How to Deal with School Drama in Elementary School

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Students in elementary school might be young, but it doesn't mean that they get to escape from the school dramas. One day your kid is being best friend with someone, the next day they can fight and no longer being friends. Sometimes this kind of fight can fizzle out, sometimes it can last as long as the friendship goes.

From friendship, to a small crush, and even jokes that get out of the line, school drama also happens to students in elementary school. Whether you're a parent to an elementary student who are involved in a drama or if your kids are an elementary student who gets tired with their friend's drama, here's how to deal with school drama in elementary school.


1. Avoid interfering if possible

Sure it's hard for parents to just step back and let their kids handle difficult matters by themselves. As parents, only watching our kids struggle bothers us a lot cause we want to get involved, to offer some help, and fixing our children's problem.

However, if the drama that happens are just an ordinary problem, avoid interfering too much. So long as it is not something like threats or bullying, learn to trust your kids and let them learn from experience. Give them the tools to deal with this kind of situation, by giving advice and support. Make your kids believe in their own capabilities of problem solving. You may also find out about Why Is There So Much Drama in High School? School Life and How to Get Off of It!

Children needs to be able to stand up for themselves, and said the words that needs to be said. Children needs to be confident enough to walk away from someone who doesn't know how to treat them properly. Children needs to learn to tell someone how they want to be treated.

2. Avoid getting too carried away

Some parents can get overly emotional when it comes to matters related to their children. Nevertheless, make sure not to lash out and fight, whether towards the teacher or other fellow parents in the school.

Keep in mind that the problem might not be as serious as the way your kids told you, and keep the state of being cool-headed in facing the school drama. When you're being emotional, this might cause your kids to learn that emotional outburst is normal while facing a problem. Remember that your kids take after you, and learn from the example that were given by you. You may also find out about How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Day!

3. Avoid being too defensive

Kids that got used to their parents taking their sides, tend to grow up as a spoiled and selfish human being. These kids may got used to playing victim for their advantage, and we as parents sure don't want our kids to grow that way. This is why it's important that even since our kids are still in elementary, us as parents should learn to see the two sides of every drama.

Don't directly call the school, or call another parent to blame their children. All this can create even bigger problem, and you can't overlook the possibility that your kids may share stories that makes them look more innocent and not guilty. Us parents are not present in school all the time like our kids do, so we have no idea what actually happened. Be objective, and avoid having problems with teachers or other parents. You may also find out about How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School If You're Shy

4. Do give advice to your kids

Constantly remind your kids, that it is best to solve a problem with calmness. Remind your kids that they can ignore and avoid negative behavior. Remind your kids that they don't have to face it everyday. Remind your kids that they doesn't have to tolerate bad treatments all of the time.

Let your kids know that when someone treats them wrongly, it is okay for your kids not to befriend them. It's not okay to be mean or influencing their friend to hate the same person, but it's okay to be a little more ignorant. Your kids should respect everyone, but they don't have to like everyone. You may also find out about Ways to Get Any Girl You Want in Middle School

Furthermore, remind your kids that they shouldn't fuel the fire to any drama nor take revenge towards their friend. Make your kids believe in their own power, and believe that they have a voice to speak up when things got worse. What we should remember as parents though, is that these advice may not always be taken.

Children might act differently than the advice given, but as they grow up and getting used to deal with relationship, difficult people, bad or mean words, they will be able to learn to determine themselves what is the best solution. 

5. Do blend in with other parents

To keep track of your kids, without monitoring your kids or being too possessive, joining other parents can be a good idea. This helps you to keep updated to school's event, and help your children to befriend others way easier. By having a community with parents, it is also easier for you to see, whether your children's drama is pretty severe that your interference is needed.

Furthermore, your kids are also learning from you as their role model, and from seeing that you have a positive social relationship with other parents, your kids can also learn about a good social skills. Knowing your kids' friends from their parents is also a good way to see their perspective, and each kids' character.

This helps you to choose what and how to give advice to your kids. Don't worry about sharing with other parents. Since other parents are also learning to be a good parents, and it is a learning process that would be easier to be faced together. You may also find out about How to Get Your Crush to Talk to You at School?

Those are some ways on how to deal with school drama in elementary school. Every kids goes through a drama at least once in their life, it is a part of life and growing up, so don't worry too much. Learn to get to know your kids more, and avoid being too judgmental in order to encourage them to tell you everything honestly.

Try being understanding about what they want, what they feel, and how they are going to handle the problem. Let kids learn from experience, and they will become a stronger and more mature human as they grow up.

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