How To Become A Good Muslim Teenage Girl - 24 Easy Tips!

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There are a lot of aspects in becoming a good Muslim teenage girl. Being good is reflected in a lot of things that you do in your daily activities. They show how much you are obeying Allah. Being a good Muslim girl will help you grow up into a sholeha woman.


How To Become A Good Muslim Teenage Girl

So what are the things that you can do to be considered good? These are some of the ways that will help shape your character.

1. Keep Worshipping

To become a good Muslim teenage girl, you have to keep worshipping. After all, according to Islam, the goal of life is to worship Allah. You need to be serious and carry out all five daily prayers. Also you have to fast, deeply understand the Quran and Hadith. Obey Allah through all the worships. Your faith will become stronger and you will also be sholeha.

2. Cover The Body

For Muslim girls, the body must be covered as it is intimate. Exceptions apply to the face, the fingers and the feet. A muslim girl have to cover her body from the view of men. By protecting the body parts, you will be a good Muslim as you are obeying the rules in Islam. Men will also respect you more.

3. Always Being Grateful

A sholeha girl will always be grateful for everything that she receives in her life. Whatever happens to you, you have to accept it. Take it as a blessing and a life lesson from Allah. Don’t just be grateful for the good things. Bad experiences can also improve your character. They will make you humble.

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4. Kind Hearted

kind hearted

To be a kind hearted girl, you need to help those around you with joy. Have a lot of sympathy and empathy to people who has less than you. You can be a sholeha girl by giving some of your money to help them.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

Always take good care of yourself, especially when you are in the presence of boys or men. Try to avoid being alone with a boy. It will reduce the chances of you being accused for wrongful doings towards yourself.

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6. Mind Where Your Eyes Are Looking

How to become a good muslim teenage girl, you also have to mind what you’re looking at. Be careful of looking at they eyes of the opposite gender. A long stare may cause forbidden thoughts. By minding where your eyes are looking, you are protecting yourself too.

7. Respecting Your Parents

As you are still a teenager, you have to respect your parents. Love them and obey their rules. No matter how flawed your parents are, learn to accept them as who they are. These are the people that have raised you ever since you are a baby. Help with houseworks or errands. All this will someday help you to become a good wife to your husband.

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8. Be Sociable

Try to widen your social circles. Communicating with your neighbours or other people is a part of being a good Muslim. Your community will learn to accept you faster. When you have a lot of friends, you’ll also be able to share your life values with them. In case you find socialising difficult, just try to be friendly. Smile and always be kind to those around you.

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9. Have Strong Integrity

Ways to become a good muslim teenage girl - Hold on to your principles and integrity. Don’t be easily swayed into doing things that are against Islam. Stay faithful and continue believing in Allah. Keep praying and you will be kept away from any harmful doings in this world. You must be able to reject anything that will turn you into a sinful person.

10. Be Mindful Of Your Words

A sholeha girl must always be careful with her words in accordance to Allah’s teachings. Always remember to never say harsh words out loud. You must be soft spoken and say good things. It is never acceptable to curse or to say things that are intended to hurt other people.

11. Maintain Family Pride

Family pride is important and to become a good Muslim teenage girl, you have to learn how to uphold it. Your family is your core so you must protect it. Don’t ever do anything that will cause your family harm or troubles in the community. Instead, make your family proud. Be someone that your family can rely on.

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More Things To Do So You’ll Be A Good Muslim Teen Girl

more things to do so you'll be a good muslim teen girl

Besides the ones that are already mentioned above, here are other things that you can do to be a good muslim teenage girl. These things hold the same importance as the previous ones so always try to put them into practice in your life:

  1. Avoid gossipping about other people.
  2. Get involved in your community’s activity.
  3. Always have positive thoughts in your life.
  4. Do not think badly of others.
  5. Always be willing to forgive.
  6. Remind others to stop when they are doing something that is wrong.
  7. Keep your environment clean as nature is a part of Allah’s creations.
  8. Never get angered easily by the problems that you are facing.
  9. Pray when you’re in doubt as Allah will help you.
  10. Keep learning so you’ll turn into a sholeha woman.
  11. Be wise with your words and your actions.
  12. Avoid accusing people without any proof.
  13. Be willing to make sacrifices for the good of others.
  14. Never be selfish or egoistical.

Being a good Muslim teenage girl will only be easy if you are sincere. It takes a lot of efforts and dedication. The key is to never give up, never be influenced by bad things and always believe in Allah.

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