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100 Bad Words to Hurt a Girl Casually

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Love can be sweet but it can also turns into a bitter pain. Sometimes you do things that hurt the person you love. Other time, it’s your words that’s hurting them. They serve as a release for your anger, your true feeling or finally letting go of a painful relationship.


Bad Words to Hurt a Girl

The following are some bad words to hurt a girl:

  1. I would rather beg on the street than beg for your love because you’re not willing to give it to me.
  2. You will miss me when you lose me as you realise what love really means.
  3. I’m heartbroken over your honesty rather than your uncertainty all this time, thank you for hurting me.
  4. Your betrayal hurts me more and more. The hatred and the disappointment I have for you keep adding up.
  5. Let this hurt becomes more painful and one day I will be able to let go as you leave me.
  6. Right now, the love I have for you weighs more than the hurt. But once I run out my patience, I will stop loving you and make you regret this.
  7. Maybe I can’t hate you but this feeling cant lie. I’m really, really hurt by you.
  8. Must our love be filled with tears? I am getting tired of all this.
  9. Love is supposed to be something beautiful. But you make me have doubts about it. All I’m getting is that love hurts. (See the Signs of a Fake Girlfriend)
  10. You just want to take advantage of me. You never cared about how I feel. You hurt me to the very core of my heart.
  11. I laugh a lot because of you. But I’ve cried out so many tears because of you too.
  12. Can you love me without causing me pain, without leaving behind open wounds that will never heal?
  13. If you were me, you will know how hurtful it is to hear all the words you’ve said to me.
  14. I will not seek revenge for the pain you’ve caused, but remember that God is fair and you will pay for it.
  15. I don’t say anything because I’m so hurt and I can’t express it with words.
  16. My smile for you is fake because all this time I’m just holding back the hurt from you.
  17. I’ve given you all my love but you’ve only given me half of yours.
  18. I cherish you with all my heart but you never do the same for me.
  19. Love is illogical but you’re more illogical as you mistreat the person who loves you.
  20. I’m smiling not because I’m happy. It’s because I’m hiding my pain from you.
  21. Must I always keep this pain to myself just so that you can control me with your selfishness?
  22. See me with your heart and you will understand. You never have a clue because of your ego.
  23. If you’re loyal then I’m willing to be more loyal. I’m with you still though you’re uncertain with all of this.
  24. Between the pain and the love I get from you, I feel more from the pain. But why am I still with you?
  25. You’re a cruel person and I regret ever meeting you in my life.
  26. You said you wanted to be in my life but that’s just false hope.
  27. You find it more important to care about your other guy rather than your boyfriend.
  28. Your promise means nothing if you keep dissappearing from my life.
  29. Can you just stop loving me since you can’t stop cheating on me? (Watch out for the Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept with Someone Else)
  30. You’ll come back to me one day and I won’t take you back.
  31. You’re just a superficial girl who doesn’t care about my feelings.
  32. Wow you’re really proud of being a gold digger aren’t you?
  33. You’ve hurt so many people and now you’re doing it to me.
  34. Is this how you repay my loyalty to you? You’re heartless.
  35. Your parents convinced me to be with you and you agreed but you’ve stabbed me in the back.
  36. I’ve tried to heal from this pain but I don’t know why I keep coming back to you.
  37. You deserve someone as bad as you.
  38. Erase every memory you have of me and you’ll end up torturing yourself.
  39. You seem so faithful to me but behind my back, you’re a different person.
  40. I know you’ve been loving some other guy behind my back. 

  41. Consider me dead because my existence has never mattered to you.
  42. Are you happy with what you’ve done? I’ll let karma take its turn.
  43. You can’t expect me to understand you if you’re not willing to do the same.
  44. Why are you adding more pain to all the problems I’m having?
  45. You don’t even have any love in you, are you even human?
  46. I’m so stupid for thinking of you when you don’t even care about me.
  47. Leave me alone with all the hurt because you can’t love me the right way.
  48. You’re going to pay for all the hurt you’ve caused me.
  49. I’ve given you my all but you left me anyway.
  50. You just want my money not me. (Learn all the Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend without Hurting Her Feelings)
  51. I’ve had enough pain from you, it’s an overdose.
  52. I don’t want to know you anymore. It’s like rubbing salt into the wound.
  53. Can you give me a little respect in front of other people? You make me feel small.
  54. Which part of me do you want to ruin next since you’re so keen on breaking my heart? 

  55. You’ve hurt my heart, might as well kill me.
  56. I never thought you’d do that to me. Go and don’t ever come back.
  57. Remember me? You snatched my happiness and threw me away.
  58. I can’t stay with you because the pain is getting too much.
  59. What do you want from me by breaking all your promises?
  60. I don’t know what your heart is made of that made you capable of lying to me.
  61. Don’t you ever show your face again because the pain you’ve caused me feels like death.
  62. Let me feel the pain until I can’t feel it anymore. You’ve made me numb.
  63. You want to mutilate my heart? Why not just kill me right now instead of doing it slowly.

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So those are some hurtful things that you can say to a girl.

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