20 Wise Ways To Deal With An Indecisive Partner

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It can be very tiring to have an indecisive partner. You question your every move because your partner is so unsure of everything. There is no definite and permanent answer for them. It’s even worse when they start to give you false expectations. There is nothing right when it comes to treating someone in a relationship unfairly. To give you high hopes only to be let down is a cruel treatment. There are some things that you can do to deal with your partner but you must be willing to do them.

Traits Of An Indecisive Partner

Although men are often associated to being indecisive and giving false hopes, women are guilty as well. As partners, nobody wants to be with someone that they cannot rely on. Being indecisive can cause a lot of hurt and confusion. You better know all the traits of an indecisive partner early on which are listed below:

  1. Has a lot of ‘close’ friends of the opposite gender.
  2. Promises something but forget about it easily.
  3. Will not mention you in their social medias.
  4. Very rarely uploads your picture on any accounts.
  5. Cancels a lot of plans out of nowhere with shady excuses.
  6. Takes too long to reply to your messages.
  7. Would rather spend their time doing other things than meet you.
  8. Keeps their activities very private.
  9. Refuses to meet your parents.
  10. Doesn’t care about your feelings.

Ways To Deal With An Indecisive Partner

Having to face an indecisive partner is not easy. But these are some good ways to deal with them:

1. Take It Slow

take it slow

Taking it slow in a relationship is a good way to deal with an indecisive partner. You might not really know your partner for too long but that does not mean that your feelings are not real. It’s also highly possible to feel very close and connected with your partner. The thing is, your partner is indecisive so you shouldn’t really rush getting too serious. Just relax and don’t let it consume your thoughts.

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2. Don’t Be Too Serious

There’s nothing wrong with taking a relationship seriously. But do try to set a limit for yourself. Being serious can fool you into thinking too far ahead into the relationship. Are you even sure that your partner is on the same wavelength as you? Your partner may use this opportunity to manipulate you by giving you false hopes. So don’t get “Too Fast Too Serious” for your own good.

3. Act Casual

When your partner begins to flirt or tease you, try to act normal. Show your partner that you’re not the kind of person that is easily influenced by all that. Through this, your partner may lose interest in playing games with you. Their indecisiveness may reduce and they’ll start to act more grown up.

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4. Reply With Short Messages

This one is in case you’re one of those people who likes to give long and thoughtful replies. Start to make your partner the exception. Reply to them very briefly. There should be no beating around the bush. Just short and precise response should be more than enough. If your indecisive partner cares about you, then they’ll see it as a signal. They’ll take you and the relationship more seriously. 

5. Control Yourself

control yourself

Deal with an indecisive partner by controlling yourself. Don’t be too patient or too responsive to every single thing that your partner wants. Many indecisive partners out there give out false hopes because they just want the thrill of it.

They are also thirsty for a lot of attention and some love. Don’t overdo your attention for your partner if he has not changed. It will only encourage his behavior.

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6. Be Open

You can try to be open with your partner. Giving them an example of an openness in a relationship might make them see that their attitude is wrong. Tell them your concerns about their indecisiveness. Convince your partner to change because if they don’t then the relationship won’t last any longer.

Keep the communication healthy and listen to what he says. He might agree with you or he might not. Always be prepared with the answer as your partner might give an unpleasant one.

7. Silent Treatment

Give the silent treatment when you're tired of dealing with him. You deserve a break from his attitude. Let yourself have some space to collect all your thoughts. Don't force yourself to communicate with your partner if they refuse to cooperate.

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8. Refuse To Be Flattered

Don't accept any excessive flattery from your partner. They just want to weaken and soften you so they can have their way. Keep yourself tough and act as if those compliments don't really have any effect on you. It's okay to accept compliment every once in a while. However, too much of it will give your partner the green light to be egoistical.

9. Give An Ultimatum

You have to be very stern for this one. Tell your partner to stop his indecisiveness or you’ll break the relationship. If your partner genuinely loves you then they will make changes in their behaviour. But in case that your partner is still adamant with his attitude, then you need to stop giving him second chances.

An indecisive partner will only make you doubt every step in the relationship and you deserve a peace of mind.

10. Leave

Only do this last way to deal with an indecisive partner as your last resort if you’re really in love with your partner. There’s really no point in forcing a relationship where someone is not willing to put in their all. It takes 2 for a relationship to succeed.

It’s not worth it to stay with a partner that is not willing to change their behavior that hurts you. You need someone that is serious, not someone who can’t make up their mind constantly.

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Ways to Deal with an Indecisive Partner - Despite all the troubles you’re facing, remember that you deserve love. You deserve someone who is good and ready to love you fully. No good outcomes will happen if you keep sticking with someone who plays around with your heart.

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