8 Purposes of Life According to Islam and the Qur’an

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Ever wonder what the exact purpose of life is? Do humans go through life without ever thinking about the meaning behind their creations? To live a life without fussing too much about the purpose of life itself would be simple. But knowing the truth can help humans to have a purpose in their days. They will at least have a reliable guidance in this life. Without purpose, life will feel bland and meaningless.

Purpose of Life According to Islam and the Qur’an

For Muslims, the purpose of life lies in the Qur’an. It is the only guidance that will help them to lead a meaningful life. A faithful Muslim believes that the Qur’an carries a universal truth inside it. That’s why, Muslims must find their life purpose by turning to the Qur’an.

1. Life is a Test

The purpose of life according to Islam and the Qur’an is in the surrah of Al-Mulk (67:2) in the Qur’an which states that “He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in deed-and He is the Almighty, the Oft-Forgiving”. While living, humans are going to be continuously tested through numerous trials and tribulations. They will all find their way into humans’ lives.

The trials could be related to our wealth, family, disease and many other things. But the most important thing to remember is that Muslim must always put their faith in Allah. Troubles will pass as long as one continues to pray for Allah’s guidance.

2. Life is Momentary

The life that is currently lived on this earth will not last forever. It is only a momentary thing. As stated in the surrah of Al-Mu’Min (40:39) in the Qur’an “O my people! this life of the world is only a (passing) enjoyment, and surely the hereafter is the abode to settle”.

There will come a certain time where every mankind will die, as said in the surrah of Al-Anbya (21:35) “Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned”. You may also be interested on the reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy.

3. Life in Heaven Will be Better

As mentioned in the Qur’an through the surrah Ad-Duhaa (93:4) “And the Hereafter is better for you than the first life”. This could be interpreted as saying that the life spent on this earth will be tied to the life after death. That’s why it’s not good to only care about the materialistic things that exist in this life.

After all, as said before life is something that is temporary. There are other things that must be prepared for one to move on to heaven.

4. Dutiful Worship

Another purpose of life according to Islam and the Qur’an is for Muslims to always remember Allah. This can be done by carrying out all the dutiful worship. They include praying five times a day, pilgrimage if possible, staying away from forbidden things or actions, fasting, zakat, give handout to those in needs, dhikr, read the Qur’an and spread kindness to everybody on this earth. Understand the Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together before Marriage according to Islam. 

5. Deeply Study Islam

Not only are Muslims required to carry out the necessary duties according to Islam, they must also study the religion as a whole. Deeply studying Islam is better than only understanding it at surface level. Shallow knowledge will not give any benefit.

It will only bring bad influences and cause Muslims to have a wrong understanding. That can cause the harmony among Muslims to be strained. When a Muslim is willing to study Islam deeply then they will have a shield against the bad things in life.

6. Live According to the Rules of Islam

When a Muslim is willing to dedicate oneself to Allah, then they must live according to the rules of Islam. For instance, a Muslim child must understand that it’s a good thing to make their parents happy and proud. A wife must also know how to obey her husband according to Islam. Dating and marriage should also be carried out in accordance to Islam.

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7. Life Motivation

If a Muslim doesn’t know what their life goal is then they could lose the motivation to carry on with life. They might potentially waste their years or live for the wrong reasons. An example would be someone who lives solely for money. Of course money is needed in life. It keeps one alive.

But living only for the money could cause one to feel hollow and aimless. Chasing money could also cause a person to become a very miserable human being. A Muslim should remember that money should not become the center of one’s life. They should not forget Allah and live positively in Islam’s way of living.

8. Live Life in Kindness

This particular purpose of life according to Islam and the Qur’an is related to being kind. In Islam, the bad and unkind people will go to hell. Heaven is only reserved for the good people who follows Allah. A Muslim must always remember to be kind while living on Earth. Every living and non-living things are Allah’s creations and one should try to be kind to them all.

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Muslims must always remain faithful by living in accordance to Islam and the Qur’an. Allah creates humankind to carry out worship and other duties that one must always obey. They are Muslims’ way of showing gratitude to Allah for creating them. A Muslim has to be genuine and kind hearted while living on this earth so that life in heaven will be better.

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