and curious about many things. Conversations are a great way to feed their curiosity.

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7. Likes To Compare

Indians like to compare things, people, achievements, and so on. They can’t help being like this especially the older ones. For instance, if a kid achieves something, their parents would likely compare them to someone else with even better achievement.

For a lot of young Indians though, they find this extremely annoying and upsetting. They wish that this kind of habit would stop because it could harm someone’s self-esteem.

8. Treat Guests with Respect

Guests must be treated with respect and the best hospitality as much as possible. Indians love their guests and will make them feel at home. They even have a saying that basically considers their guests as God. Come to an Indian’s home as a guest then you might be treated with a lot of warmth. They won’t let you leave the house without some food and drinks too.

9. Bribing

Bribing is very common in India. It’s the easiest way to get out of an unwanted situation. Indians won’t have to fuss too much when they can just bribe out of their troubles. Besides that, many government workers even demand ‘extra money’ to get something done properly. This annoys many Indians but without the bribe, it will take a long time to get what they want. 

10. Blaming Other People

An interesting Indian characteristic and trait are that they often blame other people for almost anything. They don’t like to behold accountable for their actions. Instead, they look for scapegoats to take the blame. It is never their fault. Other than people, they might even blame non-living things.

Additional Characteristics And Traits To Know About Indian

additional characteristics and traits to know about indian

Here are some more Indian characteristics and traits that are worth knowing about.

  1. Indians love conversation.
  2. Everybody, young and old, loves crickets.
  3. Indians are highly superstitious.
  4. They love festivals as that would mean everyone can get together.
  5. Very fast learners. They pick up skills at a high speed.
  6. Indians have the habit of staring at things or people.
  7. They tend to be very competitive because they want to be the best.
  8. Very driven and goal-oriented. They know what they want and work hard to get it.
  9. Marriage is extremely important to them.
  10. Value money as a symbol of status.

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So those are the common characteristics and traits of Indians. Of course, some could be exceptions as everybody is different in their own way.

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