Why Do My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out But Goes Out with His Friends?

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When we are falling in love with someone, we are willing to do anything to make that person happy. In the contrary, we also tend to have this willingness to keep our loved ones for ourselves. We get jealous easily knowing that he is hanging out with someone else.

There must be times where we are questioning the question of why do my boyfriend never takes me out but goes out with his friends. It is a normal question. But, do remember to always look a problem from to sides of a coin, the different perspective will lead you to have a better decision for yourself and the relationship that you have with your boyfriend.


1. He Needs To Socialize With Other People

he needs to socialize with other people

If your boyfriend often to go out and sees his friends, it means he has a lot of friends. You can see this type of person as an easygoing and extrovert type of person.

Maybe because he knew his friends early before he knew you, he is easily sticking to his friends. You don't need to feel like you are nothing compared to his friends.

He surely fully aware of choosing you as his girlfriend. And there is hope, you still can try to apply some ways to make an extrovert feel loved and blessed. So, he will always go back to you.

2. He Has A Hobby That You Don't Like

Do you remember the moment of what to say when someone asks you to tell them something interesting about yourself? This kind of moment tends to appear during the time where you and your boyfriend used to try to get to know each other better.

And from that experience, you surely know it with full awareness that there are some points where you and your boyfriend have a different interest in something. For example, he loves basketball and you don't. So, of course, it is normal if he prefers to go out with his friends to play basketball together.

But then, if you found out that he goes out more often with his friends, it can show that he is no longer into you. Because no matter how different you are with your boyfriend, if both of you already committed to each other, you will always find the time to be spent together. To make the relationship bond stronger.

Signs That Your Relationship Will Come To An End

However, as a loving human being that has feelings, we can feel that something is not right. At some points, we are trying to deny this feeling because we love our partner.

But, we cannot keep hurting ourselves for someone who doesn't even treat us like we are worth it. So, here are more signs that can show that your relationship will come to an end.

1. Lack Of Communication

The first thing is the lack of communication. Communication is the key to any relationship. If your communication way with your boyfriend is good then you will know what he likes and dislikes, and by then you will increase the quality of your relationship since both of you is trying to understand each other.

No good effort of trying to fix the relationship shows that someone is no longer into you. You don't even need to put so much effort in worrying what to do when your boyfriend has feelings for someone else. Because he is simply not into you right now. 

2. You Don't Feel Like Yourself

you don't feel like yourself

Second thing, you don't feel like yourself. You can realize it once you know that he prefers to be with you when you are trying to be someone else that is not yourself. Do remember that you will always need to know the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. That's all matter.

3. He Does Not Want To Hear Your Opinion

Lastly, he does not want to hear your opinion about something. It is different between things your boyfriend pretends to hate but secretly love it and when he actually doesn't care about something or just don't appreciate your opinion on something.

As what we have discussed above, the reason why do my boyfriend never takes me out but goes out with his friends can be caused by a problem inside a relationship or the boyfriend is no longer into you.

There will always a solution to a problem. You just need to figure it out by yourself and choose the one that is suitable and good for you and your well-being.

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