Why You Should Never Date a Narcissist - How to Avoid Them

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Have you ever met someone that is too immersed and focus on themselves they don’t care about anyone else. Well, that’s a narcissist. At first they appear like a confidence person you adore, but after you know them some time, their true colors show up. They turn out to be over confidence to the point a narcissist. That’s why you should never date a narcissist.

You won’t get to enjoy being in love with them. A narcissist will never be able to love anyone since all they love is them. They have a big need of admiration, with a self believe that he’s superior that anybody else.

Here are more to the reasons why you should never date a narcissist.

  1. The World Revolves Around Them

Or that’s what they thought. You can spot this just by the way they speak. They love to talk about themselves (which seems to be never vending), exaggerating some fact to the point it doesn’t look normal and dominating every conversation. They won’t bother ask anything about you. They think you think they are superior too. Also read How to Get What You Want from a Narcissistic Man

  1. They are Fakely Romantic

Beware with the signs since everyone fall in love easily with a romantic person. As a narcissist, they won’t do anything without purpose. If they happen to appear sweet and romantic, it’s because they want to steal your heart. They will do anything even when they are forced too, for the sake of themselves. Instead of showing their interest, they want to extract something out of you.

  1. Not a Dependable One

For you girls who is looking for someone strong and reliable, you better stay away from a narcissist. They are nowhere close. When they are in a relationship, they easily break promises, cancel the date last minute, and falling through the agreements. On top of that, they are also lack of emotional dependability. You can’t really count on them. Also read Why You Should Never Date an Insecure Man

  1. They Don’t Accept “No” for Everything

You know how narcissist think that they are the king of the world. So they expect everybody to treat them like one. They need instant fulfillment to all their needs. They want everything to be done their way. If they want you to pick up the call immediately, you have to do so. They don’t want to hear the word “No”.

  1. They Tend to be Abusive

And what happen when their wish is not fulfilled? They show their real self immediately. They don’t mind to break and violate the rules as long as they get what they need. They act the way they want and they don’t care about others. It’s even worse since they have an abusive tendency in a relationship. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

  1. They Expect Everyone to Treat Them Nicely

Another annoying personality which make a good reason why you should never date a narcissist. They expect special treatment from anyone. But they don’t treat them nicely in return. Pay attention to how they treat others on your first date. How they call the waiters and order them, throwing unnecessary complain just to show how important they are. It’s undeniably a narcissist.

  1. You Must Give Them a Free Ride in Life

If you want to know why they are so romantic at the start but changing 180 degree as soon as you start the relationship, it’s because their mission is accomplished. The reason they did all the romantic things is to get a free ride in life from you. Means you have to support them financially and emotionally. And they never feel ashamed about it. Also read Why You Should Never Date a Police Officer

  1. And They Keep Bringing You Down

As if everything is not enough, they like to bring others down. You are no exception of course. A narcissist can elevate themselves and make them look superior by stepping down on others. They will point at your flaws just to make him look better.

  1. They Must Have What They Want

A narcissist is worse than a little kid. The react negatively as soon as they feel rejected and disappointed. They will do all sort of thing to get what they want. They show their anger, aggressive behavior, and blame you for unreasonable matters. The purpose is to make you give up and give it their way. Also read How to Impress a Cancer Man on the First Date

  1. No Serious Commitment in a Relationship

Nothing such a commitment in the life of a narcissist. They do everything for their own sake, including when they date. They don’t start a relationship out of love, but out of need. They need a free ride in life, they need someone to be blamed all along, and so on. If they find someone they think better than you, they leave you immediately.

How to Avoid Dating Them

Just by hearing it, a dating narcissist seems terrible. But you might not know and unable to spot a narcissist on the first date and ended up falling into their trap. One of the most important thing to avoid a narcissist is by not letting them dominate the situation.

Tell a lot about yourself and see how they react. When you say “I love watching Game of Thrones”, their immediate response would be “I do too”. Spot their lies by asking more specific questions. Make sure that they realize you caught them lie.

And what’s more important is not to share any personal detail to them. Don’t tell them where they work and what kind of job you do for living. If they think you’re dependable enough, they’ll never stop chasing you.

So, why you should never date a narcissist? They are not worthy at all. Enough said, a narcissist only brings many negative things to you. All they care is themselves. Never believe when they told you how much they love you. They only love them, nothing else.

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