Should You Ask Your Girlfriend How Many Guys She Has Slept With

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Sex comes along with love and it’s undeniable. When you are in a relationship it’s hard to hold the desire not to lay her on the bed. Seeing how well she is in making love makes you wonder if she is already experienced in this. In the end you are tempted to ask how many guys she has slept with.

Should You Ask Your Girlfriend How Many Guys She Has Slept With

That kind of question is indeed very sensitive. It’s not a trivial question which she would answer directly. Her answer could hurt you or hurting her instead. It could also affect your relationship. Unless she wants to open it up herself, you better not asking directly. The after effect would do no good to you and you’d wish you never ask such question.

Since you love her the way she is now, it’s better not to dig her past relationship especially when you’re just start dating. She could have been traumatized by her past experience with sex and had a hard time to recover. Instead of wondering about her past sex life, you better read the Reasons Why You Should Always Make Love with Your Partner in the Morning.


How It Would Do No Good for You

If you still wondering should you ask your girlfriend how many guys she has slept with and why it would do no good for you, you might want to read the reasons yourself:

  1. You Have No Respect for Her

To make the relationship work, two persons need to respect their significant other. Show her your respect by not asking about something sensitive such as that. You only make things worse if her answer is nothing you’d expect. You might don’t want to sleep with her anymore and she’ll wonder What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You Anymore.

  1. It Sparks an Unnecessary Jealousy

It’s clear you probably not ready for the answer she may give you. After she tells you how many guys she has slept with, next you will be curious about how it went. Those unnecessary questions sparks unnecessary jealousy which cause a stir in your relationship. What’s good from it?

  1. Your Sex Life Will Never be Good

One sure thing you will gain after asking that question is being overshadowed by the guys she has slept with. Which turns your sex life into a nightmare. Every time you sleep with her you can’t help but thinking about how did she do in the past. This could be the Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You for her.

  1. It Makes Her Uncomfortable

Nobody likes it when they are asked about their past. You never know what she went through and asking about the guys she has slept with only make her uncomfortable. It will affect the way she behave with you and your relationship will never be the same again. She would think you have no respect for her.

  1. She Might Lie to You

You should give her time to open up about his past. Not everyone could lightly share about her past life, not when it left certain trauma. It could what she had in the past, maybe she was forced to make love with someone and she’d rather not to tell you about it. Once she lied, she’ll make another lie and it definitely not the best Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in a Relationship.

  1. You May Come to a Wrong Judgment

The worst thing may happen is that you have a wrong judgment about her. Less guys that she has slept with doesn’t make her better person or anything. Less person doesn’t mean less sex and bunch of guys doesn’t make her a bitch. Having wrong judgment is the start to a disaster for you relationship.

Things You Should Do Instead

Let the past be in the past. It happened before she met you after all. Rather than digging on her past relationship, here are better things you should do to make your relationship better.

  1. Focus on Your Relationship

We live in the present and what’s it the past should be let go. Try stand on her shoes and imagine if your girlfriend digs into your past. Would you be happy with that? Just like how she is, you wish she loves you for the way you are now. Asking about the sensitive questions only bringing up the Signs That Your Girlfriend is Not Happy with You.

  1. Accept That It is All in the Past

When you have committed to be in a relationship, you must commit to accept her past as well. She may not want to bring up what she’s left behind and so do you. Try your best to love her and not curious about her past so she can do the same as well.

  1. You're Not That Perfect Either

If you demand her to be the perfect girlfriend, look at yourself. You’re not perfect either. You made mistakes in the past which you wish she’d never find out. Starting from there, take it that she also has something she’d never want to tell you.

  1. Ask Her in a Smoother Way

Curiosity is something hard to be held back. You can ask about it in smoother way instead. Such as asking her “How special I am for you?” You will know that she really loves you like she never did before.

Knowing that asking about her past sex life do no good, you must not wondering should you ask your girlfriend how many guys she has slept with anymore. Just let it go and love her the way she is now. You will gain nothing good from it anyway.

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