How To Get What You Want From A Narcissistic Man

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There's always possibility for us to meet various person in a relationship, including one that makes us go "Eww!" to him. But we can't decide to whom we will be falling in love. As we love him, we want to make it work and try to win his heart at all cost. You know that there are more behind his narcissistic personality. Or maybe there are not?


How To Get What You Want From A Narcissistic Man

Women tend to take the control in a relationship. But clearly it's not the case if you see a narcissistic man. He will be the one who take control over you. Other woman may have it easy in how to get what you want from a man without asking, while it seems so far away for you. You don't know how to get what you want from a narcissistic man.

Here are what you should know to win his heart and take charge in the relationship.

1. Give Him Little Surprise

If a normal guy loves surprise, a narcissistic man should love it way more! He likes the feel of being in the spotlight as the center of the attention. He will be more than willing to get you all you want if you can make him happy. Then again, if you look up into the tips to keep your man happy in a relationship, you'll find this in there.

2. Be Attentive With Everything He Needs

Be an attentive girlfriend who takes care of every little things he needs. Send lunch over to his office, cook for him for dinner, remind him about important dates and appointment and so on. It really works.

3. Flatter Him Every Time

flatter him every time

Winning the heart of a narcissistic man in pretty easy actually. All you have to do is making him feels good so that he will everything that you want. Don't forget to flatter him every time. Even though it's a signs of an unhealthy relationship with boyfriend, your purpose is to get on top of him. Make sure you praise him for his good looks, his cool appearance, and how you are smitten every time you look at him.

4. Compliment Him For His Behavior

People with narcissistic behavior thinks that he is above everyone and nobody is a match for him. He wants to be the most perfect in everything. So compliment him for his behavior. Tell him how warm and assuring he is a boyfriend and you feel secure around him. He'll become so full of himself that he unable to contain it.

5. Tell Him What You Like The Most From Him

Never run out of idea how to praise and flatter him. As if everything you do is not enough already, tell him something good about him again. This time is the reason why you fall in love with him. Say all the good things (even the fake ones) in him that you like the most. It's okay to play dirty.

6. Let Him Have All The Credit

Narcissistic man is very bad at taking critics. He is always right in everything. Let him have it his way by giving all credit to every good things that happen to him. Tell him that it's because his hard work that he is successful. Tell others every great ideas that belongs to him even when he has none. This is the fastest way how to make your boyfriend to give you money.

7. Give Him The Reality He Wants

A narcissist man can be so annoying that he seems to live in a world that doesn't exist. He credits himself as a hard worker and being successful out of it while he's not. He tells people about how good of a boyfriend he is while you feel terrible dating him. But telling the truth is not how to get what you want from a narcissistic man. Just pretend that he is. Let him see the world the way he wants to see it. Going over a argument with him won't do and you'll end up not getting any single thing you want.

How To Handle A Narcissist Man

A narcissistic man tend to have certain traits and personality that tell them apart from average people. After you realize that you date one, you need to know how to handle him at the first place.

1. Acknowledge That He Is Annoying

More than just signs of a bad boyfriend material, a narcissistic is annoying. Admit it first so that you know what you should do next. It gives you strength and you could ask for help from anyone who ever deal with such person.

2. Discover The Origin Of The Behavior

That particular behavior doesn't come up with no reason. Find out why he grow to become such a narcissist. Once you discover his insecurity, you can give him reassurance and help him to recover from the symptoms.

3. Don't Let Him Get On Top Of You

don't let him get on top of you

If you are dating a narcissist, don't let him take control over you. It only makes his behavior even worse and you are damaging yourself alongside it. Stand tall on your ground so that he won't take you for granted.

4. Think About The Relationship Over Again

Are you sure you want to see him any longer? If things become unbearable, then it's time to leave for good.

At some point, you have to stop doing all the things how to get what you want from a narcissistic man. It's okay to give it a shot and save the relationship, but this behavior is often extremely hard to be changed. If it's hurt you a lot and damage you, it's time to take a leave. Believe that you deserve so much more and you gonna find a better guy out there.

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