30 Unexpected Reasons Why Pisces Woman Ignores You

by Michelle Devani

Are you being ignored by a Pisces woman?

Are you wondering why she's gone completely cold? 

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However, it should be noted that there are several common reasons why Pisces go completely cold on guys, even when there was a pleasant initial interaction. 

You'll find the most common of these reasons listed below.

30 Reasons Why Pieces Woman Ignores You

1. You Rush Things

As a highly sensitive woman, Pisces want things to go slowly and prefer going with the flow. She can't get used to sudden change. It could be that she is afraid of you as you seemed to rush thing. Take it easy with her and enjoy the process. It's not good to rush things since it's freaked her out.

2. You Come In Too Strong

It's impossible for a Pisces to make the first move so it's always you who have to. Remember that Pisces is too shy and she reminds you quickly of the Signs an Introverted Girl Likes You but she is. Let her feel comfortable with you and don't come in too strong. It's the fastest way to turn her off.

3. You Are Too Boring for Her

you are too boring for her

Pisces is the best daydreamer of all zodiac. Her imagination is limitless and you must keep up with it. Take the creativity out of her by taking her to painting class and teach her how to play guitar. She can't stand something so flat and make her boring.

4. She Doesn't Feel Loved

Well, love isn't love until you mean what you say. Not only for Pisces but surely all woman like to feel needed and love. Let her take care of you and show her that you need her. Nurture is nature for Pisces.

5. You Tease Her Too Much

You only meant to break the tension so you crack some jokes hoping she'd laugh it off. But there is a thin difference between joking and teasing. What you consider a joke took as teasing by her. It's where all the things go wrong, dude.

6. She's Embarrassed

Everyone doesn't like to be "put on the spot" since it's very embarrassing and she is no exception. Pisces woman get hurt easily so you must be careful with her. She may hide it well but her action won't be lying. You will never see the Signs a Pisces Has a Crush On You.

7. She's Not Happy with You

Pisces woman is a positive person and she likes positivity around her. She's not hard to be pleased and she will be happy with your silly jokes. The problem is that you can't make her laugh. Not just her but people are easily drawn into anyone who make them laugh.

8. You Can't Keep Up With Indecisiveness

As a man, sometime you want her to take the lead at something. But it's not how Pisces work. Her indecisive nature will never make her able to make the first move. So it's always you. She rather goes with your plan rather than hearing you saying, "It's up to you."

9. You are Too Possessive

As Pisces is a creative being, she needs space to explore her creativity. Don't cling onto her and let her have her own space. You have to be supportive as a partner, not tie her down.

10. You Don't Let Her Go With Her Passion

Pisces has a lot of passion with her. Let her live up to her passion and do whatever she likes to. All you have to do is support her. Don't mock and underestimate her dreams or even worse you make her to change her dream.

How To Win A Pisces' Heart

how to win a pisces' heart

How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship affects Pisces so much. Here are the things you should do if you want her to ignore you no more. This is what you need after you find out the reasons why Pisces woman ignores you. She will judge you from your effort so make sure that you always give your best.

  1. Act confident and don't hesitate to make the first move.
  2. Start the conversation in a smooth way.
  3. Ask about her dreams as she is an imaginative person.
  4. Talk about emotional and artistic things.
  5. Be caring and compassionate to her.
  6. Show her that you love her.
  7. Support all of her dreams even it seems silly for you.
  8. Be romantic to her all the time.
  9. Make her feel secure.
  10. Be the someone he can trust.

Pisces Woman's Traits

To fully understand her, you should know all about her personality. Pisces is really one of a kind woman and she makes the best lover. She is sensitive, passionate, and live up to her dreams.

  1. She is highly sensitive and sometime hides her feelings well.
  2. She is positive person and she wants someone equally positive to be by her side.
  3. She is selfless and kind to others. You shouldn't be jealous of her altruism.
  4. Instead of head, she thinks with her heart.
  5. It's hard for her to say bad things or act in difficult situation due to her sensitive nature.
  6. She is easily taken advantage and manipulated by others. You better not doing so.
  7. She probably loves her books more than you.
  8. She wants someone who is gentle, caring, and as selfless as she is.
  9. She is loyal as a lover.
  10. She needs sometime to trust people.
Michelle Devani
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