What to Say When Someone Asks You to Tell Them Something Interesting About Yourself

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by Michelle Devani

During the time when someone want to get closer to you, he will start to figure out everything that is related to you. It could be your favorite food, color, hobbies, basically anything about you. It will feel wonderful when someone has a lot of attention to give to you.

From the way he approach you and trying to get to know everything about you, you can tell on how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. And there will be time where you do not know what to say when someone asks you to tell them something interesting about yourself.

  • Start to share the things that challenge you

The first thing that you can do on what to say when someone asks you to tell them something interesting about yourself is to start sharing the things that challenge you. You can share a little bit of your life experience about something that challenge you before and how proud you are to be able to go pass through it.

This will let you to tell him that you are a unique person. At least the things that challenge every single one of us and how we pass through it makes us unique. And since every single one of us is unique then you need to show your uniqueness. You can also see whether he wants to accept you for who you are or not.

By telling this, you will let him know a little part of yourself. So he can decide whether he wants to continue to have a relationship with you or not. Basically, this will help you on how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends.

  • Share your hobbies

Secondly, share your hobbies. I think sharing our personal hobbies to other people has become the most common thing when it comes to talk about ourselves. Sharing your hobbies can help you to know his reaction about you which will help you to figure out the signs he's not interested in you after first date or not.

You know that there are a lot of things that can affect someone interest towards you. And when you have a hobby that is beyond his expectation, he might not choose you to continue the serious relationship with him. For example, he is that type of person who wants to have a girlfriend that can be treated like a princess, when he knows that you have a climbing hobby, he might need to consider twice to be with you.

That's just a simple example of it. But, please keep it real, just be who you are. Give yourself a chance that you deserve where you will be known by other people for who you really are. So, just feel free to tell someone about your hobbies and interest about something.

  • Share how you value yourself

The most important reasons you should know and love yourself before you love someone else is that because you can count on yourself. You will not be able to put your expectation or depending to other people. Because people have their on business and thing that they need to solve, so you need to count on yourself first.

So, when someone asks you about something interesting about yourself, you need to tell him about how you value yourself. This will give him a picture of yourself, your pride, on how much you value yourself. If you don't do this then any man will be able to try to get closer to you and fooling you around.

Make sure you know your worth, and let other people know it too, so they will think twice when they want to get closer to you. You don't have to worry about where to start it to make it sounds as natural as possible and not leaving the situation become awkward. Start it with picking a topic to talk, a deep conversation one. By then, both of you will be able to share the value that you both have and the way both of you see things.

Have you figuring out what to say when someone asks you to tell them something interesting about yourself after you read this article? I hope you can figure it out very soon! Do find out more interesting article on our website such as things to know before dating a highly sensitive person. Thank you for reading this article until the end and I hope you can get some information you need here.

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