Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Ignoring You (15 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your best friend stopped responding to your texts and phone calls?

Does it feel like they're ignoring you whenever you try to communicate in real life as well?

Are you wondering why someone who you consider to be your best friend is acting so differently towards you?

My initial advice would be: don't panic. There are plenty of reasons for your friend to be behaving like that, and many of them have nothing to do with you. 

In the guide below, we'll explore the potential reasons why your best friend is ignoring you and what you can do to improve the situation. 

Of course, I can only speculate as far as what might be going on in your unique and specific friendship. 

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With that said, let's now take a look at the potential reasons why you're being ignored by this special person in your life.


15 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Ignoring You 

Friendships aren’t as easy as people like to think. Many people assume that you can treat friendship in any manner as there are no romantic ties that hold you to promises made. 

However, they easily forget that when romantic relationships fail, it is their friends they run back to for comfort and assurance. 

Treating your friendship like thrash will cause a blowback you don’t expect, and then you’ll understand the true meaning of the saying, “You don’t know what you have until you lose it.” If your best friend lives to make you happy and you know it, it can be weird not to communicate with them for a long period. 

Have you been trying to reach your best friend, but it seems you can’t reach him/her? 

You can easily jump to the opinion that they no longer want you, or you’ve done something to destroy the friendship. However, there are so many reasons why it would seem that your best friend is ignoring you, least of all is that you’ve done something terrible. 

Are you wondering why your best friend has been ignoring you? Below are some good reasons why your best friend is ignoring you.

1. You hardly make time for your best friend

If you’ve been away without any notice, your closest friends can feel neglected. If they’ve been trying to get in touch with you, but you never pick up or respond to messages, they will pull back. If they’ve tried to see you in person, but you’re never there, they will focus on their activities and other friends. 

You can’t expect them to fully understand why you’ve been incommunicado when you don’t explain your absence. Maybe you’re busy with school or your relationship but your friends won’t know unless you tell them. 

The same way you can’t ignore your romantic partner is the same way you shouldn’t ignore your friends. After all, your friendship is just as important as your romantic relationships.

2. You’re emotionally closed off

If you lack emotional maturity, your friendships will not go smoothly. For example, If you never feel bad for standing your friend up, you’re being a terrible best friend. If your romantic partner cannot accept that, your friends wouldn’t accept it either. 

You hurt your friends when you don’t open up to them. If you can’t trust them with your raw emotions, why are you in a friendship with them? Friendship isn’t for decoration. It is for building bonds and doing life together. If you’re emotionally closed off, you will be unable to sustain real friendships. 

3. Your best friend is busy because of a new job

If your best friend has been ignoring your phone calls it doesn’t mean he or she is intentionally ignoring you. You might not be aware they are busy with a new job if they don’t tell you. Instead of getting all stuffy with them, give your friends the chance to explain why they’ve been off the grid.

What if your bestie is in danger, and you assume he/she is doing something they don’t want you to know about? Give your closest friends the benefit of a doubt and ensure they are safe before you get pissed off.

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4. You’ve been all talk and no action

If you don’t fulfill your promises to your closest friends, they will think you are all fluffy and have no substance. If you say one thing, but your body language and actions don’t match, your friends won’t trust you. If you can’t be loyal in your relationship with your best friend, he/she will eventually pull back from you.

When someone cares about you, they give you all the chances they can spare. When they can’t handle your unreliability anymore, they have no choice, but to do what’s best for them.

5. You always choose your partner over your best friend

Romantic relationships are very important, but friendships are just as vital too. If you act like you don’t care just because you’re in a relationship, you will break your friend's heart. If you never want to hang out with your best buddy, it’s no wonder he or she doesn’t call you anymore.

While your partner is your priority, you shouldn’t shove your best friend in the corner either. If your relationship is healthy, it will make room for good friends. 

6. You’re a complainer

you're a complainer

When your friends stay away from you, don’t just focus on their wrongdoings. You should also check yourself for what you might have been doing wrongly. If you’re always full of negativity and complaints, people will stay far away from you. Your closest friends will tolerate your bad vibes for only so long.

When you don’t change, they will get angry at you and warn you to stop, or just distance themselves from you. No one will blame them for wanting a better friend who can inject some positivity into each conversation. 

7. You are a party pooper

The answer to the question, “why does my friend ignore me?'' could be found in your social habits. Do you know how to have fun? Does your social energy match that of your best friends? If it is no fun hanging out with you, your closest friends might want to make new friends. 

This doesn’t mean they will stop being friends with you, both your antisocial behavior will break some of the bonds both of you share. There’s no need to feel bad about your level of tolerance for social activities. You just need to agree with your best friend on what you can and cannot do. If he/she is truly your friend, there will be an easy understanding

8. Your interests have changed

Why does your friend ignore you? Do you ignore them in return? If your best friend ignores you, it is possible both of your interests have changed. Change is not bad, it only shows both of you are progressing. If you have developed a liking for something your bestie doesn’t fancy, you can make a way around it. 

It might mean that you’ll see less of your friend because he/she also has different interests they’d rather pursue. You will miss your friend, but both of you can still come together to partake in mutual interests.

9. You are stingy

In every relationship, there should be generosity and a willingness to share. If your closest friend is staying away from you, there’s a possibility that they’re tired of what you think is frugal spending. There is a difference between not being wasteful and being stingy. 

If you’re always feeding off your friends or skimping unnecessarily, it will affect your friendship. Money is one factor that can cause enmity between even loyal friends. If you want to restore the easygoing spirit with your friend, you might want to be more generous, and share the financial responsibilities in your friendship.

10. You are insensitive

You call it speaking bluntly, but your words hurt your best friend and mutual friends who cannot tell you to your face that you’re insensitive. They can only hope you’ll change but they can’t be sure, especially if they’ve tried to make you see reason for so long. As such, they will start ignoring your invitation to meet.

Your friends aren’t saying shut up, they are saying speak with empathy and sensitivity toward other people’s feelings. 

11. Your best friend has new friends

If your friend is not spending time with you, he/she is most likely spending it with other friends they just met. Before you write him/her off, talk to your friend and ask if they want to maintain the friendship or not. It is wrong to assume your best friend doesn’t like or want to be in your life anymore. 

They might just need a break from you, especially if they feel the friendship is lacking something they need. It doesn’t mean they are completely shutting you out. Knowing you can’t give your best friend what they need currently is a bitter pill to swallow, but it happens. 

12. You offended your best friend

you offended your best friend

If your friend is ignoring you, you probably deserve it. If you’ve offended him/her, they probably have a good reason to be mad at you. However, it is better to talk about it sooner than later. Saying a genuine sorry might be the only fix for the rift between both of you. 

Dealing with the issue on time is better than letting it fester. The longer you refuse to address it, the worse your friendship becomes.

13. It’s all in your head

The idea of your friend ignoring you might be in your head only. The only way to discover what’s going on is to just ask them the exact reason they don’t spend enough time with you anymore.

There might be nothing wrong with your friendship, and you’re only acting paranoid. Talk to your friend; he or she might be feeling bad for nothing too.

14. You are a blabber-mouth

If your friend ignores you, it’s because he/she cannot trust you with their issues. They know you will tell everyone willing to listen. If you acknowledge that you were wrong, it might be the first step to repairing your friendship.

Friendship with a blabbermouth is hard and dangerous, so they just stay away. Dealing with your loose mouth during the break from the friendship will be a good way to regain their trust. It might take a while, but if you desire to maintain the friendship, you have to tame your thoughts and mouth.

15. You have rigid opinions

If you’re the only person in your circle of friends who holds rigid opinions, it’s only a matter of time before even your best friend sidelines you. If you’re never willing to see things from other people’s perspectives, you’ll continue to lose your friendships. If talking to you is like communicating with a brick wall, nobody will want to deal with you, including your bestie.

Imagine if they treated you the same way, would you accept being a pushover? You might have to deal with your unyielding behavior and adjust before they let you back in again. You will know why your bestie/buddy has been ignoring you if you think about it properly. 


What to do if your best friend is ignoring you?

 If you don’t know why he/she is ignoring you, ask them. If the problem isn’t that deep they will tell you what it is. If you’re the problem or not, you’ll know. Then, you can stop worrying unnecessarily. 

Why do friends suddenly ignore you?

Friendships can be as heartbreaking as relationships. One minute you’re cool with people, the next they are far from you emotionally and physically. Friends can suddenly ignore you for flimsy reasons such as bad influence from someone, or because your actions harmed them. 

How do you know if your best friend is ignoring you?

 He or she will not pick up their calls or reply to your texts. They will stay away from places you would normally find them. They will make it hard for you to reach them.

What to say to a friend who is ignoring you?

Ask them what the matter is, and why are they staying away from you? If they communicate appropriately, both of you can fix things. However, if they snob you, or tell you BS, just accept that it might be over.

How do you make your bestie miss you?

Send him/her pictures of moments you’re sure they will feel nostalgic about. Send over their favorite foods they know you prepared yourself. Most importantly, create moments now that they’ll remember even when things aren’t going so well between both of you. 

In Conclusion

Sometimes, friendships can go sour, and all that’s left to do is try to forget you ever meant something to such people. However, you can put up a fight to keep your friends, just as you do to keep your romantic partners. So, before you assume that your best friend is deliberately ignoring you, consider the reasons highlighted above.

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