How to Deal with A Very Shy Girl? Here's to Get Closer to Her

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We meet a lot of different kind of people in our lives. The way each person interact and communicate with us is somehow different to one and another. There are a lot of things that we can learn by get to know new people in our lives. Such as, we will need to know the things you need to know before dating the outgoing introvert to make sure the way to approach them properly.

We will also need to know on how long should you know someone before dating them, to make sure that we know that person better and deeper. There are people who are very extroverted but there are also some people who are introvert.

When it comes to try to get to know better someone in the very start, it will be difficult for us to actually approach those who are introvert. So, here are some ways on how to deal with a very shy girl.

  • Get closer slowly but sure

The first thing that you need to do on how to deal with a very shy girl is by taking a small step, once at the time. Because she is a very shy girl, of course, you need to have a different approach to get to know her better. A different condition will need a different approach, the same case also happen on ways on how to get closer to your crush in school and fall for you.

Try to see the situation first before you decide to take steps to get closer to her. You can ask for some references from friends to know how to get closer to her. After you get some information, you can start to try to get closer to her slowly.

  • Make an introduction

Dealing with a very shy girl is totally different from the usual way of things to say to flirt with your crush. Since a shy girl will not ask you any questions or even talk to you that much then, you should be the one who provides information for her. By the time you try to get to know her, introduce yourself nicely, and say that you just want to be friends or get along with her.

The same thing also applied once you want to ask her to get along with your friends. Ask your friends to introduce their self to her. This will not only to introduce her to your friends, but you can also make she feels that you care about her and not feeling shy to be friends with her.

  • Listen to her

There are some cases, where a man will have a question of my girlfriend wants me to read her mind, but how? Actually, if you really listen to someone and trying to understand what she meant, you can at least predict what she feels.

Once a very shy girl able to speak up to you to tell you her story, make sure that you pay attention to her. You don't need to give such wonderful advice, what you need to do is to simply listen.

By listening to her, you already show your interest and attention to her. And of course, we will prefer to be with someone who is able to listen and understand us. And someone who is shy does not always mean that they are an independent person who doesn't need other people to share some stories with. 

  • Share your story with her

What connects people is trust. Trust is earned and not given away that easy by someone to other people. To be able to get her to trust you, she will surely need to see the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. To start, you can simply share your story with her. Start with what you feel every day, how was your day going, your friends, you can tell many things to her.

There are some signs an introverted girl likes you that you can see also from her. Who knows, she falls for you after she can see that she is able to trust you. Because trust is anything.

To know how to deal with a very shy girl we will also need to know on ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally. And most importantly, we need to understand that to get to know a very shy girl or even an introvert person it will take some time. We can't just force them to open up with us by our time. Because, every people have different personality, and these people will need to adapt with their surrounding.

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