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Based on the element they born, Libra to Air and Pisces to Water, both signs are said to have nothing in common. Fortunately both are connected by the Venus, which ruled Libra and exalted in Pisces. It means both of them valued and seek for beauty of the world. Even though their approach and and view of this life is different, once they find their way to be together, they could make a powerful couple.


How To Make A Libra Fall In Love With A Pisces

The answer of how to make a Libra fall in love with a Pisces could be checked through their compatibility. It's not an easy thing since Libra and Pisces are not highly compatible. But still, there are always many ways to be found on how to make a Libra fall in love with a Pisces. Let's find them out:

1. Gain Libra's Trust

Libra is not someone who give their trust quickly to others. They only trust them who matters and whom they care. It has become the ultimate Characteristic of Libra Zodiac Sign. Talking about winning their heart, a Pisces should find a way to win their trust first. Once they gain it, making a Libra falls in love won't be hard.

2. Pisces Shouldn't Be Too Flirty

Being flirty is one a Pisces's nature. They've got so many Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush in their head. It's what makes them incompatible with Libra. It such a huge turnoff since Libra will find it harder to put their trust to someone who openly flirts to others.

3. Love Each Other The Way They Are

Given their different nature, it's understandable that Libra and Pisces have a completely different personalities, which makes them hard to stay together. So if they want to keep the relationship goes on, both must love each other, the way they are. Look up the How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It for reference.

4. Set Clear Boundaries

To make sure both doesn't cross the line and gone too far, it's important to set the boundaries right from the start. Pisces must know how to respect Libra's territory and privacy. And so do they. It could be the best Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Should Stay with You Forever.

5. Overcome The Ego

How to make a Libra fall in love with a Pisces? By putting each other over their own ego. As they have different personalities, their ego often override the relationship. They must put common interest above their ego, and it works that way. For instance, Pisces must hold back their desire to flirt for the sake of the relationship.

6. Make Each Other Happy

make each other happy

Related to overcome the ego, a Pisces should do their best to make a Libra happy. It's important to gain Libra's trust and raise a Pisces' status in their heart. If you are at loss how to it, here are some useful Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in a Relationship.

How Libra and Pisces Makes The Dream Team

When two different people fall in love, it could be either catastrophe or the greatest blessing. Giving the effort to make Libra and Pisces relationship works will be really worth it when they finally have settled. They could make a dream team that make others turn their head for jealousy. Here are how Libra and Pisces are paving their way as a perfect couple.

1. Both Are Born Creative

Libra and Pisces are connected by Venus, the planet of beauty. They appreciate arts and are creative inside. Pisces has number of extraordinary way to make their dreams come true, and Libra is someone who always up for challenge.

2. They Balance Each Other

When  Pisces have set their eyes on something, their mind is hard to change. But they will definitely won't do anything that makes their loved ones unhappy. Which will be a perfect match for Libra who are known for their altruism. The way Libra see things from other's people perspective helps a lot in their relationship.

3. Two Extremely Romantic Persons

In love, Libra seeks a steady, long term relationship. They believe in happily ever after, which people nowadays said it's only happen in fairy tales. It's why Libra want to find their true love. While Pisces is a romantic person inside and out, and very sensitive of what their lover needs. Their relationship will always burn with passion and love for each other.

4. A Loyal Couple

Pisces may love to flirt here and there, but it doesn't make them cheater. In fact, Pisces are loyal to their family, friends, and lover. So are Libra. Their loyalty to each other makes a solid foundation for the relationship. Also, both will find it easy to blend with each other's inner circle.

5. Both Are Fair And Open

Some people tend to avoid fights, even though it's a good way to make the relationship stronger. As Pisces prefer to stay back and avoid chaos, they choose to hold their emotions inside rather than blow it up. It's an advantage if they date Libra, who always willing to hear things from another perspective. So even though they avoid fights, they still capable to keep the relationship fair and open.

6. Both Have Adventurous Soul

both have adventurous soul

What's more fun than going on a trip with your loved one? This is no big deal for Libra and Pisces couple, since both have adventurous soul in them. A weekend trip, and unplanned, spontaneous trip, and any other outdoor activities always excite them. They are not afraid to try something new as well.

7. They Complete Each Other

Libra are the type who stay calm even in the middle of chaos. While Pisces try their best not to get into the chaos. This way they complete each other well, as whenever chaos happen, Libra is ready to shield them.

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