6 Main Reasons Why It is Hard for Gemini to Commit

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There is nothing more frustrating than falling deeply in love with someone who seems like they are never going to commit to any relationship. Perhaps, as far as you are concerned, you have finally found the one for life, only to find out that they are just not ready for it. Time after time, they show you they are just not one to easily commit.

If you have a partner whose zodiac sign is Gemini, then you must have known that they are the most revulsion of the zodiac sign out of the bunch. They are often referred to as ‘the twins’ and known to constantly change their decision and favor independence.

While these traits can be considered good, they are not very rewarding in terms of commitment. You may also want to read Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You Forever.

Here are 6 main reasons why it is hard for Gemini to commit to any relationship. Check it out.

  • They Crave Independence

Gemini takes pride in their freedom and does not like it when it is taken away from them. They are extrovert, social butterfly who loves to be in someone’s good company and be in constant communication.

So when they are at a party or large gathering, they have the need to talk to everyone invited. Gemini’s motto in life is one of ‘Me, Myself, and I’, so they can feel suffocated when they cannot jump from one thing to another or bounce around from one person to another, which can make it difficult for them to commit to any relationship. You may also read: This is What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More

  • They are Indeterminate

Gemini is known as one who has split personalities, so it is not surprising to find out that it can be difficult for them to make solid decisions. They see all the possibilities and are open to them.

They also want to grab every opportunity that comes their way, so it is indeed difficult for them to make up their mind and focus on one thing. They have a very active mind and want to go through everything all at once. So, deciding on one thing is exceptionally difficult for them. You may also read: What Is The Most Compatible Sign for Gemini Man?

While always wanting to experience new things can be cool, it can get in the way of a potential relationship when they can never bring themselves to decide what to try.

  • They are Mutable Sign

Gemini is considered as one of the hardest of all zodiac signs to get to commit. It is because their energy is more sensitive and changeable.

And as one of four mutable zodiac signs, they are very adaptable and flexible, interested in everything and everyone. Hence, they are known to change partners, jobs, and residences very often. You may also read: Gemini Female Personality that Man Should Know

  • They Always Have Two Perspectives

Gemini is good at seeing an issue in any two given perspectives and can have a hard time deciding on what to do. Their flexibility is a gift, but it can easily turn into wishy-washiness if they are not careful enough.

They can see two different sides of an issue which is a practical quality of them and often useful in questions of pragmatism. But for their partners and friends, it can be frustrating to have no idea what kind of output they can expect and some might consider them fickle. You may also read: Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Gemini

  • They Cannot Keep Up with Routine

Gemini always craves change and other possible options in their life, so a relationship that may cause them to cope up with routine patterns may push them away.

They are easily bored so they always need to run into new and exciting things. They want to see the whole world, and if something starts to become bland or worse, a routine to them, they will leave it hanging and move on to something new.

  • They Need More Time

Gemini can be somewhat hesitant to commit to any relationship, but when they do finally have enough time to think over it and take the plunge, they will make sure to give the relationship everything they have got.

They tend to be an all or nothing kind of partner and once they are ready to get involved in a relationship, they will make an incredibly loyal partner.

While there are many traits that make Gemini really awesome zodiac sign, those 6 main reasons why it is hard for Gemini to commit can make them one who is difficult to deal with.

Gemini has a tough outer shell that makes other people hard to get through, but if you are lucky enough to crack it, then your relationship with them will be one filled with excitement, fun, and adventure. If you can keep up with their indecisiveness and love spontaneity as much as they do, then the relationship will last long.