Reasons Why Pisces Woman Ignores You (31 Not-So-Obvious Reasons)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

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You'll find the most common of these reasons listed below.


31 Reasons Why Pisces Woman Ignores You

When you hear about beautiful romantic relationships, those that involve a Pisces are some of the most lovely ones you can imagine. This is especially true with a Pisces woman. Falling in love with a Pisces woman is getting involved with a selfless person. They practice so much empathy, will put you first before themselves, and are very easy to love. 

Pisces women are beautiful, sexy, and full of charms. They are intelligent, curious, and sense when things are about to go wrong before they do. They are always ready for spontaneity, and fun activities and try their best to bring out the best in you. It's a good privilege to be involved with a Pisces woman.

Most men would want to have a good opportunity to be in a relationship with a Pisces woman, but they have no idea how to handle or maintain the relationship. Some of them feel they should do everything in their will to push the woman to love them, but in reality, Pisces women love freedom.

If you've been in a relationship with a Pisces, you've been talking to one, and you suddenly feel like they're ignoring you. Or, you're not getting enough of their attention like you used to, and you don't know why she's doing that. On that note, keep reading to learn 31 reasons why a Pisces woman is ignoring you.

1. Something else has her attention

One thing about Pisces is, they have great concentration when it comes to having fun and achieving their goals. Or, they could just get lost in a random thing unconsciously. It doesn't matter if it's a minor thing or not; as long as it's interesting enough to get their attention, they could get lost in it.

So when you notice your Pisces partner ignoring you all of a sudden, you could send a message or ask a simple question to know if they're okay. They may not necessarily ignore you because you did something to hurt them; it may be an unconscious thing.

2. You treat her as an afterthought

Pisces love to be taken care of. They would do the same for you. They would compromise whenever they can and sometimes, go out of their way to make sure you're comfortable. A Pisces would sacrifice to place you sometimes before herself, especially when she knows you need urgent help.

But, if they observe you barely have time for them, you behave like they're inconveniencing you whenever they're around, or you don't offer to help when you can, they will ignore you. That's because they value their dignity and don't like being underrated. This could be one of the reasons why she's ignoring you.

3. She feels neglected

When Pisces women fall in love or care about someone, they want to spend time with you. They want to know they can call you at any time to confide in you, laugh, or share a touching story. Pisces love attention, especially when they value you with their hearts.

But, if you've unconsciously or consciously stopped talking or listening to her as much as you used to, this may push her to ignore you. So, she may gradually be shifting her attention to someone else who she feels has the possibility of having the kind of emotional connection she needs during that period.

4. You are too indecisive

If you're firm and know what you want, you're most likely to build a good relationship with a Pisces woman. They love people that make decisions and stick to them. They want to know you're sure of what you want and would do anything to make it work.

So, if you show signs of indecisiveness, you may lose your connection with a Pisces woman, whether you're both in a relationship or just best friends. They won't have that total trust in you because they'll feel you'll keep exhibiting that act. If she ignores you, this may sound minor, but it could be a reason, and you may want to keep that in check.

5. She just wants to have her 'me' time

Sometimes, Pisces just want to be in their own space without anyone disturbing them. They could be lost in a movie, book, or viewing videos and pictures on social media. They could be lost trying to achieve that DIY they saw earlier in the month, or they could want some time to cool off and get over something.

You could observe her at this point to know. If she sounds okay, without any form of anger, it means she wants to be alone. At this point, she's not particularly ignoring you; she only wants breathing space and some time to make herself happy.

6. Your topics of discussion are boring

your topics of discussion are boring

Pisces tend to zone out on many discussions, especially when they're bored. They would get distracted by something else and completely lose connection, especially if they feel you're not making sense. It will help if you observe their facial expression or body language to be sure you're on the right track.

Listen to the things they like talking about to flow with them continuously. Ask questions to keep them engaged. If you talk about something they know nothing about or are interested in, they could zone out or unconsciously start doing something else. It doesn't mean they want to hurt you; it means you're boring.

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7. She doesn't have your full attention

Like you would give them little attention without any logical reason you're doing that, you get the same treatment from a Pisces woman. For instance, if you're always working, hanging out with friends, or doing some other thing without acknowledging her existence, she'll program her mind to pretend you don't exist.

She would gradually make friends and create trust somewhere else, with other people who value her time more than you do. This is a sign she sees that discourages her from communicating further with you. So, you should check this as one of her reasons if she ignores you.

8. You don't appreciate little things

When it comes to doing and expecting thoughtful things, Pisces is one of the zodiac signs that respects this. They believe in doing the little things they can to make you happy, without necessarily waiting for it to be the right time. It excites them to see you in your best mood.

But if she does this and you don't acknowledge or appreciate them, whether you're in a relationship or not, she'll lose interest. Your attitude may push her to stop trying and start ignoring you, as the case may be. This could be one of the reasons for putting up any strange and negative behavior towards you.

9. She loves fantasizing and you don't

Pisces love to fantasize. If they could live in a world where everyone is happy, mature, free, and healthy, they would. They're optimistic and see the best outcome in everything they do, whether they see the result or not. Sometimes Pisces live in their world of fantasy.

They don't need you to live in it, too; they just want you to listen to them and respond when they want you to. Smile, nod, laugh or do anything to respond positively to them. Make funny and encouraging comments to them. When you don't, it sounds funny, but it could be a reason a Pisces woman would ignore you.

10. You disappoint her without logical reasons

A Pisces woman would always understand why you disappointed her or why you didn't keep to your promise about something. Tell her why you didn't make it on time for dinner, why you didn't buy her the earrings as promised, or why you didn't call her at the scheduled time and let it be logical. 

Either you do that or apologize to her, but try not to come up with flimsy excuses. That would irritate her the most. So, check yourself to know if you've done this. If you have, it could be a reason why she's ignoring you.

11. She's a romantic and you're not

One thing you should always have in mind is to be on the same page as a Pisces woman. They are romantics. A Pisces woman believes you should read her emotions, and even if you don't work on it, respond positively to her. Let her know she has your attention. 

Being stiff when you're in a relationship with a Pisces woman is a bad sign for her, and she may be out of it in no time without you knowing. You should try to relate to her emotions. Be happy when she is, and try to comfort her when she's sad. If you don't, there's a greater chance for her to ignore you.

12. You're too clingy

youre too clingy

Pisces love detached people. Yes, they are romantics and could get really close to the people they love. But, that doesn't mean you should always be in their space, especially when they don't feel like having people around. Allow them to make their decisions, mistakes, and learn from them.

A Pisces woman loves it when you love her, but don't be clingy. Don't act like you can't survive without her. When it's time to hang out with your friends, and she doesn't need to be there, do it. If she notices any sign of clinginess from you, she may gradually withdraw from you.

13. You don't talk nicely to her

One of the zodiac signs that permit and accept correction is Pisces, but you have to do it nicely. No matter the wrong she does, don't use mean words with a Pisces woman. She may not say it, but when you're rude to her, it will affect her emotionally, more than you can imagine.

Communication in a calm and logical way is key to a successful relationship with a Pisces woman. So, when she sees a sign you want to sound insensitive about something she did wrong, or she hears an unfriendly tone, that's one time a Pisces woman may choose to ignore you. 

14. She's unhappy with you

One reason a Pisces woman ignores you is if you do things to make her upset. If it's the first time you do something wrong, she may correct you, knowing you may be unaware of the consequences. But, when you keep making the same mistake, it will get on her nerves.

One of the times a Pisces woman would ignore you is when she's so pissed at you that words can't express how she feels. She may have tried severally to manage things and make them right, but when it gets to the speechless point, that's a sign she's very unhappy with you. 

15. You're pushing her beyond her limits

Pisces love to take their time to achieve something. It doesn't mean they're slow; it only means they want to exhaust and use all alternatives to get the best results. You could make suggestions and give them the free will to either accept your ideas or not.

But if you try to push a Pisces woman beyond her limits, especially when she's uncomfortable with it, that's an indirect bad sign for her. This could reduce her communication with you, especially with things she doesn't want you to tamper with. This may be one reason a Pisces woman ignores you.

16. She feels you're rushing things

One of the zodiac signs that love to take their time when it comes to relationships or matters of the heart is Pisces. They love to be sure you're the right partner or friend for them. A Pisces woman may take years to understand, trust, and accept you.

But, if you try to rush things because you can't wait to have them as partners, you could lose them unconsciously. That's because they want to be sure they're making the right decision to be with you. They believe most good things that last take time to build. If your Pisces woman ignores you, this may be one reason.

17. You don't understand her sense of humor

Pisces women enjoy it when you laugh at their jokes, or your body language shows you want their company. It makes them feel good to know you're not just physically attracted to them, but their words are pleasant to you. It shows you understand them as a person and not only because you want to be or remain in a relationship with them.

If you look inattentive or uninterested when she tells any joke, that may be a reason you're Pisces woman ignores you. She may give up trying to explain a particular joke or tired of you making harsh comments about them when you don't understand what she's saying.

18. Your love language doesn't fit hers

your love language doesnt fit hers

It doesn't matter if you're a couple with opposite personalities; you should understand a Pisces woman's romance and love language. Every Pisces woman has her unique love language. It will help if you learn your Pisces partner's form of communication to relate freely with her. 

If a Pisces woman ignores you because of this, it may be because you're trying to force your way of expressing love or how you feel about something on her, and that's not right. This is one zodiac sign that respects their way of communication of love and would appreciate you a lot if you do so, too.

19. The activities you engage her in are boring

Pisces women love to be engaged in various fun activities. They love spontaneity and could do almost anything to do that and be happy. The good thing is that involving them in exciting things could improve communication with them, especially if you're both already in a relationship.

But, if you keep inviting a Pisces woman to a specific cinema, take her to the same restaurant because it's okay with you, she may ignore you. If you also bring up old topics you always talk about, she may most likely stop picking up your calls or delay responding to your messages. So, please keep this in check as much as you can; it could be a reason.

20. You're not a good conversationalist

One way you can keep a Pisces woman is to be a good conversationalist. It doesn't mean you should keep talking; it means you should observe her facial expression and know the topics to talk about. Give her space to air her views and ask questions where she's curious.

If you ignore that, whether it's unconsciously or not, a Pisces woman may lose interest and start counting down to when the conversation will be over. In reality, she's just tired, and that's because she's not actively involved with you. When Pisces women are involved in relationships like this, they keep calm until they find another they can maintain communication with.

21. She's tired of your excuses

Excuses make Pisces women tired. When you disappoint her severally, and you always have a reason to cover up your mess, she'll get fed up over time. She may tell you initially, but when you make it a regular thing, she'll eventually give up on saying the same thing and ignore you.

So, if your Pisces partner ignores you, observe yourself. Have you been keeping to your word with her? If not, this could be a reason why she's ignoring you. If you observe this as the problem, the earlier you correct it, the better it is for your relationship.

22. You're too persistent

Only a few relationships with persistent partners succeed. That's because they do it at the right time. It could be to push their partners to achieve a goal. You can do this to a Pisces woman, but you need to give her time to correct her mistakes.

But, if you do this annoyingly without giving her a moment to take her pace, it could irritate her. This doesn't mean she'll ignore you; she'll just be silent if she respects you until you give up on your persistence. She could start avoiding you or any environment she's sure she'll meet you or even avoid your calls.

23. You overdo things

It's pretty romantic to be sweet to a Pisces woman, but if you overdo it, you may gradually lose her. For instance, don't cook her a particular meal consistently because she loves it and you want her to be happy. You could make her get tired of it.

Don't buy all pink accessories whenever you get her things, because she says she loves pink. Try not to say a particular joke over again if it's not necessary. If you overdo anything, especially if she gives a clue or directly tells you to stop, a Pisces woman is most likely to ignore you.

24. She doesn't feel carried along with your decisions

she doesnt feel carried along with your decisions

Communication is one of the keys to every successful relationship. You may feel some things are not necessary to tell your Pisces partner, but you'll only make yourself feel distant from them. If you want to buy a house, you tell her about it, but something happens, and you change your mind about it, let her know.

Keep her in the loop of your decisions. Carry her along so she doesn't get surprises she didn't plan for. If you forget, apologize to her. When a Pisces woman ignores you, it could be that she feels left out in your life. That's a bad sign, especially if you're both in a relationship.

25. You don't give her freedom of expression

Pisces women love to express themselves. It doesn't matter if it's for the happiness of a new job or the sadness of a lost treasure. They want you to know how they feel. They also take time to think deeply about a situation which is part of what makes up for their curiosity.

So, if you restrict a Pisces woman from doing this, it makes her feel like you're preventing her from being herself, which may make her feel insecure with you. This may be one reason to make you believe she's ignoring you because she will shift her attention to a person or place that makes her more comfortable.

26. You don't treat her as well as she treats you

Relationships, where both partners treat each other right, tend to be successful in the long term. A Pisces woman would do everything she can to treat you well. Being in a relationship with this woman is like becoming a king in your own zone with your partner. She'll support you, encourage you to be confident, and correct your mistakes.

But, she needs to feel like a queen in return. It doesn't mean she'll tell you. She may drop clues, or she may say it when she's comfortable with you. If you don't take action or show you care about her with little thoughtful gestures, you may lose Pisces' attention.

27. You're weird

If you do the strangest things that are not acceptable to a Pisces woman, that's a no-no for her. Most things, including your mode of communication, have to be in a way that she can understand or learn to live with. 

When a Pisces woman tries her best to understand your way of life and doesn't, she may gradually detach from you. That's because they're straightforward people and don't like things to stress them unnecessarily. Are your ways unpredictable in a negative way? It sounds weird, but it could be a Pisces reason for ignoring you.

28. She needs you to be patient, and you're not

Most Pisces women are patient. They would tolerate every misbehavior from you for some time before giving up on you. It doesn't matter if it's fun or work-related; give her time to come around, especially when she promises to do so at a specific time.

If you're an impatient person, you may not enjoy your relationship with a Pisces woman. That's because they love taking their time to do things. If you feel she's ignoring you, try to observe her body language when you're rushing her to do a particular thing; it could be her reason for the attitude.

29. You've done something to betray her trust

In good relationships, partners try their best to maintain each other's trust. This is something a Pisces woman appreciates. If you betray her, she may forgive you the first few times, but you give her a reason to question your behavior when you keep doing it over time.

She may not necessarily ignore you, but she'll reduce the attention she gives you, which may make it seem like she's ignoring you. So, try as much as you can to avoid this. If she's ignoring you and you feel you may have done this, ask questions and see where you can correct and apologize.

30. You're not positive

youre not positive

Out of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are some of the most optimistic ones out there. They don't care how many times they fail while trying to achieve a goal; they always believe, trust that something would work out, and expect you to be in the same light as them.

On the contrary, if you sound negative when a Pisces woman is trying so hard to remain happy and optimistic about something, she will ignore you. This means she's not ready for any form of bad energy; even when she knows you may be telling the truth, it may be the wrong timing. It would help if you observed this, too.

31. Your level of boldness is low

Pisces women love men that behave like kings. You don't have to be loud or rich, but your confidence level has to be high. It doesn't matter if you're in public or it's just the two of you in a private room. A Pisces woman wants you to be firm with her.

If you appear as a weak or timid person, especially during communication, it may take you many other positive attributes. A Pisces woman loves men who can beat her to her game in an intelligent and positive way. So, if you're timid, she may not give you so much attention.


What does it mean when a Pisces woman ignores you?

Pisces women love to fantasize, be creative, and follow their passion. If you don't support her in any of these things or make negative comments in response to them, she will become skeptical and uncomfortable with you. These are a few reasons why a Pisces woman would ignore you.

How do Pisces women feel when you ignore them?

If you don't tell them your reason for ignoring them, they'll begin to wonder what they did, and if they can't place it, they'll let it go but may feel abandoned, hurt, or neglected for a while. Additionally, a Pisces woman would keep holding on for a while, thinking you're facing issues, and would come around when you're okay.

How do you make a Pisces woman miss you?

Pisces women may not appreciate you as much if they see you often. Give them your love and attention as much as you can when you can, whenever you're with them. Try to flow with them in their fantasies, jokes, and positive talks, but give them personal space after a while.

How do you tell if a Pisces woman is over you?

When a Pisces woman is in love, she gives you her attention, no matter how occupied or busy her schedule is. But, when she's over you, you don't feel any connection with her anymore. She reduces communication and doesn't feel so excited about your appearance.

Why are Pisces so distant?

They could be protecting their emotions to avoid getting hurt. Pisces are also distant when they're upset or sad about something and need to cool off. They may also be trying to achieve a goal and need as much time as they can get to finish up. Or, they just need their 'me' time.

In Conclusion

If you're in a relationship with a Pisces woman and she ignores you, she may have logical reasons for doing so. If you're uncomfortable asking, you can use the 31 reasons I've mentioned for a start. If you liked this article, don't forget to drop a comment and share it with others.

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