How Young Muslims Define Halal Dating for Themselves Based on Islam Laws

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Dating for young Muslims are none. But, there is a halal dating for young Muslims that can they do. So, how young Muslims define halal dating for themselves. Let's check these reasons first, why young Muslims must do the halal dating.

1. You will not feel broken hearted

Often many young people are hurt by love. That's because they get someone who is not definite. However, this is different from halal dating. Instead, you will get certainty and you will not feel broken hearted.

2. The journey of love directed

You will be introduced by someone who involves the person closest to you; parents, sisters and even your brother. That is why halal dating is a journey of love directed as your prospective partner, you will get married soon.

3. It is a process

A process of halal dating does not always run smoothly and perfectly. This may fail, but it does not cause serious internal broken heart like normal dating that is very intense

4. An honest introduction

This halal date involves both parents, so even in the approach process, you cannot hide your bad nature, because halal dating is truly an honest and open approach in the introduction process.

5. The confidential relationship

Halal dating is a very confidential relationship. This relationship is only known to you both and you understand. For those of you who are a shy guy or girl can try halal dating. This the way on how to deal with a very shy girl? here's to get closer to her.

6. Get them information correctly

You can find as much information as possible in a short time. Of course, you may look for information on his parents even his own brother. This is more accurate than you are stalking on his social media.

7. Here is your best mate

The last reason why young Muslims prefer halal dating because with halal dating they believe that God has prepared the best and best match for them.

Signs that young Muslims want to do halal dating with you

Asking information about you secretly is one of some signs that young Muslims want to do halal dating with you. Well. here are the complete signs.

1. Get closer to God

Muslim youth who want to be serious in doing halal dating he will get closer to his God. By praying to God, hopefully, all things can be made easier.

2. Control feelings

When falling in love with a woman, a young Muslim tends to control their feelings in his hearts.

3. Good deeds and words

A good young Muslim man must be able to keep good deeds and sayings in any matter, including when falling in love.  You can see who is your match here on the zodiac signs Sagittarius best love match.

4. Keeping promises

Time is money, a young Muslim who is serious about halal dating will try not to waste valuable time by always keeping his promises.

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5. Deeper attention

As a young Muslim man who is in love, of course, he will give deeper attention to someone he loves. Attention and responsibility, these are two important things that will be given to you. Let's see some of the good ways to get a guy’s attention. It will work.

How young Muslims define halal dating for themselves and tips to do

If you want to do the halal dating, you can see below the tips. Do it steps by steps and please to do discuss first to your parents about your decision. Okay, let's start.

1. Sincere intention

Before halal dating is done, it will be better if it is based on sincere intentions. This will take you to the next process. These steps you can do that my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months.

2. It must be an honest process

To do halal dating, it needs honesty from both parties is needed, parties from your parents and parties from parents of someone you love.

3. You need an intermediary

Before you meet with two parents, it is better to find information about him first. For that, you need an intermediary such as a religious expert or brother that you know.

4. All family know

This halal dating process must be known to both parties by coming to the house of the woman you love. This process starts with an introduction and questions that are needed, such as has there been another man who has made a halal dating with her?

5. It's begin
Halal dating begins with an approach accompanied by religion. It is not just usual dating, this halal dating also aims to be closer to God. Is he or she the right person?

6. Know each other faster

You are a Muslim who is not supposed to date, how do you find love then? With this halal dating, a young Muslim finds his love. Both young Muslims start doing halal dating, in here they will know each other faster, why? Because the family chooses the right person that wants by their child.

7. Natural process

The process of halal dating really has many times. It can be in one month until 2 even 3 years. In here, the natural process begins. The young man will be know how is the character of his future wife soon.

8.  You can decide it

Well, the journey of love in halal dating is not easy. Saturation in the middle of the halal dating must be there. If you feel you are not very suitable and feel this relationship is too long. You can decide to stop it in a good way too.

9. Do not hold the time too much

If you feel within a few months, you like the personality she has. Make a decision now. Don't take too long to hold the time.

10. Your own choice

Are you sure of the woman of your choice? Make your choice from now on, get her and make her be your wife.

Hopefully, the tips above on how young Muslims define halal dating for themselves. It can open your mind about how is the halal dating process. This is like marriage arranged in religion, namely Islam. For those of you who are planning to do this, good luck then.

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