How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Verbally Abusive?

Last updated on July 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Working can be a long and grueling work. The hours and workload can really bring us down. What is worse is if you have someone abusive that makes the work space more uncomfortable. Do you realize who this person is?

Maybe you have a vague idea of who it is, could it be your boss? Check if your intuition is true through these ways on how do you know if your boss is verbally abusive

Clear Signs That Your Boss Bullies Verbally

Could it be just because he was exercising his power or does it falls into the category of abuse? It is abuse if these signs appears:

  1. Intimidating You With Words

Your boss have a knack with crafting words to make you feel intimidated. Don’t be insecure, you need to relearn Ways to Love Yourself 

  1. Doesn’t Respect Your Ideas

If you have any idea, even a brilliant one, your boss will quickly dismiss it without hearing what you have to say. This can clearly lower your self worth.

  1. Excessive Profanity

Profanity is allowed but an excessive and directed one, especially in a professional work space, is no longer appropriate.

  1. Interrupting You When You Talk

Whenever you talk, your boss interrupts with a loud voice. Even if things get really bad between you and your boss, don't do  Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate

  1. Feeling Insecure After Every Talk With Your Boss

You feel like you need to hear  Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad because you feel depleted after every meeting with him. If so, there’s probably something wrong with him.

  1. Having Anger Management Issue

He snaps at you and your coworker easily. An absence of calm leadership and diplomacy like this is a sure form of bullying in the work environment.

  1. Your Co Worker Feels The Same Way

When you vent to your partners at work, they also feel the same way. It’s time for you and other people to stand up against this bully.

  1. Shaming You In Front Of Everyone

A shameful experience is never pleasant, especially when it’s done by your boss. Use the basic principle of Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship to regain confidence.

  1. Never Thinking Good Of You

You are never good enough in your boss’s eyes. It seems that your boss are showing (toxic)

  1. Undermining Your Work

Your work is always lacking something. This can be a good process of learning for you but at the same time, if this goes on you won’t feel happy to work anymore.

  1. Thinking Too Much Of Himself/Herself

Your boss thinks highly of themselves. This is  Why You Should Never Date a Narcissist 

Words Of Verbal Abuse From Boss

Verbal abuse might be subtle but it shouldn’t go unnoticed and uncorrected. If you are still clueless on what a verbal abuse is like, see if your boss ever said these sentences :

  1. You Are Worthless
  2. Is This Really The Best You Can Do?
  3. I Can’t See Any Value In You
  4. I Wonder Why We Ever Bothered Hiring You
  5. You Are Nothing Compared To Your Coworker
  6. You Can Never Bring A Good Work, Can’t You?
  7. I Don’t See The Point Of You Being Here
  8. Why Do I Have To Tell You All Over Again? Are You Dumb Or Something?
  9. I Can’t See The Point Of You Being Here
  10. What Do You Even Expect From This Job If You Are So Useless? 
  11. No Wonder Other Company Won’t Hire You
  12. You Can’t Even Try To Be Better, Can’t You?
  13. You Make Everything So Hard Around Here
  14. Why Do I Even Bother With Teaching You All This When You’re Never Going To Get Better?
  15. It’s Hard To Imagine You Succeeding In This Job
  16. You Are So Annoying
  17. The Effort I Put Into You Is Pointless
  18. You’re Never Going To Get That Promotion
  19. I Hope No Boss Have To Deal With You Again
  20. It’s Really Hard To Work With You

Now that you know the ways on how do you know if your boss is verbally abusive, all you have to do is to do something about it. Don’t take that abuse anymore and stand up for yourself. Good luck!

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