What Do You Have to Say to Your Haters? Here's The Sarcastic Clever Ways

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It is basically useless if you finally decide to deal with your haters. You are only going to waste the energy that you can use to do a lot of better things or maybe learn about Things to Say to Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him.

We all know not everyone will love whatever we do even though these are good ones. Most haters will hate you because your life annoys them which is too awesome for them to handle.

They actually want to have it too but they know that they don't have the capacity to reach it or even try a bit. That is why people call haters a low life since they don't want to do the hard work yet hate us for living on it.

Here are what do you have to say to your haters

Although you try not to think what they say about you, there are times when you just can take it anymore. You plan to burst it out to their face but you don't know what to do or what to say.

And also, you obviously don't want to make a scene and throw out the bad words would you no different from them. Don't worry because we are here to help you. So, here are what do you have to say to your haters.

1. "Are You Okay?"

This is what do you have to say to your haters you need to know. You may ever hear that one thing that can kill your enemy is a kindness. You should do it too to your haters.

Don't fight the fire with a fire, but give them water as a remedy.

You can simply ask them are they okay with their life. It is also a reminder that there’s a human at the end of their harsh words. You can also learn How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

2. "You Don't Have Any Work to Do?"

You can assume when haters spend most of their time watching your move that's because they don't have any good thing to do besides bashing out their anger to you. Just tell them to find a better activity for their life.

3. "Do You Even Know Me?"

If you wonder about what do you have to say to your haters, try to ask them do they even know you. It is quite true though because they only see you from the outside that's why they have their own opinion about you which a very bad one.

4. "Oh, I'm Sorry, You Are On My Blocked List"

Some haters are just really persistent to make their opinion matters for you. You can ignore it by blocking all of their social media so you won't read any of them. So, yeah, I'm sorry, you're on my blocked list.

5. "Just Stop"

What do you have to say to your haters? There are times when you just feel extremely annoyed by their very existence.

We know it won't change anything but also such a good try. You can just tell them to stop it already.

6. "Can You Be More Annoying?"

The times when you don’t pay any attention to them, your haters don’t get any satisfaction. That's why they keep disturb you so you'll give them some respond.

So, slap them by asking can they ve more annoying than they already are? Check also Does No Contact Work If Your Ex is Seeing Someone Else

7. "Yes, Haters, You Are My Haters"

What do you have to say to your haters? In some kind of way, they actually know or even admit that they've never liked you. Your job is to make sure they’re aware.

Accept their existence and tell them that they can stay like that which is being your haters for the whole of their life.

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8. "You Are Adorable; When You Don't Spread Your Negativity"

You might want to pat their head while you’re at it. Maybe they should know they are actually very adorable only when they show their good manners and thinking before harassing someone.

9. "Ok, Haters"

What do you have to say to your haters? Remember that all they want for you is your acceptance of their own thought.

You can simply say 'ok, haters' to them so they will be ashamed--and also happy for the same time since they get your attention.

10. "No Offense, I Really Don't Care"

Not giving what they want can make them even feel irritated. You should tell them though that you don't care at all with whatever they do. Also read Reasons Why is Your Ex Texting You.

11. "Do You Need a Hug?"

Here is what do you have to say to your haters. Since they want your attention really bad, maybe they are very lonely and don't have a single friend with them. Offer them a hug, because they clearly do.

12. "Your Opinion Doesn't Matter"

Dear haters, no matter how long and how hard you try. Your opinion doesn't matter. Boom! They will back off for sure.

Ways to Deal with Haters

After knowing what do you have to say to your haters, you should already realize that talk to them is basically useless and you won't get anything from it. So, here are ways to deal with your haters you should know.

1. Focus on Yourself

Instead of dealing with your haters, you should remember that you have your own life to think about. That's why just keep a focus on yourself and learn a lot of things so your haters would be envy even more.

2. Ignore Them

The first rule yet important thing to do on dealing with haters is you need to just ignore them. Ignore, ignore, ignore! That's all you need to do.

3. Keep Showing Your Positive Vibes

You have to stay the way you should, such as keep showing your positive vibes and don't ever any of the harsh words from haters affect you. You are strong than you know.

4. Don't Give What They Want

You might already know that the reason haters hate you is because they want your attention. So, don't give what exactly they want! Speaking about attention, check also How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Need More Attention

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